Make a Weekend Playlist Out of These Songs, Just Like We Are!

Each episode of You, an original Netflix series, will have you on the edge of your seat. Penn Badgley portrays Joe Goldberg, a serial killer who assumes numerous identities throughout the seasons in order to conceal his atrocities. As Joe's obsession with the ladies he pursues gradually spirals out of control, he will stop at nothing to earn their affection.

You are the ideal pick if you want a thrilling and suspenseful show that will keep you entertained from beginning to end. The second season takes a different approach, with Joe now on the hunt for the murderer, which provides an intriguing variation on the same plot.

Part 1 of You season 4 has debuted its first five episodes, and we'll have to wait until March for part 2 to arrive. If you've begun binge-watching the new season and noticed that each episode features an abundance of wonderful music, you're at the correct spot. Below is a list of every song played during the first episode of season four of You.

Make a Weekend Playlist Out of These Songs, Just Like We Are!

Make a Weekend Playlist Out of These Songs, Just Like We Are!

You season 4 episode 1 Songs

  • “Oxford Comma” by Vampire Weekend
  • “Strangers” by Roosevelt
  • “The Kids Are All Dying” by FINNEAS
  • “Vacation” by Travelle
  • “Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  • “I Like It” by Cardi B ft. Bad Bunny and J Balvin
  • “Killer” by Valerie Broussard

You season 4 episode 2 songs

  • “Shy Guy” by Brijean
  • “Are You All Good?” by breathe.
  • “A Walk” by Tycho

You season 4 episode 3 songs

  • “Trust No One” by BEGINNERS
  • “Can’t Stop the Stars” by Jungle

You season 4 episode 4 songs

  • “Hollow” by Saavan
  • “Dancing With Myself” by Billy Idol
  • “Heart of Glass” by Blondie

You season 4 episode 5 songs

  • “Dangerous (Oliver Remix) by Big Data ft. Joywave

We cannot wait to hear what fans have to say about the most recent season of You! The first five episodes of the fourth season are currently available on Netflix, with the final five to be added on March 9.