Mahito : Facts that you didn’t knew about him

Mahito (真ま人ひと Mahito?) is one of the essential enemies of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a reviled soul aligned with Pseudo-Geto. His gathering’s definitive objective is the destruction of mankind and at last supplanting the populace with reviled spirits.


As portrayed by jujutsu magicians, Mahito is a human-looking reviled soul with an interwoven face and dim eyes. (In the anime, Mahito has heterochromia, as his left eye is dim blue and his right eye is dark.) He has long grayish-blue hair that scopes past his neck and is divided into three huge strands with ties at the closures. Alongside his face, Mahito has join the whole way across his body that give him the appearance that he was sewn together.

Mahito ordinarily sports a dark wrap that is isolated into three pieces on the left sleeve. He likewise wears coordinating jeans with and in some cases without white shoes.



Mahito is a twisted, juvenile reviled soul who appreciates toying with human feelings. He accepts he was brought into the world from human offenses and sees himself as the actual appearance of people’s scorn of one another. All things considered, Mahito accepts that people ought to be quenched and reviled spirits ought to lead in their place.

Mahito has no compassion toward living souls and seems to put little worth on even his own life. He is dedicated to his objective, accepting that restoring Sukuna is a higher priority than his own prosperity. However long reviled spirits ultimately rule, Mahito cares not assuming he’s there to see it. Dissimilar to his partner Jogo, who is exceptionally irritable and self-important, Mahito can remain somewhat quiet and is energetic in nature. All things being equal, they settle on similar objectives with regards to their race.

Nanami depicts Mahito as very youthful and has a triviality about him like Satoru Gojo. He appreciates toying with people, even in fight when his life is on the line. Mahito got to know Junpei in light of the fact that he saw him as a toy that could be enjoyable to play with. He pressured Junpei into turning into a revile client by benefiting from his disdain. At the point when his toy ran out of purpose, Mahito involved him as influence against Yuji and had even killed him without even batting an eye.

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Mahito is likewise extremely philosophical with regards to the idea of spirits. He accepts that the human spirit preceded the body and is charmed by the actual idea of the spirit. His reviled method is gotten from this fixation, and he utilizes it to investigate human casualties to acquire further information.


He saves his self-control generally however can be apparently shaken when his own wellbeing is compromised as when Yuji showed that his own assaults could cause genuine damage to Mahito. Some other time when Nobara Kugisaki utilized her reviled strategy on him, he was stunned when he was harmed as her reviled procedure can sidestep actual opposition and assault the spirit equivalent to Yuji’s assaults. He then accentuates disposing of her appearance his powerful urge to kill any person or thing equipped for harming him. Toward the finish of his second fight with Yuji, being basically harmed by Black Flash and depleted, Mahito became unnerved by Yuji when Yuji showed Mahito his purpose to chase him down, seeing in Yuji the very hard contempt that Mahito himself showed others. Mahito then, at that point, frantically attempted to get away from Yuji showing that regardless of all his grandiosity and pontificating, he was minimal more that a horrible kid on a fundamental level that appreciated harming others when there was no risk to him except for unfortunate when the results of his activities at long last found him.

Capacities and Powers

In general Skill Level: Mahito is an unregistered Special Grade reviled soul that obscures the force of no less than three of Sukuna’s fingers. He is more youthful than Jogo and therefore, is less capable and not as strong. In spite of this, Mahito is far above what a Special Grade reviled soul would regularly be. He has exceptionally high insight and a very risky reviled method. Mahito has mind blowing improvement potential, as on various occasions he has created in fight.

In a one on one battle, he had the option to overpower Grade 1 magician, Kento Nanami, by delivering his reviled method futile. Following that battle, Nanami accepted that Mahito must be exorcized right away or, more than likely he would develop into something excessively fearsome for Jujutsu High to deal with.

In Mahito’s two on one fight with Nanami and Yuji, Mahito would likewise have likely crushed both jujutsu alchemists in the event that it were not really for Sukuna’s mediation. During this battle, Mahito had the option to develop further while his life was in harm’s way, permitting him to accomplish the capacity to summon his own Domain Expansion.


Afterward, during the Shibuya Incident, Mahito went further past his limits, having the option to make entire clones of himself that were undefined from the first, while additionally fostering his Soul controlling capacities. Indeed, even subsequent to dividing his reviled energy to make a twofold, the partitioned Mahito actually exhibited relativity to Yuji in battle. During his battle with Yuji and later, Todo, he figured out how to land numerous dark glimmers on the two, permitting him to acquire adequate comprehension of reviled energy and his own spirit to initiate Instant Spirit Body Of Distorted Killing, further expanding his power.

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Improved Strength

Mahito has extraordinary actual strength. He savagely beat Yuji Itadori in their subsequent battle, enough to make the last option hack up blood. Notwithstanding having isolated strength in the wake of dividing his body to make a twofold, he conveyed a blow (improved by Idle Transfiguration) to Yuji that was so strong it caused him to drain from the brow. Mahito asserted that assuming he had returned his to it more, he might have parted Yuji’s skull. He could without much of a stretch annihilate various Mechamarus and was sufficiently able to nail down Nanami. When upgraded with Black Flash, Mahito’s hits can be so strong they made Aoi Todo hack up blood notwithstanding the last option centering his reviled energy.

Upgraded Speed: Mahito additionally has colossal speed. He had the option to barrage past Nanami’s watchman in their battle while utilizing Idle Transfiguration. He had the option to surpass Yuji and assault Todo so quick the main thing he could do was to concentrate his reviled energy.

Improved Reflexes: Mahito has heavenly reflexes. While battling with Yuji and Todo, he had the option to respond to their assaults and counter. Mahito even stayed aware of Todo’s Boogie Woogie to a degree. He even without any assistance battled both Yuji and Nanami, all while evading their assaults and countering incredibly quick.

High Intellect: Mahito has exceptionally high intelligent ability, particularly for a reviled soul. He was precisely ready to conclude that jujutsu alchemists were exploring him and had the option to lay out a snare for his followers. Mahito can likewise construe his adversary’s expertise level and, surprisingly, their reviled procedure after only a couple of trades. He had the option to precisely do as such against Nanami and he had the option to understand that Yuji been able to see spirits because of his relationship with Sukuna. He had likewise evolved countermeasures to Todo’s Boogie Woogie far faster than Hanami. He is additionally exceptionally adroit at utilizing an assortment of stunts to trick his rivals. Alongside Pseudo-Geto, Mahito frequently goes about as the cerebrums of his group’s activity.

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Mahito is astoundingly hard to kill. Besides the fact that his reviled procedure renders actual assaults aimless, yet even Mahito’s spirit is incredibly impervious to harm. Nanami endeavored to smash Mahito’s body, yet he went through their whole fight without communicating that he felt any agony in any event, when assaults landed. Whenever Yuji had the option to hit Mahito’s spirit and both jujutsu alchemists overpowered Mahito, he had the option to face the hardship and opened another power as opposed to permitting his body to disintegrate under the tension.

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