Magi Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Last Updated: January 28,2022

Are you looking for the most famous anime series Magi and for its season 3 release date? It is renewed for the coming year?

Shinobu Ohtaka is the writer and creator of this Magi series which first released on 3rd July 2009 and within a few years of its original publication the series was selected as an anime series to release on TV. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and its second season is taken from the manga series and it is a famous Japanese anime series.

Season 1 of this anime series released on October 7, 2012 which gained popularity in a short time with its form and its content.

Will the anime be renewed for season 2? Will Rent-A-Girlfriend season 2 come in 2022, what is its release date, upcoming cast and plot?

After increasing viewership to this anime series they released its second season on October 6, 2013 which also attracted the audience to make third installments of this anime series and now fans and lovers of this Magi series are curiously waiting for the season 3 release date.

If you are a lover of the Magi series which has a huge fan following and stories based from Arabian Nights and mostly based on Aladdin and Ali baba and even you can say from Sinbad the Sailor then you come on the right place to read The Magi season 3.Let’s more forward to know release date characters and plot and many more to know about Magi season 3.

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As you all know that anime content is growing worldwide and so is the Magi series.

Magi Season 3 About

Magi Season 3

Magi series is one of the series which has mature topics and its visuals are so good so it is most liked by the audience. There are some for the third installment as some sources are saying that its 3rd season is released and some say that they are not sure when the third season of this anime will release. According to Looper, it might drop it’s third season in October 2022.

Like just family grows, this Magi series is also on its way to grow after its 2 seasons released and one spin off released. When you start watching this series, the characters of this anime are getting better and better and you love the anime more.

Name of the Show Magi Season 3
Genre Adventure and Fantasy
Release Date October 2022
Production Hiroo Maruyama
Platform  Netflix 

Release Date of Magi Season 3

Magi Season 3

I know, I know you are eagerly waiting for this moment to know when Magi season 3 comes out. For the magi season 3 there are no official announcements or updates for the new season from the creators sides and nothing on its way to come out. As there is no news for the next installment of this anime and we already are in the mid of 2021 and it has already been 7 years passed till then no renewal status is come for the next part. So if the show happens then it would be delayed and come in 2023 or 2024 if the creators decided to pick the show as it was neither cancelled nor renewed.

Most of the people are confused about Magi: Adventure of Sinbad and take it as a third season but it is not the third season of the Magi series and you have to wait more to see its third installments.

Plot of the Magi Season 3

Magi Season 3

The magi anime series is the japanese version of Aladdin series and its adventure and in this series Aladdin named is known to be or spelled as Magi. He is given a companion by his Djinni who is trapped in Aladdin’s flute from a long time. You are also excited like I am to watch what happens in season 3 of Magi and we are hoping that if season 3 comes then we see that Alibaba invites Aladdin to its adventure and know more about the Djinni who is Aladdin’s friend. There after meeting they may be looking for treasures which are hidden inside the dungeon Amon.

So, I think even you can’t hold yourself to wait more for season 3.

Is There Any Trailer for Season 3 of Magi?

No, there’s no trailer or official teaser for the new installment but you can watch the both Magi seasons on Netflix and here you can watch Magi season 2 trailer which is given below:

Last Lines

Keep watching both seasons of Magi and its spin-off and two others and I hope your day is fulfilled with goodness after watching such an excellent Magi series. You can also read more anime series on like sono bisque doll, rent a girlfriend and horimiya season 2 etc.

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