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Maggie Season 2 Release Date: is Series Has Renewed for Season 2

Maggie, a young woman, endeavours to live with life while mastering her telepathic abilities. She can see the futures of others, but her own is a mess. Created by Justin Adler and Maggie Mull, the show is an offbeat romantic comedy that appears to be a lot of fun. Rebecca Rittenhouse, David Del Rio, and Nichole Sakura star in the series.

In Hulu’s half-hour, Rebecca Rittenhouse portrays a psychic in her thirties who is upbeat but emotionally restrained, and her views of a potential future with a gorgeous boy named Ben (played by David Del Rio) only complicate her love life. This is especially true after Ben and his high school love Jessie move into the other half of her duplex (Chloe Bridges).

Maggi Season 2 Release Date

If you enjoyed the first season, you’re certainly curious as to whether it has been renewed. The bad news is that we do not know when the second instalment of the series will be released, but the good news is that the series’ rating is encouraging.

The first series contains thirteen episodes, and the second series could have the same number of episodes. If the series is given the go-ahead to continue, expect a second season in 2023.

Where Can I Watch Maggie Season 2?

For fans curious about the release of Maggie season 2, it will take some time to learn anything about the upcoming season. We will provide updates as soon as any information regarding the renewal or other news surrounding Maggie season 2 becomes available.

Maggie season is a must-see for anyone who wants to watch a light, romantic comedy-styled series. The trailer for the first season of the television show Maggie is available on YouTube. This weekend, the entire series is available on the streaming service Hulu.

Maggie Season 2 Release Date: is Series Has Renewed for Season 2

Maggie Season 1 Recap

The first season of Maggie is based on the Tim Curcio short film, and there has been no promotion or press for the show up until this point. The film’s selling point is Rebecca Rittenhouse’s performance as a rising star. The actress is a breath of fresh air due to how lovable she is by nature.

Maggie’s story begins when a clairvoyant hired for a party disrupts an unplanned wedding. It all began when the future bride and her best friend attended a reading. Maggie discovers that she began a new relationship with a man whose bed pillows were embroidered with the letters “JM.” Because her fiancé and her maid of honour share the same initials, the soon-to-be bride becomes enraged and suspects that her maid of honour is having an affair.

Then, Maggie’s circumstances get odd. During the party, she meets Ben, and they have a hilarious talk. She gives him a reading after he brings a bottle of tequila, and something unexpected occurs: he falls in love with her.

The Cast of Maggie Season 2

Rebecca Rittenhouse stars in the Hulu series as psychic Maggie, who is so talented at predicting the future that she unwittingly catches a glimpse of her fate. David Del Rio is assaulting Ben, Maggie’s new neighbour and potential spouse. Actress Nichole Sakura portrays Louise, Maggie’s friend and fellow yoga practitioner.

Maggie Season 2 Release Date: is Series Has Renewed for Season 2

Dave, Ben’s best friend, is portrayed by Leonard Nam, who you may recognise from his performances in Westworld, Pacific Rim: The Black, Swamp Thing, and MacGyver. Amy is portrayed by Angelique Cabral as one of Maggie’s other single friends. Ray Ford portrays Maggie’s psychic Angel, who has taught Maggie how to predict the future but finds it difficult to assist her due to her reluctance to learn what the future may hold.

The Plot | What will Happen in Maggie Season 2?

When Maggie and her pals attend a wedding reception, she is unaware that this may be the beginning of her life’s endless drama. This time, instead of seeing the futures of others, she sees her future in the palms of another person. The second season concluded on a cliffhanger, leaving fans desiring resolution and explanation.

But what can we anticipate from the plot of the second season? Maggie imagined her future in Ben’s hands, including a wedding; we could expect their love to be given a second opportunity in the second season. Maggie, Ben, and Robbie’s love triangle could also be a storyline point in the second season. Additionally, we anticipate Maggie will glimpse more of the future than she did in the first season.



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