Mafia 4 Know Everything About It!


Updated on 28 January 2022.

Are you someone who loves criminal games? Do you want to add some fun in your life? Then we, at Keeperfacts, are always here for you. Being a gamer, I always try different kinds of games but there are some videogames which always caught my eye, like Ghostwire Tokyo, No-more heroes, Horizon forbidden west and Mafia. If you also play this game then I would like to inform you about something really special and listening to this news might gibe you a heart attack. There are Rumors circulating that Mafia 4 is coming soon!


Yesterday I came across with a tweet, which says that Mafia 4 is coming and my discord friends were also talking about it. Do you heard it too? If yes then let’s take a look about this and whether Mafia 4 is really coming or not? Read this article till the end with me and know everything about Mafia 4.

Before heading to the main news, lets take a look at the series of Mafia game. In this section I’ll take you back to history of the Mafia series and watch the time from where it was actually started.




Coming to the first game of Mafia series, Mafia. The publisher of this game was Illusion software. This game is came to know by gathering of developers in 2002. In this game you’ll see yourself as a taxi driver and the story is also based on it.

Sounds interesting? Yeah, it is. In Mafia, the plot revolves around a taxi driver who later turned into a mobster because of the personal issues. This game became a instant hit shortly after it’s release and by the end of 2008, the first title (Mafia) almost sold 2 million copies worldwide. Not only this but Mafia received a lot of greetings by fans and critics. With this much sale how can the company ignore this game? The huge success of this game made the Developers realized it’s worth and that’s how we get Mafia 2.

Mafia 2

mafia 2

By this time something changes in the company. The original name of the company changes into a different one. In 2008, Illusion software changed it’s name and became 2K Czech. And in the same year they releases another Mafia game i.e. Mafia 2 in 2010. The Developers of this game 2K Czech and at the same time 2K gameswere titled as a publisher.

The story of Mafia 2 revolves around frictional Empire which was settled on the New York City. The time phrase of this game is 1940s to 1950s which turns the Graphic of this game into retro style. The main protagonist of this game was Vito Scaletta, who was a brilliant war veteran but at the same time a Sicillian-American mobster. He was actually a kind man but destiny changes his route and make him a Mafia. While living in the city, Vito gets involved in the struggle life. He started to get in touch with the town’s Mafia crime families because he was actually trying to pay back his father's debts and also to establish a better livelihood for himself.

The actual sales of Mafia 2 were not released for the public but according to the analyst assumption for sales of this game was almost close to breaking the record. You can think of it like 2K have taken 6 year of development time for this game. Now, in this 6 year the rate of production of this game increase significantly too. Like the Mafia 1 this game became a Hit too but the sales didn’t reach as per the expectations of 2K games.

Mafia 3

Now talking about the most current version of this series i.e. Mafia 3. But something changed this time too. This time the Developers of this game is Hangar 13 and publisher are as usual the 2K games.

Now a point to remember here is that nothing is changed in this game. Most of the workers are same from all the three games just the companies are changing their name and becoming a individual studios.

Now this game was gone through a rollercoaster and recieves a lot of criticism. But on the other hand, this game was allegedly become The fastest selling game for 2K and this game sold 4.5 billion copies in it’s first week, which is quite a good achievement!

This game follows the Lincoln Clay, who was a war veteran and a former criminal. He was the main protagonist of this game. The location of Mafia 3 video game is based on a fictional city in New Bordeaux. Like all the classic Mafia game, this game also set up in the time of 1968. The main character of this story, Lincoln was forced to return to the life of crime. The main goal of Lincoln was to establish his own company and want to take revenge with Italian mob.

MAFIA 4 – What Hints, leaks, and Rumors?

Mafia 4

So, what are the rumors? I am sure you have heard of many but we’ll focuses on the main one and which might becomes true. So it’s been 19 years since the last game of Mafia series was launched for the people. And since then, Fans are eagerly waiting for Mafia 4, including me.

An anonymous person blessed people with some of the leaks on Reddit. His name was Truthteller1985 and he post this 👇 in 2019 –

‘I have three separate sources confirming this. Two of them former developers for Hangar 13, one of them being a journalist. They are very reputable, obviously I can't reveal who they are, nor shall I, as I wish not to hurt their career or cause any legal issues. If that makes my credibility lower, then so be it. Anyway, let's get into it'

Now, you can see with this that the game will be launch very soon. Recently, 2K Company have also hinted us that they are working on some big project for one of their most favorite series and what would it be other than Mafia 4? We all know that it will definitely be Mafia 4 and the fans easily guess this too. Well done!

Mafia 4 – When it is going to release?

As the Reddit anonymous said that in gis post, the game will release probably this year, 2021. Further its Officially confirmed that the hunger13 has also started working on Mafia 4 soon after the company released the DLC for Mafia 3. But there were a sudden slowdown in the work. It was reported that the working on this project was stopped for at least 6 month due to “personal internal issue of the company”.

Plotline of Mafia 4

Now, after reading all this and also getting the confirmation, you will be very excited, Right? Do you wanna know some of the game leaks for Mafia 4. In this section we’ll discuss about them.

According to sources, the Mafia 4 game location will be set up in a fictional city of Las Vegas and the time will be ahead of 10 year than it’s pervious version, which means, 1970. As like all the other series this game will be action-adventure game too. It is also rumored that this game will involved some of the fighting in the strip, buying your own land, managing your casino.

Moreover, You will love the new features of giving and putting name to into the characters in lights. Mafia 4 game have their main focus on their ‘empire building' which will be so soothing in to your eyes' . But a sad part to note here that there are no news about the returning of the old characters from previous games but it said that the game will be “very scorsese-esque” which means it will similar to the Goodfellas or The Departed.

A leak said that the Mafia 4 have bigger and larger in area than all of the three series. It also said that the game will be 10 years ahead that means there will be the change of location and environment as per the need of game.

Mafia 4 – What are the official statement?

The company hasn’t pass any official statement regarding the game Mafia 4 but there were something surprisingly happened which you should be aware –

This was the company’s financial statements –

“Looking ahead, Take-Two has the strongest development pipeline in its history, including sequels from our biggest franchises as well as exciting new IP”

This means there is something going on there. Now if there will be anymore announcement or leaks we’ll update you through our official website.


The Mafia series, which was originally launched in 2002 has released almond 3 videogame series till now. The fans are hoping to see it’s next version i.e. Mafia 4. There are surely many leaks by the people and we think that Mafia 4 will come soon but when? We don’t know.

Furthermore, It isn’t announced yet but fans are suspecteing that the MAFIA 4 will come out for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scralett. So, with this article we can easily conclude that Mafia 4 will going to come in the upcoming year with a new protagonist in it.