Madea Christmas: Cast and Crew, Plot, Reviews and More

A Madea Christmas was delivered on Dec 13, 2013, and was coordinated by Tyler Perry. This film is 1 hr 40 min in span and is accessible in the English language. Tyler Perry, Anna Maria Horsford, Tika Sumpter, Eric Lively, Chad Michael Murray, Alicia Witt, Kathy Najimy, Larry the Cable Guy, Lisa Whelchel, Jonathan Chase, Vickie Eng, James Roch, Noah Urrea, Julie Ann Doan and Michael H. Cole are playing as the star cast in this film.

A Madea Christmas scores a 4.9 digit glut rating out of 10 and the film is accessible in Comedy and Drama types.

The Storyline

Tyler Perry’s “Madea” establishment, in view of his well known one-man shows, is a relentless juggernaut with an underlying crowd. It includes the experiences and setbacks of one “Auntie Madea”, played by Perry himself in drag. Madea is a street of least-obstruction truth-talking clearly mouthed granny encompassed in monstrous muumuus.

Encompassed by blockhead individuals from her own family who either grovel in the feeling of dread toward her or misjudge her capacity to slice through their malarkey. She is a living Ms Malaprop of Perry’s imaginary world, rambling natively constructed linguistically erroneous insight.

On the off chance that you can’t bear being in her presence then the Madea motion pictures will be a bad dream. I end up tracking down the schtick as rather interesting. Particularly when her eyes go dead and level while she laughingly bulls rests her directly into the core of a circumstance.

She has no deceptions about anyone. If it’s not too much trouble. Those passed on quite some time ago. However, the encompassing schtick of the films? There we run into issues. It’s weighty with unvarnished misleading publicity and trucks in wide generalizations and manipulative pulling of the heartstrings. So it’s a blended and irritating sack, and “A Madea Christmas” is the same.

madea christmas cast

The story told here is both basic and brain-bending perplexing. In the first place, there’s the initial scene with Madea spruced up in a Santa suit, being snagged into working at an upscale retail chain by her niece Eileen (Anna Maria Horsford), who seems, by all accounts, to be a straight-up sociopath.

Things go poorly when Madea straight-talks an unfortunate full woman who needs to get a few undergarments and furthermore accepts individual phone calls while remaining at her station. Madea is terminated, and she stomps out of the store heaving and puffing.

In the interim, work is tossed at us in untidy splotches. Eileen is vexed that her little girl Lacey, who has moved to a modest community in Alabama to instruct at a grade school, isn’t returning home for Christmas. Eileen needs to go surprise her for Christmas, yet there is the little issue that Eileen doesn’t drive.

Fortunate for Eileen, Lacey (Tika Sumpter) is profoundly entangled in her own plot-weighty circumstance, including a defeated Christmas Jubilee (no assets!). An experience with a longing ex (JR Lemon) who simply ends up working for a major company which is hoping to support such an occasion.

They are prepared to give up a shocking $100,000 to the school. He, in the expectation that he can start up his old romance with Lacey, chooses to drive down to Alabama with the agreement face to face, thus Eileen and Madea hitch a ride.

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madea christmas cast

What do the Specialists need to Say about the Plot of Madea Christmas?

Lacey has subtly stolen away with a white man named Conner (Eric Lively. He is the principle reason Lacey would rather not get back home for Christmas. Her mom, as Lacey tells Conner, has a terrible heart and this large number of dreams for her girl and wedding to a white man isn’t important for the arrangement and her mom might have a coronary failure after hearing the news.

Sadly, Conner’s folks are likewise visiting for Christmas (they are played, entertainingly, by Larry the Cable Guy and Kathy Najimy, increasing the strange element impressively), and the two vehicles holding the parents in law obscure to-one-another show up at Lacey and Conner’s home not long after one another.

Lacey, caught in her trap of untruths, ropes in her new parents in law to keep up the exterior that Conner is only an employed man until she can sort out a method for informing Mom. Hijinx follow. Mother, as I mentioned, is a sociopath and is discourteous to the white people, considering what the heck they are doing sticking around her little girl’s home.

Madea stalks around, evaluating what is happening, and woofing improper remarks in the blended organization about flatulates and sexual experiences. Conner’s mother and pop are hillbillies out of the “Liberation” playbook, bearing possum pie and home-brew, and a foul sexual coexistence which they are not reluctant to talk about in broad daylight, embarrassing everyone (aside from Madea, who is happy).

Lacey’s mother is the greatest bigot in the film (and that is saying a ton seeing as there is one scene where Madea coincidentally finds a genuine Ku Klux Klan meeting), and will not treat the white individuals in her middle with even the barest bones of consideration.

Larry the Cable Guy and Madea get along like a house ablaze, which is one of the more strange components of the film, ready with comedic conceivable outcomes, some of which really happen as expected. Both of them hang out in the pig-pen on a virus winter early daytime talking about racial legislative issues and judicious issues of the heart, asking why everyone on the planet can’t be however knowing as they seem to be.

madea christmas cast

Be that as it may, there’s something else! Also, here’s the place where Perry stacks on the publicity with a digging tool advanced to him by Fox News. The sponsorship of the Christmas Jubilee is dependent upon the Jubilee being renamed the “Occasion Jubilee”. The $100,000 will be repealed immediately assuming a nativity is permitted in the vicinity.

The residents are set up to brawl, and afterwards, obviously, it is uncovered that the enterprise referred to is the one financing the dam upriver which has put each of the ranchers jobless. Lacey is immediately terminated. Her chief, played by Lisa Whelchel (the notorious Blair from “Unavoidable issues facing everyone”), is crushed, yet what could one individual at any point do against so many?

Also, it’s definitely not right to keep “Christ” out of “Christmas” at any rate, without a doubt. You know you’re through the mirror when the War on Christmas is dealt with not just like a genuine article rather than a crazy intruder man-made by those with social grievances, however what bonds these various sorts of individuals together.

From one perspective, it’s unbelievable and idiotic. Then again, the schmaltz in individual snapshots of feeling has an evident draw, as most schmaltz does. That was all there was to it planned. So I feel manipulated, and afterwards think, “Gracious, heck, whatever, I couldn’t care less.” It’s an odd encounter, not completely wonderful, yet all the same fascinating nonetheless.

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Who Stars in Tyler Perry’s a Madea Christmas : Cast List

madea christmas cast


The subplots multiply. A sweet youthful understudy of Lacey’s (Noah Urrea) has a delightful voice but is reluctant to sing in the Christmas Jubilee since he is tormented by his colleagues for being “only a filthy homestead kid”. His dad (Chad Michael Murray) is one of the irate ranchers in the town.

Furthermore, he ends up, being a domineering jerk himself as a little youngster who tortured Conner cruelly in school. What circumvents comes around. Will the soul of Christmas make his day? Will the soul of Christmas make Mom quit being such an undeniable annoyance? What’s more, above all, will a nativity be permitted at the Christmas Jubilee?

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The film is hacked up ramblingly, with Christmas cut speciality of chimes and snowflakes cleaning across the screen leaving a path of sparkle, modest-looking and senseless, and the entire thing feels put together in a comical end of the week. Indeed, even with the unfortunate altering and to some degree sluggish filmmaking.

The abnormal subtleties got my attention when I needed to leave the plot to save my mental stability (for what reason does Lacey dress for her work instructing fourth graders like she is going out clubbing?). When Madea is onscreen, essentially you know what universe you are in, and there is something intriguing and crazy to watch.

In any case, you are pushed into a pit of triviality and plot-weighty manoeuvring overlaid with Christian publicity that stays around too long with the primary line of the piece. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and do not forget to visit Keeperfacts for more mind-boggling updates.