Madagascar 4: Will the Madagascar Movie Cancelled or Ever Happen?

Will the 4 animated animals come back for the fourth installment? As it was already known that the 3rd movie is the blockbuster in the Madagascar series and even its tv sequel is also a good one? Will the movie come back in 2022 after its schedule date was cancelled which is set for 2018.

Until this time Madagascar 4 has not happened and we don’t know whether the movie will come on the big screen in near future.

I know you definitely love the Madagascar series, that’s why you came here to know about the status of Madagascar 4. Am I right? If yes, then you came to the right place to know more about Madagascar 4.

The first movie in this series came in 2005 in which four pampered animals of Central Park Zoo are shown on the shipwrecked on Madagascar (basically it is the island) and how they encourage themselves to survive on that island.

Madagascar 4

The best thing about the animated series is their characters which are brilliant and glowing.
The eyes of the animated characters are big one and these characters are lovable by all.

Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, and Jada Pinkett Smith are the beautiful cast behind these amazing animal characters.

The same voice cast members made a return to the next part or 2008 movie i.e. Madagascar Escape 2 Africa, in which the lion or Alex came back to his parents and all tried to go to New York back.

This second movie is also more popular than the first one and after that in 2012 another big hit was given by Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted and this movie earned nearly $750 million from all over the world.

The Penguins of Madagascar also came in between which is an animated series by the Franchise which ran for 3 seasons and this one is also a good tv series.

To make the series alive they brought the spinoff of the movie which is Penguins of Madagascar in 2014 and in the same year they decided to release Madagascar 4 in 2018.

But sometimes due to the change in the policy of Dreamworks Animations they removed the scheduled movie as they can release 2 movies in a one year.

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What is the Status of Madagascar 4?

Release Date

Madagascar 4

There is no official news regarding this movie whether it will come or not. It is only assumed by many that the movie is in development and no window date update is there by Dreamworks.

What is the Plot for Madagascar 4?

Nothing actual regarding the plot of the series is confirmed and was expected that it will be the last movie in the Madagascar series and continue from the third movie ending where these 4 animals thought that they will not have to live in a cage any more and move back to Africa while performing at the circus.

Plans regarding the movie will also change according to the time and situation.

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Where to Watch All Movies and a Spin Off of Madagascar?

You can stream this animated family and comedy movie on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video and on Youtube.

Is there any Teaser for the Madagascar 4?

No, there is no teaser or trailer for the Madagascar 4 but here you can check Madagascar 3 trailer which is given below-

Madagascar 3: Ratings and Reviews

Madagascar 3 Europe’s Most Wanted got 6.8 ratings out of 10 on IMDb but the popularity of the series is declining. This adventurer and comedy movie of animals is an amazing one whose characters are loved by everyone. Here I wrote a few of the user reviews, from more than 200+ reviews.

Madagascar 4

This third movie got utmost positive reviews which are like- it is the best of the three movies, Return of the animals to the zoo, 3D movie with brilliant one and hilarious and some wrote that it is the best movie.

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What is the Age of Alex in Madagascar 3?

He is 15 years old Lion.

Final Words

The Madagascar series is an excellent film which has 3 movies along with a spinoff but there is no official announcement for the Madagascar 4. So, you have to wait longer for Madagascar 4 and it is a good movie which is watchable by all.

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