Mackenzie Scott Net Worth: How Was Her Riches Amassed?


MacKenzie Scott is an American novelist, activist, and philanthropist. The second-richest person on Earth and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, ex-wife has built a name for herself with her $12 billion in cumulative philanthropic donations.

She most recently gave $85 million to Girl Scouts of the USA and 29 of its local organizations. Keep reading to learn more about MacKenzie Scott‘s net worth, childhood, and other topics.


As of October 2022, MacKenzie Scott has a estimated net worth of $32 Billion.

Quick Facts About Mackenzie Scott

Name  Mackenzie Scott
Gender Female
Height 5'7″
Profession Novelist, Activist, and Philanthropist
Net Worth $32 Billion


Mackenzie Scott's Early Life

April 1970 brings MacKenzie Scott Tuttle to San Francisco. Marin County is over the Golden Gate Bridge. Her family lived in SF's Pacific Heights. Her father operated an investing firm. MacKenzie attended secondary school in Lakeville, Connecticut.

Mackenzie Scott Net Worth

Her parents declared bankruptcy during her junior year when her father was investigated by the SEC. Her parents moved to Florida, where her father tried to start a new career. Her father couldn't start a new financial enterprise. The Florida judge rejected the family's excessive expenditures.

MacKenzie studied English at Princeton after high school. 1992 grad. Toni Morrison taught her creative writing at Princeton. MacKenzie was one of Morrison's best students.

Let's Have a Look of Mackenzie Scott's Career Journey

She relocated to New York after taking a hedge fund job, even though she wanted to write. As an administrative assistant, she met senior VP Jeff Bezos. After three months, they were engaged. 1993: They wed.

Scott was crucial to his success and came to Seattle with him to launch his ecommerce business. Amazon was renamed from Cadabra. His parents gave him $300,000 to start the firm. Scott was assistant and bookkeeper. Her debut novel, “The Testing of Luther Albright,” was published in 2005. “Traps” was her 2013 sophomore attempt.

After divorcing Jeff Bezos, she donated $1.7 billion to 116 charities in 2020. Later that year, she gave $4 billion more to 400 charity.

What is the Net Worth of Mackenzie Scott?

MacKenzie Scott, previously MacKenzie Bezos, is worth $32 billion. Her fortune is significantly larger, yet she contributed $6 billion in 2020. She expects to contribute most of her riches during her lifetime and has already given $12 billion to organizations worldwide.

Settlement of Mackenzie Bezos' Divorce

After 25 years of marriage, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos announced their divorce on January 9, 2019. They got married in 1993, as we just mentioned, one year PRIOR to Jeff founding the business that would eventually make him the world's richest person.

Mackenzie Scott Net Worth

When they announced their divorce, Jeff's net worth was $136 billion. By all accounts, since Jeff's assets were all obtained during their marriage, MacKenzie might have been entitled to half of them. If such were the case, MacKenzie might have received shares and other assets worth up to $70 billion.

Complete Settlement

On April 4, 2019, MacKenzie tweeted that she and Jeff had reached an agreement over their divorce and that she had received just under 20 million Amazon shares, or around 4% of the total number of outstanding shares of the company.

These shares were traded for $35.6 billion at the time. Jeff retained around 60 million shares, or 75% of their prior ownership. MacKenzie's agreement to let Jeff have all voting rights over her shares was a big compromise. She essentially receives all the value without any voting rights.


MacKenzie published a piece on the blogging website Medium on July 28, 2020, in which she announced two significant events:

said she was officially renaming herself MacKenzie Scott instead of MacKenzie Bezos. She was given the middle name “Scott” by one of her grandfathers; it was not her maiden name.

The second revelation was that MacKenzie had given 116 charity $1.7 billion. On December 15, 2020, only a few months later, MacKenzie declared that she had given $4.2 billion to 384 organisations. According to MacKenzie, her goal is:

“To give the majority of my wealth back to society that helped generate it, to do it thoughtfully, to get started soon, and to keep at it until the safe is empty.” – MacKenzie Scott.

Recent Charities

A community organization in Watertown is celebrating a multi-million dollar donation from billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, highlighting the fact that rural areas are much less likely to receive such funding. The Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation announced Scott's $5 million donation to the charity.

Real Estate

A residence in Beverly Hills, California, cost $24 million to buy in 2007 for Jeff and MacKenzie. They invested a total of $37 million on the two properties in 2017, each paying $13 million for the one just next door. This home was given to MacKenzie as part of their divorce agreement.

MacKenzie gave the house to the charity, the California Community Foundation, it was revealed in August 2022. The foundation estimates that the home was worth $55 million at the time of the donation. 2021 saw MacKenzie give the group $20 million.

In Medina, Washington, MacKenzie spent $37.5 million for a 3.2-acre waterfront property in 2019.

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Final Words

Scott briefly held the title of being the richest woman in the world, but that title didn't even last a full day, in this case as a result of Amazon stock rising and then briefly falling just before the market closed. Her position on “richest lists” changes frequently because she has a tendency of making significant philanthropic donations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mackenzie Scott Has How Many Children?

Three sons and one daughter are among Mackenzie Scott‘s four children. She has a Chinese daughter who was adopted.

What is Mackenzie Scott's Height?

Mackenzie Scott is 5'7″ and 170 centimetres tall.

What is Mackenzie Scott's Age?

Mackenzie Scott is 52 years old.