Mackenzie Mckee and Josh Mckee Split After 9 Years: Josh Wasn’t a Good Husband, Either.


It's been quite a ride. Mackenzie McKee and Josh McKee were originally introduced to viewers on 16 and Pregnant in 2011, and since she joined Teen Mom OG in 2019, fans have been able to watch their relationship develop. Even though they were only on the show for two seasons before it was renamed Teen Mom Legacy, their relationship has, to say the least, had its ups and downs.

The pair, who share three children named Gannon, Jaxie, and Broncs, have been married, divorced, and re-engaged within the span of a few years. They separated in May 2020, with Mackenzie stating that divorce was not an easy decision. It's ended. After nearly nine years of marriage, Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee and her husband Josh McKee have divorced.


Mackenzie Mckee and Josh Mckee Split After 9 Years

The reality actress, age 27, has never shied away from being upfront about her tumultuous relationship with her ex-high school love, age 29, and her announcement of their breakup is similarly forthright.

Mackenzie told Celebuzz on Tuesday, July 26 about her separation from Josh, “I'm coming from a really raw and sensitive part of my heart.” “I'm embarking on an entirely new life and identity. Things that used to make me cry are now a walk in the park.”


While the Teen Mom 3 actress, who has children Gannon, 10, Jaxie, 8, and Broncs, 5, with her ex-husband, expressed appreciation “for the previous 12 years with Josh and what they taught me,” she was also candid about the couple's issues.

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“The old me would have released a story about how bad Josh is, what he did, and why this marriage is ending,” the creator of Body by Mac said, adding, “The new me realizes that we are both leaving this with profound scars and that our children love us both despite the anguish we caused one another.” We are all human beings merely attempting to survive on this planet.

Mackenzie intimated that there was drama involved in their choice to dissolve their marriage, even if she chose not to reveal her side of the tale because “it simply isn't fair if he isn't beside me telling his side.”

“Was I the ideal wife? “No,” the native of Oklahoma replied. I do not, however, pretend that Josh was a decent husband. Prior to her announcement, Mackenzie tweeted about reentering the dating world, implying that the couple had broken up.

“The dating scene is a joke, guys… These men are engaged in play. “I've been out of the game for wayyy too long ” the MTV personality tweeted on July 23. Fans of the Teen Mom franchise witnessed Mackenzie and Josh's relationship issues on reality television for years, beginning with her 2012 episode of 16 & Pregnant, followed by Teen Mom 3's brief run, and finally Teen Mom OG.

Mackenzie Mckee and Josh Mckee Split After 9 Years

While the couple wed in 2013, their relationship problems were only beginning. The pair separated and reunited many times. The death of Mackenzie's mother, Angie Douthit, in December 2019 only exacerbated their relationship problems.

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Mackenzie alleged on social media in May 2020 that her husband, Josh, had cheated on her with her cousin, in addition to not being there for her following the death of her mother.

“What transpired? The Florida individual said in a since-deleted Facebook post, “IDK, my family will never be the same, and we are all devastated.” Not only was I harmed by him, but also by her.

Though she quickly corrected her remarks — “Josh was messaging and contacting her seeking advice on how to treat me, and to me, it was wrong on both sides and reason enough to walk away,” she tweeted — she did not retract her initial statements. Even after getting back together after the incident, Mackenzie and Josh's relationship was far from steady. In the ninth season of Teen Mom OG, which aired in late 2021, the two argued about parenting issues and other matters.

“Both Josh and I are still young and have our entire lives ahead of us. And I wish him nothing but peace and happiness for his future,” Mackenzie stated in her news of their separation. Everyone has his or her own narrative; this is mine.