Lysa TerKeurst Divorce: Is The Reason Revealed?

In 2017, Lysa TerKeurst, a widely recognized Christian writer, speaker, and leader of Proverbs 31 Ministries, caught the attention of the public when she revealed her choice to end her 25-year marriage to Bill TerKeurst. This news surprised and saddened many of her followers and admirers, who had respected her for her deep Christian beliefs and dedication to marriage.

What Caused Lysa TerKeurst Divorce?

Lysa TerKeurst, a popular author and speaker, publicly shared that her divorce was due to her husband’s infidelity and substance abuse. She has been open about the challenges she faced in her marriage and the process of healing and forgiveness she has gone through since then.

In the statement she released, Lysa explained that the choice to end her marriage was not something she took lightly. It came after a long period of seeking guidance through prayer, counseling, and advice from trusted spiritual mentors. Despite putting forth their best efforts, Lysa and her husband were unable to overcome their differences and salvage their relationship. Also read Sophia Culpo Confirms Breakup With NFL Boyfriend Braxton Berrios!The Inside Scoop on Christina Hall and Ant Anstead, and The Bachelor Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Are Back Together.

Who is Art TerKeurst?

Art TerKeurst is not a known public figure, and there is limited information available about him. He was married to Lysa TerKeurst for almost 25 years before their divorce. His infidelity and substance abuse were cited as reasons for their separation. Beyond this, there is not much public information available about Art TerKeurst.

Lysa TerKeurst Divorce

How Did Fans React to Divorce?

The announcement of Lysa TerKeurst’s divorce caused many different reactions. Some people felt sad and let down, while others showed support and empathy. Many of her fans admired her for being so open and brave about her challenges, and for sharing such a personal and difficult experience with everyone. Also read Shannon Beador’s Ex-husband David Beador. and Why Did Tyler Stanaland & Brittany Snow Divorce?

Did Lysa TerKeurst Call Divorce “God’s Plan”?

Following her divorce, Lysa TerKeurst stayed active in her ministry work. She continued writing books, speaking at events, and supporting her followers. She openly shared her journey through divorce, offering insights and lessons she learned.

A key message she emphasized was trusting in God’s plan, even in tough times. She encouraged her followers to rely on their faith for comfort and guidance during trials.

Overall, Lysa’s divorce was a challenging experience that tested her faith. Through her openness, she connected with others facing similar struggles, providing hope, encouragement, and the reminder that they’re not alone.

Lysa TerKeurst Divorce

How Long Were Lysa TerKeurst and TerKeurst Married?

Lysa TerKeurst was married to Art TerKeurst for almost 25 years before their divorce. Their marriage faced significant challenges, including Art’s infidelity and substance abuse, which ultimately led to their separation. Despite these difficulties, Lysa remained committed to her marriage for many years and sought counseling and support to try to repair the relationship. However, the couple eventually decided to divorce, and Lysa has since been open about her journey through this painful experience.

Is Lysa TerKeurst Dating Someone Now?

As per the information available at the present moment, there is no publicly available information that suggests Lysa TerKeurst is currently in a relationship with anyone.


In conclusion, Lysa TerKeurst’s divorce in 2017 was a deeply personal and challenging experience that tested her faith and resilience. She publicly shared that the decision to end her 25-year marriage to Bill TerKeurst was due to his infidelity and substance abuse. Despite the sadness and disappointment expressed by some of her fans, many admired her openness and courage in sharing her journey. Lysa continued her ministry work, emphasizing the importance of trusting in God’s plan and offering hope and encouragement to others facing similar struggles. As of now, there is no public information indicating that Lysa TerKeurst is currently dating anyone.

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