Latest Update on Luna Park: two entangled lives, two fates

“Finding a lost person is one of the most beautiful things that can happen. The problem is knowing where to look.”

“Luna Park,” a narrative worthy of Elite but set in an era and place that remind us of the romance flicks, will be available on Netflix soon. It’s a new Italian Social Issue Drama Web Series that’s scheduled to premiere on September 30th, 2021.

Netflix dropping in “Luna Park” is possibly the next intriguing mystery that graced the streaming platform’s screens after providing its audiences with Italian Romantic dramas, amusing comedies, terrifying horror stories, and action-packed thrillers like Baby, Medici, The Players, Summertime, Suburra, Luna Nera, and so on.

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Set in Rome in the 1960s against the backdrop of Dolce Vita, in the series we learn about Nora and Rosa, two girls who find themselves connected by a bizarre twist of fate and a strange old mystery.

The six-episode TV series is produced by Fandago, written by Isabella Aguilar (formerly co-author and co-creator of Baby, The Place), and directed by Leonardo D’Agostini (Silver Ribbon for a best new director in 2019 for Il Campione) and Anna Negri (Baby).

Let’s discuss Luna Park a little more…

A Go Through of the Teaser

The trailer opens with a couple entering an amusement park and riding a roller coaster. Rosa, a young lady with a boyfriend, encounters Nora, a fortune-teller who uses cards to predict the future, in this drama. In preparation for reading the cards, Rosa is eager to learn what the future has in store for her from Nora.

The young woman asks the fortune teller about her sister, who has been gone for years and has never been discovered. They again meet later when Nora permanently settles in Rome. She is also informed that a butterfly used to be on her sister’s back when she was young. That is when Nora claims that her sister perhaps may be alive. The identical sign, however, emerges at the conclusion of the teaser, and we find it on Nora’s body, indicating that she is still alive, according to the video shown in the series.

The Plot

A contact between young woman carousel raised in a family of wandering artists Nora, and Rosa, a young lady from an Aristocratic family of Rome, is the story’s premise. During their meeting, Rosa asks Nora about her missing sister using cards that predict the future. Both families are forced to reflect on their pasts as a result of meeting the two young girls.

Luna Park: two entangled

Nora comes to Rome when her father tries to ensure their future through the re-construction and re-launch of the amusement in the capital city and chooses to settle down later after the demise of her mother.

However, a long-forgotten secret hidden for years is revealed, through this destiny-driven meeting in the funfair ‘Luna Park’. A road of secrets, riddles, intrigues, and the new and unexpected discovery of love will result from the intertwined destiny of various generations.

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Nora is a part of the Marini family. In addition to her father Antonio, her mother Star, her grandmother Miranda and Uncle Ettore make up the Marini family.

Rosa was born into the Gabrielli family of the aristocratic Rome, along with her brother Giggi, her father Tullio and her mother Lucia.

There is also the Baldi family which consists of Landau & Doriana and their sons Matteo and Simone. The Baldi family joins the two other families.

The tale takes a surprising turn in Nora, a free-spirited young lady who has grown up in the family carnival when the same girl unexpectedly learns that she belongs to two distinct worlds.

The Complete Cast…

The crew was able to assemble a spectacular ensemble that included both well-known and well-liked faces from the small screen as well as potential newbies.

The series features Simona Tabasco (Happiness has arrived, I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone, Doc- in your hands) as the leading lady Nora Marini, followed by the rookie Lia Greco as aristocratic Rosa Gabrielli. The characters of the family to the which the young girls belong to are the Marini Family and the Gabrielli family

The cast also includes Giulio Corso (as Sandro Ralli), Matteo Olivetti (as Celeste), Alessandra Carrillo (as Tina, Celeste’s mother), Gianfranco Gallo seen in “Indivisibili”, “Gomorra – La Serie” (plays Fausto Minnella), Davide Valle (as Cesare Grotta), Roberto Evangelista (as Canio Grotta, Cesare’s cousin), Giulia Ricciardi (as Elvira), Lidia Vitale seen in “Suburra”(plays Dominici, Sandro Ralli’s agent), and Ilaria Loriga (as Gioia).

Where Was Luna Park Shot?

“Between the magic of the amusement park and the glamour of the Dolce Vita, the story of Nora, a young carousel, and Rosa, a girl from Roma bene, comes to life. Thanks to their meeting, an intertwining of intrigues and secrets will bring to light a truth that has been hidden for years…” – Netflix, Italy

Only in Rome of the ‘60s could bring the glamour and magic of Luna Park come to life. In Torvaianca, a popular beach resort on the Lazio coast, which is a part of the Pomezia municipality, the main set was set up. Even yet, most mystical atmospheres were reproduced in the nation’s capital, where they are still prominent.

By discussing famous landmarks, amusement parks, and Dolce Vita atmospheres, the series brings one of the most interesting times in Rome’s history to the storyline.

Luna Park: two entangled

When two worlds collide and distinct families are engaged, secrets are revealed, lives are intertwined, and the past is dredged up to clear the future, and the destiny of multiple generations alternate.

The “Luna Park” permeates a mystical, spiritual, and ethereal aura for the onlookers.

What is the connection between these two young women?

Is the sister still alive?

What is that age-old enigma?

A lot of questions unanswered…

Want to know the truth?

Be on the lookout…

A series that is fresh, anticipated, and a must-see!

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