Lovestruck In The City: Most Popular And Intimate South Korean Drama Tv Series

For those who haven’t seen it, Lovestruck in the City is a South Korean streaming television series that stars Ji Chang-Wook and Kim Ji-won. It is called “Dosinamnyeoui Sarangbeop.”

Lovestruck in The City is a tale of young people living in a sophisticated metropolis are shown by Park Shin-woo, who directed the series.

On December 22, 2020 KakaoTV released this short-form drama and after some time the Netflix has it accessible for streaming across the globe. The show is adored by most of the people which is the reason today we are going to talk about all the major insights about the Lovestruck In The City.

Lovestruck In The City

Lovestruck In The City Premise-

Lovestruck, including a passionate architect (Ji Chang Wook) who discovers a free spirit (Kim Ji Won) in a new city in Lovestruck in the City, are the focus of this romantic comedy.

Park Jae Won is played by Ji Chang Wook. In his spare time, he is an architect who likes to camp out on the beach.
Lee Eun Oh (Kim Ji Won) is the real name of Kim Ji Won.

As a free-spirited lady, she moves to a new city after encountering some troubles in her personal life but still, he falls in love with her bogus persona, which makes things much more difficult for her to handle.

We also have Kyung Joon (Kim Min Suk) and Rin Yi (So Ju Yeon) as well as Gun (Ryu Kyung Soo) and Sun Young (Sun Ji Hyun) (Han Ji Eun).

I had mixed feelings about Lovestruck in the City. Some of it was great, and some of it was not so great. To begin, let’s begin with the good. Jae Won and Eun Oh’s love tale was one of my favorites.

In situations like this, Ji Chang Wook excels at being charmingly uncomfortable, and Kim Ji Won does an excellent job of portraying both the lighter and darker aspects of her personality as well as the anguish she was going through.

Both the past and the present were used to tell their narrative. They had an incredible whirlwind romance on the beach in the past, and I was utterly enthralled. Both of them had a strong on-stage connection and captivated the audience.

Although we don’t see much of them together until later in the story, it was interesting to watch their distinct paths. When they rejoin, things become a lot more intriguing. So all in all, I really liked their relationship and was absolutely engrossed in it.

Lovestruck In The City Characters!

The show has a number of characters, here we have listed the main, supporting, and additional characters in different sections.


  • Ji Chang-wook as Park Jae-won
  • Kim Ji-won as Lee Eun-o / Yoon Seon-a
  • Kim Min-seok as Choi Kyeong-jun
  • So Joo-yeon as Suh Rin-i
  • Ryu Kyung-soo as Kang Geon
  • Han Ji-eun as Oh Seon-yeong

Lovestruck In The City

Additional Characters-

  • Son Jong-hak as CEO Park
  • Hong Soo-joo as Hae-na
  • Lee Suk-hyung as Kang Byung-joon

Special Appearances-

  • Lee Sang-yoon as Go Gyeong-gu
  • Lee Sang-woo as Bin, owner of ‘Bin-Bin Surfing’
  • Park Jin-Joo as Ra-Ra, running ramyeon shack on beachfront 
  • Choi Min-ho as Oh Dong-Sik, a police officer
  • Pyo Ye-jin as Yoon Seon-a
  • Marychou
  • Jung Ji-Hyun as a customer in Ra-Ra’s Ramyeon
  • Min Sang-woo as a customer in Ra-Ra’s Ramyeon
  • Hwang Hee as Cha Chi-hoon
  • Kim Do-geon as Seon-Yeong’s ex-boyfriend

How Lovestruck In The City Ends?

The individuals discuss a perfect relationship and how it feels to be liked back. Geon reflects on his recent breakup with Seon-Yeong and wonders whether he’ll ever see her again.

There’s no doubt about it. There are still some remaining emotions. Jae-won and Kyeong-jun are guests of Lee Eun-o for her client meeting. The unaware Kyeong-jun reveals to Eun-o that he saw her glancing at Jae-won and asks her whether she thinks he is attractive.

Eun-o can’t stop imagining about Jae-won as she watches him on the CCTV during the shopping event. It’s a huge shift in their relationship for Kyeong-jun and Rin-i.

On the top of the building, Jae-won and Eun-o had a conversation. Jae-won urges Eun-o that rather than deleting the things she has to correct, they should get to know each other better. He proposes that they first go out on a date and then have sex.

They’ve made it official and the show happily ends here!

Lovestruck In The City- Official Trailer

Take a look at this narrative inspired by the real-life occurrence in which a little girl was raped by her own father in their basement.

Read the Full story here.

End Lines-

The show is quite intimate and maybe enough to fill your stomach if you love romantic-Korean drama. Have you seen the show? How is it? Is it good to watch it with your friends? Share your honest reviews with us in our comment section.

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