Lovesick Season 4 Will Ever Happen?


Have you heard the song, “We’re the lovesick girls”? The recent famous song by Blackpink. If you're a kpop fan then you have probably heard it but do you know that there is a TV series named Lovesick? The show was initially started to premiered on Channel 4 but then Netflix decided to take over it. The show has released its third season in the year 2018 and now it has been almost 3 years since we last heard anything about this show.

My readers, who are a great fan of Lovesick series, wants to know that whether there will be a fourth season or should they get rid of this idea. So, I have collected some of the information which will help you to know if its fourth installment is really coming or not? But before heading further let’s take a brief account of this TV series.


Lovesick – What I should know about it?

Lovesick is a British Sitcom which was first released in 4 October, 2014 for the people. Now, if you want to start watching this series then you can watch it through NETFLIX. while watching the series you'll see it titled as NETFLIX ORIGINAL but I have told in the starting that it is released by Channel 4 then why?


It is because, after the end of first season, Netflix decided to broadcast it in the worldwide and at the same time commissioned it. Then again Netflix renewed its third season. The show has total 22 episodes with 20 to 27 minutes average screen time.

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Lovesick – Story till now

The story follows a group of friends who are sharing a same house. The main protagonist of this show,Dylan, is diagnosed with a disease named Chlamydia. Before moving forward, I would like to give you a little information about this disease, Chlamydia is a STD (Sexually Transmitted disease) which is dangerous for both the male and female and can affect their health.

After knowing this, he decided to go to his ex-girlfriends in order to inform them about his condition. Dylan lived with his two other friends, Evie and Luke.

*Spoiler alert*

lovesick main charachter

Evie has a secret crush on Dylan but at the same time she was confused about her feelings. She is also engaged with Mal and you would find it interesting to watch her with Dylan. On the other hand, Luke is a lazy and irresponsible, who is a best friend of Dylan and Evie. Beside him being all this, he has a good heart and often cross his limits to help his friends. We all need Luke in our life *uwuuu*

Watch this super-cute video of Lovesick series

In most of the episodes, you'll see Dylan encounter with different girls but the third season was most of their friendship. While the season 3 was end in a happy ending but the fans are so addicted to this show and wanting the season 4. But it is really happening?  Let’s dig in more.

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Lovesick Season 4 – It is Really happing?

If you have watched the season 3 of this series then you know how it is ended. With Dylan and Evie finally getting into a happy relationship and everyone getting their bags full.

There is not a single word by the show makers and we don’t really know whether the fourth season is coming or not. With the season 3 ending, many thought of it as the last show.

Jessica Ellerby thoughts for Season 4

Additionally, the show star Jessica Ellerby, who is famous for her role in Pennyworth and playing one of the ex-role in lovesick, said in an Interview that,

“I don’t know for definite whether the show have been ended or not, but I think it’s nicely wrapped up. I think the story is where it should be but never say never. You never know”

She furthermore added, “But I am not expecting a Call”

And this statement gave the fans a mixed of hopes and we don’t know if the show is coming back or not. In the same interview, Jessica Ellerby also discussed the show popularity around the world by saying

“What was weird was that that Americans went nuts for it. It came out on Channel 4 here and it was such a quick turnaround. We were still filming and they were editing at the same time. So, we literally wrapped and it came out like two weeks after, which is so quick. But it kind of felt like it was all over and done with very quickly, and it kind of flopped over here a little bit.”

“But brilliantly, Netflix in the US saw something in it and the Americans loved it, which was just great.”

So, if there will be anymore announcement by the cast or by the officials. We’ll update you and for that you have to keep checking our site Keeperfacts.

Lovesick – Is it worth watching?

If you're someone who is new to this series then let me tell you that this series is amazing. If romance and drama are your go to genre then I’ll tell you go for it. On the other hand, you'll find a true friendship relationship in the show.

What are the critics say about this show?

If critics opinions are always in the top of your priority list then let me tell you that Lovesick is something which have captured their hearts. The IMDb rating of Lovesick is 8.1/10 whereas the show has gained over 98% of rotten tomatoes.

Moreover, the rated this show with 8.3/10 rating. So, go ahead and watch his show on Netflix.

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What are the feedbacks of the people?

As we have came to the end of this article before ending it, we always love to mention the opinion of people for their respective show. Likewise, following the traditions, we have mentioned it here too. Feel free to read and enjoy them.

I have to say this is the best romantic show ever made, it's just so good and lovely. The humor is also put in a way that it doesn't actually make this show a comedy and trust me it's brilliant. This show will have you in tears on so many occasions and after watching you definitely wanna fall in love. I mean I just can't get over this show wish they make another season. I highly recommend everyone to see it you must see it or you'll be missing out a lot.

Many things to love. The relationships between characters are rich and interesting. The development of Angus and Luke over Series 2 were very well done. Plus, it's both funny and emotional. Also, kinda clever. Overall, loved the show.

If you have any doubt regarding any of your favorite show then ask us in comment section.