Love Is Blind Season 2 – What Can We Expect?

Relationship and Love is quite a complicated things for many. In today’s world it is hard to find a perfect match for a person. Are you single? If yes, then welcome to our #Singlehang. Some of my friends are in relationship and some, like me, never ever experienced it. And their will be a fight for forever between single and relationships about who is better and who is not.

But somewhere every person want to have a happy relationship in his/her life and we know that Love is Blind. Being with someone who can love you and understand you is a perfect thing in this world.

So, if you are someone who love to see couples and there life story like me then you are at a right place.

People find their perfect partner in different sites like Tinder, Instagram and many more but how much they ate reliable to you? In the digital world where love means just to find the right one in different social networking sites, We have a brand new show for you. Love is Blind is a stop for all your feelings.

In this article we’ll discuss everything about Love us Blind and it’s upcoming season 2 so if you are new to this series read till the end to know everything.

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Love is Blind – Know little more about it.

This is a typical reality TV show where people find their soulmate. The show, Love is blind is first premiered on 13 February, 2020 on the very popular site NETFLIX. Chris Coelen, who created this show, want to make a TV program which is quite different from others.

Wait, Wait, Wait

I know what you’re thinking, you have heard this name before, haven’t you?

Love is blind cover

He’s the producer of another famous Reality TV show l, Too hot to handle. That’s how they find Love is blind. The main purpose of this show is to find a perfect soulmate but there is a twist.

You can see each other face. Yes, the main idea of the show is to fall in love with the other perfect without seeing their face. “Love is blind” so why to see each other.

The show maker said in an interview that, “When you have a conversation with someone, we tend to be distracted, checking our devices,”

He added more, “If you’re on a dating app, you have so many choices that you’re constantly going to the next one, or you become focused on very superficial things, or people discount you for very superficial things. We all feel sort of disposable. This show set out to address those things.”

So, the people who are participating in the show have to leave the gadgets behind and start talking more.

Love is Blind Season 1 – Know About the Cast

The main aim of this show is to find couple for people who are single. When the show started back in February, 2020. Through there were 15 women and 15 men in season 1 only 3 couples were came out from them. Two of them is being married whereas the one couple is in relationship.

Additionally, we have a fun clip for you.

Ofcourse it is not so surprising because you can’t find love snd then eventually marry them for a show. They have a total of 6 couples named –

  •  Lauren and Cameron
  • Carlton and Diamond
  • Kelly and Kenny
  • Giannina and Damian
  • Barnett and Amber
  • Jessica and Mark

Cast of Love is blind

There are total 11 episode which comes one after the another. In the first episode the couple find each other inside there pods and talk about their thinking, beliefs, sexuality, religion and many more things. That’s how the episode go one after another.

While some people do like this show other things that it is bit to fast for people to know and love each other. The show provide the option if the person want to be with another or not and he/she can choose.

After the show finishes, there were a reunion of all the 6 couple, where they answer some of the difficult questions regarding the show and their experience. Also, the couples were hosted in the famous Ellen DeGeneres show.

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Love is Blind – Will there be Season 2?

The season 1 was ended in a surprising note. Out of 15 couple there were only 2 gets married. The show receives quite a different opinions and criticism from the people but that doesn’t stop the show making its second season.

Yes, it is official that Netflix is bringing back the Reality show – Love is Blind Season 2. The Producer of the show is not going to stop the show in season one, atleast this is what you thought. Chris Coelen said in an interview,

 “I want to see a season two or a season 12, don’t you?”

So if you are a fan of this show Don’t you worry because Love is blind is going to have more than 12 season.

Love is Blind Season 2 – Who is going to cast?

So, in a reality show the contestants are just random people but they are surely famous but not so famous that everyone knows them. If you are wondering that where are these people come from and how they enter in the show? Then I will tell you everything regarding this in the next few seconds.

In an interview, Chris Coelen said that the casting workers and members find out the suitable person for the show. They don’t pick up a random guy or girl who doesn’t even interested in a relationship. If you’ll look at the finding process you’ll be amazed by it.

In an interview he said,

We want people who aren’t just doing it for the attention. There’s certainly plenty of places for people who want to do stuff for the attention.

Furthermore he said, “We wanted to be really dealing with people who were genuinely interested in it.”

Love is blind

And that fact that they have find Giannina Gibelli via Instagram still surprise me. In an interview, she said that she was chilling out in an club while complaining how she is going to be single forever.

Then *Ting* she got an DM of a person asking her whether she want to fall in love and get married.

I mean isn’t this crazy? She also told that she thought this was a “Universe sign” for her.

Moreover, the show is built in an different location at Atlanta where there ate minimum technology requirements. So, we that the cast can be away from the social life and look more into their personal life.

Love is blind – When Season 2 is going to come?

It is clear that there will be Season 2 of Love is blind but when? We can’t say anything. No official date is announced till yet but if the show follows the guidelines like every other reality show, We can see the season 2 may be this year.

If there will be any announcement regarding the release date, We’ll let you know.

Love is Blind – Who got Married and who didn’t?

The show was all about random people meeting at a pods and knowing about each other. The whole idea behind this TV series is to make people believe that physical beauty doesn’t matter if a person is beautiful from inside. And that’s how the show works.

People Speak and Fall in love.

Now coming to the main topic, how many of them are actually together? Out of 15 pairs only two of them got married.

  • We’ll know the famous couple of Love is blind, Lauren and Cameron who got married in the show. Moreover, they were deciding to get married again in the presence of their family and friends. This pair is most famous and cute one out of all.


  • The next couple will be Amber and Matt. No-one thought that these two will be married but it happens. These two are happily living their married life and even more planning for the babies.

Love is blind couple

  • The third couple who creates a lot of drama inside the show, Giannina and Damian. In a show, there was a episode of marriage and Damian ask Giannina for marriage but she said NO. That particular scene was so heartbreaking and every one felt sorry for both for them.

There were more Contestants than it was actually shown?

But it was later revealed by the show that these two are currently in an relationship and living happily. However, they both are not married right now.

Beside these three couples no other person is married and all of them have parted their ways away.

But there are more story than it was actually shown to us in the Documentary. While talking to Coelen, he unfold some of the things which many of you didn’t even knew before.

He said, the show “actually more success on this show…than we were even able to document”

While adding to what he said, “We actually had more couples get engaged than we were able to follow.”

That number was originally eight.

We only have so much time to tell a story, but there are lots of interesting stories. There’s the guy, Rory, who features in a couple of scenes.

“He actually got engaged to a woman who you only see for a brief moment early on named Danielle. They were together for a little while and then they broke up and she ended up dating the guy who appears at the very beginning of the show, Matt.”

Love is blind – Ratings of the show

The reality show doesn’t achieve much in the field of ratings. The show got 70% of rotten tomatoes on the other hand the show have 6/10 IMDb rating.

Moreover, the Audience rating summary of Love is blind is also very low i.e. 4.1.

Unpopular opinion

The show receives 4.1 rating by the audience which is okay for me. But we have some of the honest review from the people who watched this show already. Read them and help yourself to find out more about Love is blind.

Jackson Faro

Typical reality tv. The premise is interesting but I take offense with shows that take marriage so lightly. It would be interesting if they were dating for a month or two while they couldn’t see each other. It would be even better if these were average people and not extremely beautiful people. I understand that everyone gave their permission, but I have enough drama in my whole life that I don’t want the drama of someone else’s life. “

S Stewart

I really enjoyed watching Love is Blind. This was a unique way for singles to meet and get to know each other, void of all outside distractions like family and social media….without being able to prejudge visually. Not only did it serve as a surprise escape from some of the harsh realities of life, but it also was an inspirational. Anything that allows us as human beings to put aside our differing personal beliefs and opinions. “

jayni bohannon

Interesting plot line to the show. The pods were fun and felt a lot more raw and authentic like actual conversations. It all became awkward then dramatic when they all got to meet each other. What I don’t understand is if they didn’t want to follow through and say I do at the end, why did they go all the way to the end just embarrass their partner in front of friends and family? Like Jessica and Kelly got all dressed up for their WEDDING DAY when they both knew damn well they were not sayin I do🤣 “

Middle words

The Netflix’s reality show Love is blind have released their first season last hear and fans are looking for season 2. And the good news is there will be season 2 for it. The show have a different sort of plotline and fans love to see it. The story is filled with love and a lot of drama. If you are someone who love to watch Romantic Drama TV reality show, Go for Love is blind.