Love and Monster 2 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Last updated on 30th January 2022

Despite the popularity of the first film, which received an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects, Love and Monster 2 has yet to be confirmed (it lost out to Tenet). The monsterpocalypse movie featuring Dylan O’Brien (Maze Runner) was published on video-on-demand in the United States in October 2020, before becoming available on Netflix worldwide in April 2021.

We rated the film four stars, complimenting O’Brien’s acting in particular and, of course, the excellent dog! The film follows Joel (O’Brien) as he travels across a monster-infested region in search of his high school girlfriend, Aimee (Jessica Henwick), while also learning more about himself.

“I’ve come up with a few intriguing concepts. However, we concentrated on making this a stand-alone film. ‘How do we create a franchise?’ is not the strategy. ‘Let’s make an interesting movie!’ it was like. Then we’ll see what kind of response we get’, “Michael Matthews, the director, explained in an interview with Decider.

While we wait to see whether Love and Monsters 2 is officially announced, here’s everything that you need to know about a possible sequel, including how the original film sets it up.

Love and Monster Explanation: How Does It Setup for Sequel?

The monsterpocalypse occurred seven years before the events in the film, when a meteor on its way to Earth was intercepted by the world’s governments, who launched rockets into the sky and exploded it. Unfortunately, the toxins from the rockets rained down on the earth, mutating all cold-blooded creatures into massive, ferocious monsters.

People now dwell in secret colonies that are typically subterranean. The majority of the film takes place in the ‘now,’ and follows Joel as he travels to the shore in search of Aimee.

He encounters a dog named Boy towards the start of his adventure, whose original owner has apparently died — but Boy wears her red clothing everywhere. Boy joins Joel, and the two meet another pair of adventurers: Clyde and Minnow, who are seeking refuge in the mountains, where the cold and elevation keep them safe from most creatures.

Love and Monster 2

Clyde and Minnow, who have both lost their kids and fathers, teach Joel vital survival skills. They eventually separate ways, with Joel heading west with Boy – but a fatal incident, in which Boy nearly kills them, prompts Joel to yell at the dog, and Boy flees. Joel is on the edge of death until Aimee comes to his rescue.

Though she’s delighted to see him, she admits that she didn’t expect him to show up, and that a lot has happened in the intervening years, including the death of someone important to her. Joel accepts this in an unexpected move, even admitting how foolish it was of him to come all this way without first informing her.

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Joel has his doubts, which are confirmed when a newly-arrived survivor named Cap (no, not that one) says he’s come to take their supplies and flee on a boat being towed by a huge crab monster controlled by an electric lead. A battle follows, and Boy returns to save the day.

Love and Monster 2

When Joel looks the monster in the eyes and decides he’s nice, he lets him free, leading the crab to chase down Cap and his henchmen before fleeing into the ocean. Joel returns to his colony and assists them on their journey to the mountains, while Aimee takes her old survivors to the same destination.

Clyde and Minnow are found in the snow-covered mountains, listening to Joel’s rallying call over the radio, encouraging the different colonies to venture above ground and to the mountains, where they can all live together. The film concludes with Clyde and Minnow debating whether Joel will make it through the journey.

So, obviously, there is space for a sequel. Aimee and her colony, like Joel’s, have a long way to go. Meanwhile, there are a slew of additional colonies in need of protection around the United States, as well as foreign nations, given that the monsters may move by water.

Release date

On October 16, 2020, Love and Monster 2  will be distributed on video on Netflix platforms and in select theatres (as per digital spy). Despite having a typical narrative in a rather saturated genre, it has received a lot of praise for its wit and realism since then. Although there has been no official word about a sequel, director Michael Matthews indicated that it would all rely on how well the film was accepted by the public.

Love and Monster 2

Given how well the picture has been received by audiences throughout the world, we believe there is a high potential that ‘Love and Monsters’ will be followed by a sequel. After all, the notion of love and its various obstacles in a post-apocalyptic setting is always intriguing. If Love and Monsters 2 gets given the green light, it will be released in 2022 or later.

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Directed by Michael Matthews
Story by Brian Duffield
Screenplay by Brian Duffield

Matthew Robinson

Produced by Shawn Levy

Dan Cohen

Cinematography Lachlan Milne
Starring Dylan O’Brien

Jessica Henwick

Dan Ewing

Ariana Greenblatt

Michael Rooker

Edited by Debbie Berman

Nancy Richardson

21 Laps Entertainment

Entertainment One

Music by Marco Beltrami

Marcus Trumpp

Language English
Distributed by Paramount Pictures (United States)

Netflix (International)

Running time 109 minutes
Country United States

Expected cast

The cast for Love and monster 2 has not been announced, but because the major roles cannot be changed, only Joel, portrayed by Dylan O’Brien, and Aimee, played by Jessica Henwick, are anticipated to return. Despite the fact that Michael Rooke Rand and Aria Greenblatt are not in the major roles, they are likely to return as Clyde and Minnow in the sequel.

Love and Monster 2

Despite the fact that Joel and Aimee are the central protagonists, the film is remembered for the child and the dog; a sequel would be more intriguing if the crew could get those classic characters.

Love and Monster 2 storyline

Humans are attempting to destroy a space asteroid that is posing a threat to Earth by launching missiles at it. Radiation from the weaponry, on the other hand, transforms cold-blooded species into those that eat people for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

When their world comes tumbling down around them, Joel is enjoying time with his girlfriend Aimee. They become separated, and he loses his family as a result. But a few others save him, and he now lives underground with them. On the radio one day, he connects with Aimee, who lives 85 miles away in a different community.

Love and Monster 2

As a result, he embarks on a journey to reconcile with her, encountering several obstacles along the way. Given that ‘Love and Monsters’ is about how love pushes us to conquer all, even in the face of cataclysmic events, we expect the sequel to be just as funny and uplifting.

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It would be an interesting narrative if, despite the fact that the protagonist still has a lot of growing up to do, he is able to discover love again. However, the sequel’s potential is vast, and it’s difficult to predict which route the film will go.

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