Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4: Cast, Release Date and More

Similar to different shows on Oprah Winfrey’s organization, OWN, “Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4” revolves around a gathering of strong Black individuals making quite a sprinkle in their hometown. Specifically, “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” is around three high-fueled Black couples, Martell and Melody Holt, Marsau and LaTisha Scott, and Maurice and Kimmi Scott, who run land adventure The Comeback Group in Huntsville, Alabama. Viewers watch as these longtime friends manage misfortune, love, conflict, and outcome in the promising Alabama city, per

As the show’s maker, Carlos King, told in 2019, “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” is special in that catches the couples’ endeavors to revitalize the city of Huntsville. “The magnificence of this is to show there are exceptionally shrewd and sacrificial individuals in the city of Huntsville who are giving back to the community,” King told “Who are building homes so the less lucky can bear the cost of a nice home to reside in. And they did this before we began filming. I think that is a ton of what resounded to the audience who became curious about this show, especially the way that it is on the OWN organization. I think that large number of components played into the progress of the series.”

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Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4

When Will the Fourth Season of Love and Marriage: Huntsville Premiere on OWN?

OWN still can’t seem to report if and when a fourth season of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” will premiere. In any case, given the way that the third season of the show premiered in July, it’s likely that fans will need to wait a couple of months or even a year to catch wind of the destiny of their favorite television show. According to an official statement published on The Futon Critic, “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” positioned first in its time period across every single link channel.

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The show’s maker, Carlos King, desires to expand the impact of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” to repeat the impact of iconic reality television shows like “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” “I couldn’t imagine anything better than to have it happen for some, numerous years like ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,'” King told “I need to have similar measure of episodes they have, on the grounds that this cast, I feel is really engaging to the audience. We’re extremely appreciative to the reality we have amassed a fanbase and a dedicated audience … I couldn’t imagine anything better than to continue doing this.”

In the meantime, viewers can get episodes of the show on OWN and the streaming stage fuboTV.

Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4

Who Will Show Up in the Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4 of the Show?

The cast of the fourth season of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” presently can’t seem to be reported, however it might be fairly almost certainly correct that the three couples who have been fundamental in the series will return. As previously mentioned, “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” highlights three couples behind the land adventure The Comeback Group, Martell and Melody Holt, Marsau and LaTisha Scott, and Maurice and Kimmi Scott, according to Meaww.

Martell and Melody, who were the two instructors prior to founding Holt and Holt Entrepreneurship LLC, got a divorce in 2020 after Melody discovered that Martell had been cheating on her with mistress Arione Curry. Marsau, an overall worker for hire and co-owner of Scholt Industries Inc., has been married to his wife, LaTisha, for quite some time. LaTisha has frequently been praised for easily juggling parenthood and a demanding everyday occupation as the owner of Infinity Properties. Maurice is Marsau’s sibling and an attorney and owner of Credit 1 USA. He got married to Kimmi, an attendant, during the first season of the show, per Meaww.

Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4

This Is What You Should Be Aware of Martell and Melody Holt’s Divorce

Back in March, “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” couple Martell and Melody Holt got a divorce, citing “incompatibility of demeanor,” according to court papers obtained by Bossip. Song blamed Martell for cheating on her all through their marriage with Arione Curry. As a matter of fact, according to Showbiz CheatSheet, Curry admitted to Tasha K that she had been pregnant with Martell’s child twice. However she decided to get an abortion the first time, she is keeping the child now that Martell is divorced.

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Martell has additionally blamed Melody for being unfaithful and getting abortions during their marriage (and believes that these actions are tied to one another). “You went through this … I think twice. How could you go through this if I’m your husband, if it’s mine how could you get an abortion?” Martell inquired “Married to Medicine” star Heavenly Kimes in an interview, per Showbiz CheatSheet. While Melody denies having an affair during their marriage, she did admit to Dr. Kimes in her own interview to getting an abortion only one day prior to filing for divorce as she did not have any desire to bring a child into the world at that stage in her life.

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Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 4


Presently, Martell and Melody are divorced and have divided the care of their four children and business resources.

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