Love Alarm Release Date & More Updates

In the 21st century, Korean dramas are in vogue. There are many series available online. In my opinion, the best Korean series is Love Alarm. The ideas behind the show are wonderful. Let’s learn more about it.

Love Alarm Info.

There is a South Korean drama television series called Love Alarm, based on the webtoon of the same name by Chon Kye-young. It stars Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, and Song Kang. The first season of this K-Drama consisted of eight episodes. However, the K-Drama was renewed for a second season on October 29, 2019. The second season began airing on March 12, 2021.

Genre: Romance

Based on: Love Alarm by Chon Kye-young

Developed by: Jiyoung Park for Studio Dragon

What is Love Alarm about?

Love Alarm revolves around an application called Love Alarm that lets users find love by learning whether someone near them has romantic feelings for them through an application that alerts them to anyone within a 10-meter radius.

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Cast and Characters.

Kim So-hyun as Kim Jo-jo

Song Kang as Hwang Sun-Oh

Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-Yeong


Z.Hera as Kim Jang-go

Shin Seung-ho as Jang Il-sik

Go Min-Si as Park Gul-Mi

Lee Jae-Eung as Cheon Duk-gu

Song Sun-mi as Jeong Mi-mi

Song Geon-hee as Marx

Kim Si-eun as Lee Yuk-Jo

Jo Yoo-jung as Mon Sun

Will Love Alarm Ever Come With Season 3?

Love Alarm

Since the second season was released in March this year, South Korean series enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the renewal of the third season.

Netflix and the creators haven’t announced anything about Love Alarm Season 3. However, there has been a rumor that the series’ producers are planning to renew it for one more season. Fans have requested a third season, and the series’ creators have acknowledged their requests on the Nilson Report website.

Season 3 of Love Alarm has not been confirmed. However, based on the count for the first two seasons, it (the third season) is likely to have six to eight episodes. Season 1 had eight episodes, and Season 2 had six.

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Several fans in Korea and around the world believe the third season of the show won’t be produced as the second season has already concluded the story. There’s nothing left to explore in the next season. The second season ends with Jo-jo (Kim So-hyun) winding up in her room choosing Lee Hye-young (Jung Ga-ram).

However, the story between Park Gul-mi (portrayed by Go Min-si) and Cheong Duk-gu (Lee Jae-eung) remained untold. Thus, viewers are hoping that Love Alarm Season 3 will resolve the very minimal cliffhangers still left from Love Alarm Season 2. Although most of the South Korean series only run for one season, we know they don’t typically continue.

Love Alarm

If Love Alarm returns with Season 3, it will have the original cast from the first two seasons. If that is the case, Kim So-Hyun will reprise the role of Kim Jo-Jo, Jung Ga-ram will play Lee Hye-young, a hard-working high school student who admired Jo-Jo, Song Kang will play a handsome model and high school students will be played by Hwang Sun-oh and Song Kang who already fell in love with Kim Jo-jo. Even the other cast in the series are also expected to return in the third season.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Love Alarm a Good Series?

As far as the story goes, it was a pretty good one. The love alarm app wasn’t completely clear at first, but it became clear as the drama progressed. The school romance story was sweet, although the beginning of the romance was a little awkward.

In Which App Can I Watch Love Alarm?

Watch the first season of Love Alarm on Netflix right now.

How Many Seasons of Love Alarm Are There?

It has two seasons so far, the first of which premiered on the streaming platform back in August of 2019 and the second of which came out a year later in March of 2021.

Who Ends Up Together in Love Alarm?

Despite Sun-Oh’s good looks and positive attributes, Jojo decides that Hye-Yeong is truly the one for her. She forgets about the Love Alarm app and decides that she should make the decision herself. Hye-Yeong seems to be deeply in love with her and they are extremely happy to be together.

Final Words

Korean Drama Series Love Alarm has a plot that will make you wonder what’s going to happen next because it is plotted in such a way that you are not sure what’s going to happen next. You will love this drama series. Currently, the South Korean series has not been renewed for season 3. Stay tuned for updates.