Love Alarm Season 3: What Happened to Love Alarm Season 3? Is It Officially Cancelled?

Romantic K-Drama “Love Alarm” Season 3 is based on the webtoon “Love Alarm” written by Chon Kye-Young. A zombie-horror show called Kingdom is the most popular Netflix show from South Korea, but this series isn’t far behind. It was the fourth full Netflix show from South Korea.

Netflix dropped the second season of the South Korean show Love Alarm on March 12, 2021. Since then, fans have been eager for the third season. The second season exceeded the viewer’s expectations and was praised by both critics and fans.

There have been two successful runs of Love Alarm in Korea. Its innovative and unique storyline caught the attention of the viewers. There are a lot of fans who want a third season of Love Alarm.

Will It Happen Again?

Well, Netflix hasn’t said anything about this. There was no Love Alarm Season 3 news until this article was written. For this reason, it is not clear what Netflix plans to do. But fans are still hoping for a season 3. Look at the show’s history, and you will see that the first and second seasons were almost two years apart. Fans had to wait until March 12, 2021, instead of August 22, 2019.

In general, Netflix tends to follow its own rules and keep the same time gap between seasons of shows. So, if there is a third season of Love ALrm, we might have to wait another year. Then, it’s better to wait a few more months to find out what Love Alarm will do in the long run.

Besides, a lot of shows were put on hold because of the pandemic. There is a chance Netflix is taking its time to make better content for the next season.

The Official Trailer for Love Alarm

The storey also has a lot of room for another season. Love Larm comes from the bottom of the same name. He has written more than 169 episodes. Because of this, there is a good chance that the third season of the k-drama will follow its original inspiration.

It’s Time for a Quick Review

The second season of Love Alarm is here for fans. Love alarm is about an app that lets people know if someone in their 10-meter radius has a crush on them. It lets people know if someone in their 10-meter radius likes them. They don’t understand this new technology, but a lot of people use this “Love Alarm” technology to find love!

But, Kim Jojo, a young and beautiful student at school, doesn’t seem to have a lot of chances at all. The app brings her close to two handsome young men, Lee-Hye Yeong and Hwang Sun-oh, who are both handsome. Sun Oh is a model and rich kid, but Jun Ga-Ram is from a poor family and is smart. Jojo also has to deal with her selfish and evil cousin Park Gul-mi, who is a popular girl.

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All of the people’s lives are connected, and Jojo finds herself in the middle of the attention of two popular boys at her school. They have to come to terms with the fact that they like each other. Jojo’s Love Alarm goes off for Hye Young. In the second season, we finally saw Jojo and Hye Yeong get together. In the show, we also saw that Sun Oh has been dating York Jo. One day, he wants to get the Love Alarm ring for his girlfriend.

Love Alarm Season 3

How Could Love Alarm Season 3 End?

No one knows for sure what the third season will be about.

You can find out more about the two couples in Love Alarm’s third season, as well as their friends.

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However, the storey can also follow the webtoon series’s storey line.

The Cast of Love Alarm Season 3

Love Alarm Season 3 will feature the show’s main actors. So Kim So-Hyun, Jung Ga-ram, and Song Kang will be in the show. This means they will be in the cast. Also, other people who have worked on the show before might join them.

Love Alarm Season 3

New Updates

If we think that Love Alarm will be back for a third season, we can start to think about when season 3 might come out. Season 2 was put back until 2021 because of the global pandemic. When all is said and done, it took 19 months to go from seasons 1 and 2. Netflix will also be able to watch the new season of Love Alarm Season 3 when it comes out.

This could happen in the early months of 2022 or the middle months of 2022. It’s possible that the studio would like to release season 3 in August 2021. Season 2 was pushed back because of the pandemic. However, because this would be too soon, they’ll probably leave a year-long gap, as most shows do. This means that season 3 is expected to come out in March 2022.

Love Alarm Season 3’s Main Idea

Yes, Love Alarm should come back for a third season. This time, we could learn more about the relationships between our new couples. Even though Hye Young’s alarm is ringing for Jojo, she still thinks about whether or not she would have rung his Love Alarm without the shield. In any case, the two love each other, but Jojo’s fears about the shield could cause a little friction in their friendship. Sun Oh’s relationship with Jo Jo could be even more interesting if there was a third season. As a bonus, there’s also the webtoon from which the TV show was based is still going.

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People who are fans of Loyal Love Alarm have to be patient. Netflix hasn’t said when they will be releasing new episodes or movies. We will also keep you up to date on any changes that happen in the future.