Lookism Season 2 Release Date: When It Will Air?

The well-known webtoon of the same name will serve as the inspiration for a new Netflix series titled Lookism. Although the Webtoon has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Thai, French, and even English, it has attained the same level of fame abroad as it did in Korea. Park Tae-Lookism Jun’s series explores high school life, bullying, and societal ideals of beauty.

It shows the daily struggles of a young youngster who is frequently bullied due of his weight. But as he gains the physical appeal that society prizes and starts to receive better treatment, this changes. Here is what we currently know about the upcoming Netflix release of the show’s second season.

What is the Release Date for Season 2 of Lookism?

It is unknown when the second season of the Lookism television series will be available on Netflix. The first season of the show was supposed to begin in November, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it was moved up. You can anticipate the series to premiere in 2023 or 2024 if it is renewed, however, we are still deliberating on that.

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Who Will Be in the Cast of Lookism Season 2?

Daniel Park, one of the nicest actors in the ensemble, is credited with playing Park Hyeong- Suk, the series’ main character. He suffers maltreatment for a very long period, but he must remain concealed in order to safeguard both himself and his mother.

Lookism Season 2 Release Date

However, things start to change, and he starts speaking out for himself. Lee Eun Tae Ho portrays Vasco, Hong Jae Yeol portrays Jay Hong, Lee Jin Sung portrays Zack Lee, Kim Mi Jin portrays Mira Kim, Park Ha Neul portrays Zoe Park, and Choi Soo Jung portrays Crystal Choi. If the Lookism programme is given a second season, you can expect all of the cast to reprise their roles.

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What Will Happen in Season 2 of Lookism?

The lookism series, based on a webtoon of the same name, centres on Daniel Park, the unpopular chubby child who is bullied by everyone at school. Daniel Park, whose life is made into a daily nightmare by his number one bully Logan Lee, transfers to the Seoul school in the hopes that it will make things easier for him.

Lookism Season 2 Release Date

But one day, in contrast to how he typically is, he wakes up tall and lovely. He has two bodies and returns to his obese one at the end of the night. The plot of the show’s second season might go deeper into Daniel’s experiences as an attractive young man and the inequitable nature of conventional beauty standards.

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Is there any Trailer for Lookism Season 2?

Sadly, there isn’t and won’t be a trailer for the Lookism series any time soon. The show’s debut was initially scheduled for November 4th, however, it was postponed. It is currently unknown whether or when the series will be renewed. We will have to wait a little while before we can say for sure that Park Hyeong-Seok will appear in season two. If the series is continued, the trailer will be available to stream in 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Watch Lookism?

The premiere of Lookism on Netflix, the top SVoD platform, is slated for December 8th, 2022. The Korean-language Webtoon will have English subtitles.

What is the Status of Season 2 of Lookism’s Renewal?

There is no confirmation of a second season of Lookism as of yet. But because it appeals to lovers of both k-dramas and anime and keeps loyal to the well-liked webtoon it is based on, the show may be well-liked. This might increase the likelihood of a second season.

How Many Episodes of Lookism’s Second Season Will There Be?

Eight episodes will make up the final season of Lookism, according to reports. If the showrunner decides to take that path, the upcoming season of Lookism may include 8 episodes or more, since the previous seasons also had 8. As a result, the upcoming season will probably have at least 8 episodes.