When Will We Stream Chapter 431 of Lookism?

With the release of Chapter 431, the extremely famous Korean webtoon comic series Lookism has finally reached its pinnacle. Fans of the series have eagerly anticipated this landmark for months, as the drama has continued to grow in popularity in South Korea and around the world.

This chapter promises to deliver answers to the most pressing problems raised in the preceding chapters, while also presenting fresh narrative developments that will keep readers on their toes.

When will Lookism Chapter 431 be Released?

Lookism, the popular manhwa that has gained a large fan base over the years, is planned to release Chapter 431 on January 13, 2023. Since the previous installment ended on a cliffhanger, fans have been on the edge of their seats awaiting the next installment.

The Plot of Lookism Chapter 431

Since his birth on this planet seventeen years ago, Park Hyung Suk has existed at the bottom of the social ladder. Due to his appearance, he is accustomed to the continual taunting and harassment he receives from his classmates (he is short, overweight, and unsightly).

When Will We Stream Chapter 431 of Lookism?

He transfers to Jae Won High School in Seoul due to the presence of Lee Tae Sung, the most ruthless bully he has ever seen. In Seoul, Jae Won High School is a liberal arts preparatory school known for its party atmosphere and carefree pupils.

The days leading up to Hyung Suk’s relocation cause his body to transform from its usual roundness to a faultless state. Hyung Suk has undergone a metamorphosis that has led to him being the best version of himself possible.

Now, he is tall, handsome, and physically fit. The only catch is that his “real” body is still present, and if either of them falls asleep, he awakens in the other. This occurs each time one of them falls asleep.

Hyung Suk must adapt to his new, more popular existence at J High while striving to discover the genesis of his second, nearly superhuman body. Hyung Suk must make these alterations since he now possesses two fundamentally different bodies.

Recap of Chapter 430 of Lookism

Lookism Chapter 430 will shed light on the preparations the workers and Eugene will make for their next move, and it will also give us with these preparations. Despite the fact that they had avoided a major roadblock since Eugene had arranged for police involvement, the interference that occurred at the very end was inexplicable.

When Will We Stream Chapter 431 of Lookism?

Additionally, because they owe Daniel Park for rescuing them and ensuring Eugene’s safety, they are obligated to support him in any way he wishes. This commitment applies in whatever role in which he seeks support. In addition, Daniel Park has other questions he would like Eugene to answer.

Summing up

Lookism, created by Park Tae-Joon, is a popular webcomic in South Korea. Since November 2014, the webtoon has been frequently published on Naver Webtoon.

The protagonist is a high school student who can teleport between two different bodies: one that is overweight and unsightly and another that is slim and attractive. The Korean-animated adaptation by Studio Mir debuted on Netflix worldwide in December 2022.