When Look at Me: XXXTentacion 2022 Hulu Original Documentary Can Watch?

Look at Me: XXXTentacion 2022 investigates how Jahseh Onfroy, a Florida youngster, became XXXTentacion, a SoundCloud rapper who is one of the most streamed artists on the planet. Director Sabaah Folayan offers a sensitive portrayal of an artist whose acts of violence, raw musical talent, and open struggles with mental health left an indelible mark on his generation.

Before his death at the age of 20 through frank commentary from family, friends, and romantic partners, as well as unseen archival footage. Sabaah Folayan directed and executive produced the Hulu Original documentary, which was also executive produced by Rob Stone, Cleopatra Bernard, and Solomon Sobande. Darcy McKinnon and Chloe Campion are among the producers.

Look at Me: XXXTentacion Documentary 2022

The film examines both positive and negative aspects of XXXTentacion‘s life and legacy. Geneva Ayala, XXXTentacion‘s ex-girlfriend who accused him of domestic abuse in 2016, speaks up for the first time in the film. At the time of his death, XXXTentacion was awaiting trial on charges originating from Ayala’s accusations.

She discloses in the documentary for the first time that she did not want XXXTentacion to go to jail in the first place, claiming she “wasn’t aware that it was all going to tumble down onto him like that.”

Look at Me XXXTentacion 2022

“Jahseh was wrong for what he did,” Bernard says in a scene involving XXXTentacion‘s mother, Cleopatra Bernard, and Ayala. Bernard says she believes Ayala’s charges, adding, “Jahseh was wrong for what he did.” There is no justification for that. But all I want is for the world to know that while he isn’t the same guy anymore, his past remains a part of his tale.”

Bernard feels that XXXTentacion would have publicly apologized to Ayala at some point, but that “he just never had an opportunity.” “Knowing that X’s family doesn’t carry a grudge against her has finally lightened a weight,” Ayala said.

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“We felt like, having lost Jahseh so soon, the best thing we could do was find a way to pull out the teachings of his life and try to continue his mission,” director Sabaah Folayan said of the film.

Even the uninterested can find “Look at Me” interesting because of some emotional creases. The film concentrates on another “villain” in the form of the beaten girlfriend. When her police-report claims resulted in him being sent back to prison when he was at the height of his career, Geneva Ayala was vilified by a large portion of his fan following.

His victim was subjected to online abuse and was unable to keep a job or a home. XXXTentacion received a mug shot that was appropriate for framing as his next cool album cover; his victim was subjected to online abuse and was unable to keep a job or a home. So there’s a semblance of justice here, in “Look at Me‘s” unpreachy insistence that we look at what happens to women like Ayala as well.

Look at Me XXXTentacion 2022

Closeup footage of XXXTentacion on stage is also shown, which is both thrilling and a touch alarming in its audience-energizing intensity. His early screamo records, which became a Soundcloud sensation without the involvement of a company or distributor, were distorted, energizing, and designed to compel audiences of thousands to move around frantically, as shown in the clip.

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He nearly became rap’s own Kurt Cobain, albeit one too prone to fisticuffs to embrace the peaceful side, when he ditched parts of the scream portion, converted himself into a pure emo artist, and went public with his misery (selling 10 million copies of the track “Sad” in the process).

Look at Me: XXXTentacion 2022 Cast

Look at Me XXXTentacion 2022

  • XXXTentacion (archival footage)
  • Geneva Ayala, Cleopatra Bernard, Geneva’s ex-girlfriend, Craig Xen, collaborator and friend
  • Producer John Cunningham
  • Joey Badass, buddy, and collaborator
  • Friend, Juice Wrld
  • Kid Trunks, buddy and collaborator
  • Cinthia Perez, X’s ex-girlfriend Jenesis Sanchez, X’s girlfriend at the time of his death and the mother of his son
  • Ski Mask the Slump Cinthia Perez,
  • X’s ex-girlfriend Jenesis Sanchez,
  • X’s girlfriend at the time of his death and
  • The mother of his son Ski Mask the Slum God, collaborator, and greatest friend are all words that come to me when I think of God
  • Manager Solomon Sounds
  • Trippie Redd, buddy, and collaborator

Look At Me Release Date

Look At Me is a documentary film made by Sabaah Folayan and released in 2022. It is about the rapper and singer XXXTentacion’s life and death. His breakout single is the inspiration for the film’s title. On March 15, 2022, it premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival, and on May 26, 2022, it will be distributed on Hulu.

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The film was first announced on June 18, 2019, one year after XXXTentacion was murdered. Production on the film began in April of 2017. The documentary features a video from X’s final years, as well as appearances with his mother Cleopatra Bernard, girlfriend Jenesis Sanchez, ex-girlfriends Geneva Ayala and Cinthia Perez, best friend and fellow rapper Ski Mask the Slump God, among others. Craig Xen, Joey Badass, Juice Wrld, Kid Trunks, and Trippie Redd are among the rappers interviewed.


Before being murdered in a robbery at the age of 20, XXXTentacion, one of his generation’s biggest hip-hop singers, was open about taking the position of “villain” in his music, which he attributed to a genius for marketing. Of course, looking over his rap sheet, it didn’t appear to be merely a persona.

The actor, whose actual name is Jahseh Onfroy, was jailed for imprisoning and violently abusing his fiancée while she was allegedly pregnant while awaiting trial on felony counts of home invasion and aggravated abuse.

With that as one of the most recognizable aspects of his legacy, it’s natural if you’d want to avoid anything that attempts to “humanize” the late rapper, such as “Look at Me: XXXTentacion,” a documentary that debuted at SXSW this week, does with a Hulu debut set for May 26, 2022.