London Kills Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

 Updated on January 27, 2022.

Acorns tv original London Kills is a thriller, mystery procedural drama series of UK. The story focuses on a prominent investigator DI David Bradford’s and his team in London. But he went into trouble when his wife mysteriously disappeared.

Created by Paul Marquess, the series first hit the screen on 26 February 2019 in America.

Initially, the series was scheduled to release on Channel 5 outside the US, but later it got canceled. Later BBC brought it, and it premiered on it daily at 1:45 pm from 24 June 2019. It got a good response from the audience. Subsequently, season 2 first release on 15 July 2019 on Acorn Tv.

Later it premiered On BBC from 30 March 2020 to 3 April 2020. Each season of the series consists of 5 episodes. Now, fans are waiting to watch London killings season 3. Well, read the details given below.

Season Name London Kills Season 3
Genre Police Procedural
Release Date Pending
Director Craig Pickles
Streaming Platform BBC One, Acorns Tv
Lead Role Hugo Speer

The Release Date of London Kills? When Will It Premiere?

The second season of the series ended on 3 April 2020.

Despite having more than 2 million viewers, the showrunners have not renewed the series so far. However, not much time has elapsed from season 2. We would have expected the delay due to the situation of global pandemic coronavirus. We hope that the showrunners will renew the series for the third installment soon. If they renew the series we won’t see it before 2022. According to Alphanewscall it is also unclear about the release of third season.


The Plot of London Kills Season 3? What To Expect from It?

London Kills Season 3

The series spins around David Bradford. He is a very talented detective and head of the popular detective agency of London. His team consists of Rob Brady, senior Constable, Billie Fitzgerald, the trainee detective constable.

The story started when the wife of David Bradford got missing. Everybody believed her to be dead, but David never believed in it. He kept looking for his wife together with solving murder cases. Each episode of the series depicted a new murder mystery but have some story related to his wife.

In season 2, Rob told David that he had someone who claimed that Sarah was alive. Someone kidnapped her and forcefully detained her in a basement. On the other hand, he was in search of a disappeared baby.

He went to the basement where he found a deserted baby and a body in the freezer. Later he found out that the body was of Phoebe. She was the keeper of the home and the mother of the baby.

She was living with her mentally ill brother named Philip. He told him that he had met Sarah and further told him how he met her and what he had done with her. He also told him that Sarah was in Graveyard at that point in time.

The group rushed to the graveyard and found Sarah is drugged Sarah but fortunately alive.

David happily found his wife, Sarah.

The creators have not uttered a single word regarding the plot of season 3. But In season 3, we will see more murder mysteries solved by David and his team members just like in other seasons.

The Cast of London Kills Season 3? Who Will We See In It?

London Kills Season 3

The creators have not unveiled the potential cast for season 3.

Let’s take a look at the cast from an earlier season. The well-known actor Hugo Speer played the protagonist role of Detective David Bradford. We had his team members who helped him in every case that included

  • Sharon Smalls as DS Vivienne Cole- She was the immediate subordinate of David. We saw some chemistry between the two while solving cases.
  • Bailey Patrick as DC Rob Brady- He is a senior detective constable in the team.
  • Tori Allen Martin as DC Billie Fitzgerald. He was a trainee detective constable. He was also and the youngest member of the team.

All four made the great detective team and solved murder mysteries brilliantly.

  • Adrianna Bertola plays the role of Carly Bradford- She was the missing wife of David, luckily founded on the finale episode of the series.

So all the above characters are likely to return in Season 3 if ever made. The creators might introduce us to the new character as well.


Is There Any Trailer Available for London Kills Season 3?

The creators have not thought of renewing the series so far. Therefore, there is no trailer available to watch for now. Once the trailer hits the screen, we will inform you.

What Is the IMBD Rating of the London Kills Series?

The show is underrated, and it just scored 6.7 out of 10.

Where Can We Watch the London Kills Series?

It is streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime videos to watch. You can watch it on Youtube premium as well.

Final Verdict

Acron tv is famous for giving us outstanding crime, thriller, and mystery. However, the series has not matched the level of other popular shows on tv. The story is intriguing, but the advancement of the plot is not at all impressive.

This series in the rote crime drama where the performance of the actors is not up to the mark as well. Overall it is a mediocre series. If you are looking for a crime drama, better options are available to watch.

What are your views about London kills series? Do tell us in the comment section below.

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