Lolirock Season 3 Release Date: Is Series CONFIRMED This Year!

Updated on: 29/01/2022

Lolirock is an animated series that is one of the popular shows of The Walt Disney. The show is created by Jean Louis Vandestoc. Supporters are in love with the plotline, how a teenage cute little girl helps others by following her passion for singing and later turns out to be a magical girl. This amazing plot is written by Madellaine Paxson.

The first season airs in October 2014 which holds a rating of 7.1 out of 10 from the IMDb. Creators decided to expand the series again in 2017. Jean Louis gives us 26 episodes newly in 2017. After this the fans tied their hopes a little tighter and are looking for the Lolirock season 3, but will there be a third installment? Continue reading…

Lolirock Season 3

Generation Dates For The Lolirock

Some major platforms having the hand in the release of Lolicrock are Netflix and Amazon. The series has not received any signal for the renewal by the creators. It is assuming that we could hope to see the anime in 2022 but not before that.

Lolirock Season 3

Characters- Lolirock Season 3

The list that we have mentioned below is according to the early characters. If there be ever a season three then we are going to see the lights that we have mentioned inferior.

  • Iris (voiced by Kazumi Evans)
  • Alia (voiced by Ashleigh Ball)
  • Auriana (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain )
  • Amaru (vocalisations by Tabitha St. Germ)
  • Praxina (voiced by Kelly Sheridan)
  • Mephisto (voiced by Vincent Tong)
  • Nathaniel (voiced by Matt Ellis)
  • Doug (voiced by James Kirk)
  • Missy Robbins (voiced by Ashleigh Ball)
  • Gramorr (voiced by Mackenzie Gray)

Lolirock Season 3

Expected Plotline For The Third Installment

Lolirock, the name itself states that how cute the show is. This is a story of a teenage girl named Iris. Iris used to play and sing. The girl has the cutest voice with the kindest heart. One day Iris and her fellow girl's team decided to give an audition for the upcoming girl's band.

Release DateNot Confirmed
StudioFrance 3/Disney Channel
GenreFantasy, Music, Magical girl, Romance
DirectorJean Louis-Vandestoc
Written byMadellaine Paxson
ComposerNobert Gilbert
Running Time21 minutes
Original languageFrench

Girls become extremely happy because they are getting the opportunity they always want in their life. But the audition day is something worse they could ever expect. Pronima and Mephisto attack the room of the girl. In order to save them, the judges arrived but with a secret. They explained to Iris about the magical powers. In reality, Iris is not a normal girl she has something unique and different i.e the magical powers from which she is unaware at first.

Iris has to save her locality and her dear ones. Lolirock is quite enough to glue you with all 54 episodes. In the third installment, we are going to see some more fun with some new monsters in the story. The plotline is not revealed yet when we get the one, we would drop the same in this.

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Do We Have Any Trailer For The Lolirock Season 3?

Can't say about the trailer. Once the dates get confirmed after that we could say more about this. You can enjoy this fan-made version of Lolirock season 3.

Final Lines

The season second ended in 2017 and after that creators haven't said a lot more about the renewal of the series, we could hope for the show anytime but not before 2021( end). Fans are also assuming that the third installment will have 26 episodes just like the first and second seasons.

For the moment you can watch the previous season which is available to stream on Amazon Prime Videos and Netflix.

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