Where is Logan Schiendelman? Investigation | Theories

Logan Drew Schiendelman was born on June 27, 1996. By all accounts, he is a gentle and compassionate young guy. He’s typically regarded in the media as outgoing and laid-back. He was well-liked at Tumwater High School.

He was the starting cornerback for the school’s varsity football team while still maintaining a high GPA. He graduated in 2014, with intentions to attend Eastern Washington University, where many of his high school classmates were also intending to go.

However, something seemed to alter Logan’s life following graduation. He very instantly severed all links with his vast high school social group. Any attempts to reach Logan remained unanswered. Messages were delivered and opened, but Logan never answered.

Logan opted to drop out of Eastern Washington University late in the summer after his graduation. Instead, he applied to Washington State University. Logan, who was formerly extroverted and friendly, attended parties during his first semester at WSU but failed to connect with others.

Logan’s grades were deteriorating in his first semester at WSU, despite the fact that he was an exceptional student in high school. Logan finally dropped out of school and moved in with his grandma due to these concerns. After moving, he had two jobs, which kept him quite busy. He likes to consume marijuana in his spare time. He was at a crossroads in his life, but he appeared to be working hard to figure it all out.

He had also lately reconnected with his paternal family members, with whom he had lost contact while growing up. He had managed to contact them and begin seeing them soon before his disappearance. He kept this reunion a secret, though, since he was afraid his grandma would be upset with him for having contact with them.

Logan is multiracial. He has black hair that he usually shaves and brown eyes. He was 6′ tall and weighed between 150 and 190 pounds at the time of his disappearance (a large range, but I believe it’s due to the difficulties of gauging weight when it comes to muscle).

He was last spotted wearing a black jacket over a white t-shirt and pants. Logan’s particular shoes are unknown, however, he was known to frequently wear Nikes.

What Happened to Logan Schiendelman?

Logan Schiendelman

Logan’s grandmother, Virginia Gebo, and he were talking on May 19, 2016, and he told her he’d had an “epiphany.” During their conversation, he seemed more serious and worried than he usually does.

Since both Virginia and Logan had to go to work, she offered to talk more after they got home for the night, before they both left for their jobs. Virginia Gebo would not see her grandson again after this.

When Logan didn’t come home when he was supposed to, Virginia followed his phone to Olympia. Since his mother lived in that area, she thought he had decided at the last minute to go see her. His mother would later say that she did not see him at all that day.

Cell data shows that he (or at least his phone) was driving up and down the interstate all day, but no one knows why. When Logan still hadn’t come home by the next morning, Virginia tried to call the police to report him missing, but they were closed (really?) for the weekend.

The last time Logan was seen was sometimes on the morning of May 20, 2016. A woman driving south on I-5 said she saw a black Chrysler Sebring on the right shoulder of the highway. She saw three men standing by the car. One of them was Logan. Both of the other men were white.

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One of them was about 6 feet tall, had thin blonde hair, and wore clothes that were too small for him. No information about the second man’s age, height, or weight was given, but we do know that he had shoulder-length blonde hair and was wearing jeans with a plaid button-down shirt.

How Did the Investigation Begin?

On the same day, around 2 PM, there were several calls to 911 about a car driving on I-5 that was switching lanes. People who saw the accident said that the car didn’t look like it had anyone in it. The car eventually went across all lanes of traffic, hit a concrete barrier, and came to a stop.

Another person who saw what happened said that a white man with red or brown hair got out of the car on the passenger side and ran into the nearby woods. This wasn’t Logan, but I’m not sure if it was one of the men he was seen with earlier in the day. Depending on the light, dark blonde hair can easily look brown or red. But I can’t find any more information about the man who ran from the car to either confirm or disprove this suspicion.

When the abandoned car was checked out, it was found to be Logan’s. His wallet was found with his ID, debit card, and cash still in it, as well as his cell phone, the keys to his car, a water bottle, and snack foods that looked like they had just been bought.

When Logan’s missing person report was finally taken, it was matched to the car accident and taken seriously right away. On foot with scent dogs, a two-mile radius around the car was searched, but no more clues were found.

Logan had no known enemies when he went missing, but he had a tense relationship with the boyfriend of his half-sister. His half-sister also lived with their grandmother, and eventually, her boyfriend moved into the house they all shared.

It seemed like Logan didn’t like this change, and the tension was clear. But the boyfriend’s story was checked out by detectives, and he passed a polygraph test about Logan’s disappearance. At this time, there are no known people of interest.


Logan’s family members believe he departed on his own and has begun a new life somewhere. Given that he was still figuring out what he wanted to do with his life and was dealing with the fact that he had just recently met the other side of his family, it’s thought he departed to get some control over his own life.

Some believe Logan’s disappearance was caused by his drug usage, but there are two major problems surrounding this theory: might he have gotten into difficulty with local traffickers or overdosed somewhere? While he has been known to consume marijuana, his friends and family are skeptical that he would have taken heavier narcotics.

Another possibility is that Logan experienced a mental collapse. Given his recent paranoia – he began fearing strangers were monitoring him via his bedroom window – and his revelation, it’s thought his psychological issues might have pushed him to flee or commit himself.

Logan’s uncle suspects Chloe’s boyfriend was involved in his nephew’s disappearance. Because he has prior police training, he believes investigators place too much faith in polygraph results, which can produce false positives. Investigators continue to think that he is not involved.

The ultimate theory is that foul play was involved. Police are still uncertain if the two blonde males were involved or if they have any information. They are also looking into alternative possibilities, such as a botched heist or an unintentional fatality.