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Logan Paul Net Worth: What Happened to Conor McGregor’s Starting His YouTube Channel?

Logan Alexander Paul is an American YouTuber, actor, and social media star. He was born on April 1, 1995. He has his own YouTube channel and has been running the Impulsive podcast since November 2018. As of January 2022, he has more than 23 million YouTube subscribers.

Paul got a lot of attention in 2013 when he put sketches on the video-sharing app Vine. He signed up for his YouTube channel, TheOfficialLoganPaul, on October 18, 2013. After the Vine app shut down, he started posting videos there regularly.

On August 29, 2015, he made the Logan Paul Vlogs channel, which has since become his most popular YouTube channel. As of January 2022, the channel had 23.2 million subscribers and over 5.8 billion views, making it the 74th most subscribed channel in the United States and one of the most subscribed channels on the platform.

Net Worth: $45 million
Age: 25
Born: April 1, 1995
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Social Media Entrepreneur
Last Updated: 2022

Logan Paul Net Worth

Key Facts

  • Earned $12–14 million each year from 2016–to 2018.
  • Sold $40 million worth of goods in the first 9 months after starting up.
  • Owns a house in Encino, California, worth $8 million.
  • Has more than 23 million YouTube followers
  • Has more than 6 billion YouTube views
  • Boxing brought in $5.25 million. Floyd Mayweather is a boxer.

Early Life

On April 1, 1995, Logan Alexander Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio. Jake Paul, his younger brother, is also famous on social media. Logan started making videos for YouTube when he was 10 years old. He used a channel he created called Zoosh. In 2012, he was an All-Star linebacker for the football team at Westlake High School. He was also the State Champion in wrestling in high school.

After that, he went to Ohio University to study engineering. Between 2013 and 2014, he went from having 900 followers on social media sites to having 1.5 million. He had a lot of fans on the social network Vine. In 2014, he stopped going to Ohio University and moved to Los Angeles.


Logan Paul first got famous on Vine, which has since been shut down. But by 2014, he had more than 3 million social media followers because of how popular he was on the platform. In 2015, he was named the 10th most influential person on Vine and started making a lot of money from ads.

Logan made a smart move when he started sending people to his social media channels and promoting his content on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. If he hadn’t done this, Vine would have shut down, and he would have gone away.

His content kept reaching millions of people on other platforms, and his YouTube vlogs gave him the chance to work with a lot of other famous people, like Dwayne Johnson. In 2018, Paul fought fellow YouTuber KSI in an amateur boxing match that was streamed on YouTube’s pay-per-view platform.

In November 2019, the second match took place, and KSI won. Logan Paul made a lot more money because of the fights. Logan has tried his hand at acting as well as using social media. He has been in TV shows like Stitchers and Law & Order.

Personal Life

In the fall of 2015, Paul lived in an apartment complex in Hollywood with his roommates Mark Dohner and Evan Eckenrode. Other social media stars like Juanpa Zurita, Amanda Cerny, and Andrew Bachelor also lived there. Since they all lived close to each other, the group made videos for each of their channels together.

In the fall of 2017, Paul moved to a big house in Encino. In July 2018, Paul and actress Chloe Bennet said they were seeing each other. Before making it official, they were said to have been dating for a year. In September of that same year, they broke up.

Logan Paul Net Worth

Paul can’t see red or green. Logan Paul confirmed in May 2020 that he was dating model Josie Canseco, who is the daughter of famous baseball player Jose Canseco. In June 2020, he put a video called “I Bought My Girlfriend a Horse” on his YouTube channel.

It sounds like the couple had a little fight, so he bought Josie, who loves riding horses, her own horse to make up for it. The couple is seen riding two horses in the video, and Paul tells her that he bought both of them. He said: “100 percent yours. You can keep them even if we break up.”

Logan Paul’s Net Worth

Logan Paul is an American boxer, internet star, YouTuber, and actor. Logan Paul is worth $45 million dollars. As of this writing, more than 23 million people follow Logan Paul on YouTube. He has been one of the best-paid YouTubers on the planet at different times.

In 2016, Logan made $12.5 million. He made $12 million in 2017. He made $14.5 million in 2018. In 2019, he made a total of $10 million.

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Real Estate

He paid $6.55 million for the house in October 2017. It had been on the market for $8.5 million for a few months. The house has 14 rooms and is more than 30,000 square feet. Logan finally sold the house for $7.4 million in April 2022. Machine Gun Kelly bought it.

Logan has been living in Puerto Rico for the past few years. He rents a $13 million-plus mansion in the Ritz-Carlton private gated community.


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Logan paid $1 million for an 80-acre property called Fobes Ranch in the San Jacinto Mountains about two hours east of downtown Los Angeles in 2019.

In the 1960s, Timothy Leary, a Harvard professor who made LSD, lived at Fobes Ranch. Leary lived on the property and made LSD with a group of surfers from Laguna Beach who called themselves the “Brotherhood of Eternal Love.”

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Who Is Richer Jake or Logan Paul?

Celebrity Net Worth says that Logan Paul’s alleged net worth is about $45 million and Jake Paul’s alleged net worth is about $20 million.

How much did Logan Paul pay for his Charizard?

Logan Paul pay $6 million for one Pokemon card

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Logan Paul is a member of the new generation of famous people and business owners. As technology keeps getting better, it will be important to keep an eye on these guys who are doing well in business right now.

It is thought that Logan Paul will have a net worth of $45 million in 2022.