Log Horizon Season 3: Destruction of The Round Tables!!!

log horizon season 3

So, we have some pretty good news about the Log Horizon Season 3 and we will be updating the same with the relevant information that we get further.

We do have a lot of stuff! about this upcoming series, but for getting the information you need to get a bit deeper into this article.

Log Horizon Season 3

January is a complete insane month, we got a number of animes like Beastars season 2, Doctor Stone Season 2, and ya! my personal favorite Log Horizon.

I am in love with these animes every time I start watching the Horizon season, I am not able to stop or pause the episodes, this gonna make me share my experience with you like one day It was my off from classes so the early morning I decided to watch the series and you know what I completed the whole season in just a few hours, okay more than few! and comes out from my room in the late evening but who cares when you are in love with this kinda animes.

Am I the only one or the same happens to you? Share your insane experience with us, it’s gonna be more fun 🙂

Coming straight to season 3! Season three was released on January 13 of the same year. You know the best part the creators give us this time is the storyline, I think we should talk about the story first and the rest questions later. Because I am very very excited to encircling the story.

The Storyline of Log Horizon Season 3

One of the best things I totally love about this anime is the relationship of my favorite couple Akksy and Shiro. One thing I usually thought about them is their master-servant relationship, like how cute they look together. Don’t you like them?

 This time we are going to see something more between the love birds like something more romantic rather than this, new monsters are also going to be seen. And the big part is the about the peace between both empires.💜

Note:-Before making any assumptions about this section, please keep that in mind that it is not exactly the same, a bit of future scenes is predicted! Don’t strike with the same

Characters of Log Horizon Season 3

We have mentioned the names of the characters with their assigned voice artists.

  • Daiki Yamashita will give a voice to Touya
  • Jovan Jackson will be the entertainer of Nyanta
  • Mike Yager will return as Shiroe
  • Yumi Hara will give a voice to Mariella.
  • While Tomoaki Maeno will give a voice to Noatsugu
  • Memiri Kato will be for Akatsuki.

The trailer of Log Horizon Season 3

Those who are still seeking the trailer can watch it here but don’t forget to share your reviews and expectations from this anime after watching the trailer.

Some Popular Lines From The Log Horizon

“The best part of adventuring is experiencing new things!” – Kanami

“It’s true that there’s a lot we don’t know about this world. But that’s why we must go forward and do what we can. One thing at a time.” – Log Horizon

“Stealing someone’s name is never all right. It means you’re unwilling to recognize them as human.” – Log Horizon

“Being strong on your own is meaningless. To have the power you need other people, and they need a world where they can be at their best.” – Shiroe

 “Wherever you eat it, the food you enjoy with friends is the most delicious.” – Nyanta

“People…At least, all children are born into a world that seems unreasonable and crazy to them. No one is asked at birth if they agree to come into the world. Everyone is born that way.” – Nyanta

“Any treasure you attain without anyone ever working for it is no treasure at all.” – Nyanta

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What It’s All About?

The series is on our plates any many of us have taken the meal from that, if you haven’t watched the trailer yet then guys hurry up! You can watch it on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and on Netflix too.

I hope to see the same beautiful faces in our next anime article, so make sure to add us to your bookmarks, so that you’ll never miss an update🥰

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