Breaking News: Haryana Lockdown will be on Monday and Tuesdays

haryana lockdown

Guys, a biggest news coming out considering coronavirus cases and lockdown in India. Before talking about this, let’s have a look at Chief secretary ordered regarding lockdown

Haryana State Disaster Management Authority Chief Secretary haryana, Anil Vij recently signed order number DMCSPO2021/10046 dated 21st August 2020

was issued related to

closing of all public and private offices except those dealing with essential goods and service and shopping mall on saturday and sunday through out the teritory of Haryana whereas

the state disaster management authority has reconsidered the matter and undersigned in the capacity of chair person here by directs that closing of all public and private offices except those dealing with essential good and service shall remain closed on Monday and Tuesday in the market places of Urban Areas of Haryana.

Accordingly, there is no bar of opening of shops or shopping mall on saturday and sunday in these areas”

Before this, we had a news on “Times of India” where Gurgaon traders told about their situation if the lockdown was remain same on Saturday and Sunday.

Gurugram traders said ” weekend lockdown will bleed us more”

If we talk about this recent decision of Haryana State Disaster Management Authority, Shops can be opened in villages but not in urban areas.

Haryana state disaster authority didn’t mention anything else in this letter and the rest of things will be decided by district officers of haryana’s district (DC).

What do you think about this decision? Was this decision right? Do you think, it will not impact businesses or will impact lesser than the weekends?

Let’s wait for the time and get the answers…


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