Lock and Key: Season 2 Has Been Confirmed! Release Date, Plot, and So on

In 2020, Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averill, and Aron Eli Coleite will star in a fantasy horror drama television series called Locke & Key, which will be produced by Carlton Cuse Productions. Netflix will make it available in 2020. Darby Stanchfield and Connor Jessup, as well as Jackson Robert Scott and Laysla De Oliveira, make cameo appearances in the film as well.

The comedy got renewed for a second season in March 2020, and the next season will premiere on October 22, 2021, on ABC. The comedy got renewed for a third season in December 2020, two months before the second season broadcast on Fox and ABC.

Locke & Key Season 2

The Second Season of Locke and Key Will Premiere on October 22nd.

The second season of Locke and Key premieres on October 22nd. The start date for the show’s second season was confirmed with the release of its first teaser.

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Season 2’s release date of October was announced on Day 2 of Netflix Geeked Week in June, along with a host of new photos, including the following:

Locke and Key Season 2 Trailer: Watch the First Footage

On Tuesday, September 14, the first teaser for Locke and Key season 2 was released on the internet.

Several new problems that the Locke family will have to cope with are teased in the debut teaser for Season 2, including the development of a new key that might release more otherworldly beasts for the siblings to contend with.

We won’t give anything away about the remainder of the teaser trailer’s content, but feel free to watch it as many times as you like (below).

Locke & Key' Season 2

Who Will Return From the First Season of Locke and Key for Season Two?

We would anticipate that all of the important characters from Locke and Key’s first season would return for the second instalment:

Nina Locke is played by Darby Stanchfield.
Tyler Locke is played by Connor Jessup.
Kinsey Locke Jackson is played by Emilia Jones. Bode Locke is played by Robert Scott.
Gabe is played by Griffin Gluck.
Dodge is played by Laysla De Oliveira.
Scot Cavendish is played by Petrice Jones.
Jackie Veda is played by Genevieve Kang.

Despite the fact that Rufus Whedon was taken to live with his aunt and uncle in Nebraska at the conclusion of season 1, Cody Bird might return as the character. Even though he was wounded in the season 1 finale, we believe he may return in a cameo appearance if it is judged essential. A similar statement might be made about Ellie (Sherrie Saum), but it will depend on whether or not the siblings are successful in bringing her back after she was sent through the Omega Door in the last episode of season 1.

While this is going on, two of season 1’s guest performers have been promoted to regulars for season 2. This season, Aaron Ashmore and Hallea Jones, who portrayed Duncan Locke and Eden Hawkins, respectively, will have a larger role in the show.

Locke & Key' Season 2

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Duncan will assist the Locke family in uncovering new mysteries (and abilities) hidden inside the keys since he has previous expertise with them. While Gabe and Dodge are the primary antagonists, Eden was possessed by a demonic bullet in the season 1 finale, so we anticipate her to play a supporting role.

Finally, Brendan Hines, a former cast member of The Tick, has joined the show as a series regular. According to Deadline, Hines will portray Josh Bennett, the new history teacher at Matheson Academy. In addition, Liyou Abere (The Boys, Mrs. America) has been cast in a guest star role on the show as well. In the show, she’ll portray Amie Bennet, a new acquaintance of Bode’s who will assist the Lockes in their battle against Dodge.

What Is Going to Happen Next in the Locke and Key Season 2 Storyline?

The tale is planned to take up where the first season ended, with the conclusion of the second season.

After being outwitted by the devil, who assumed the forms of Dodge, Lucas, and Gabe in the first season of the show, the Lockes have learned their lesson. Apart from dealing with the reality that they were duped into dumping Ellie into the nothingness beyond the Omega Door by the demon, the Locke family also has to contend with the possibility that Eden is being controlled by the demon at the moment.

In addition to comic-book aspects, Hill and Rodrguez aren’t afraid to make significant alterations to the original material when it comes to adapting it for the screen.

According to Hill, who was responding to inquiries about Sam Lesser’s diminished participation and the blending of two main keys in season 1, “It needs to function as a television programme.” “It needs to be successful within the constraints and possibilities of its own specific shape….” The whole time we were working on the comic, we were driven by the want to see it succeed as a comic, and there were things we could do that you couldn’t do in any other format.

On a number of levels, the book reads like a horror comic. The television programme is a work of dark fantasy that makes a statement on fear. Though not quite as ironic as Scream or Cabin in the Woods, I like that the show is more approachable as a work of dark fantasy in certain respects.”

Therefore, it is possible that season 2 may deviate significantly from the comics, but what fresh material might we expect to see this time around is unclear.

Season 2 of Locke and Key Might Include Elements of the Comics With the Original Storylines.

Collider published an interview with showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill in February 2020 in which they announced that season 2 will allow for “new tales” to be presented inside the television adaptation.

According to Averill, “there are undoubtedly storylines remaining in the comics that we want to cling onto, in order to utilise them in future seasons.” “Thus, it’s still a bit of a mash-up of tales from the comic and our own unique stories,” says the author.

The Locke siblings’ reactions to the events of season 1 will be revealed in a separate interview with io9, and Averill hinted what type of influence the events of season 1 would have on them going into season 2.

“With season two, we want to examine what it means to bear that burden,” she said. “What does it imply as they approach closer to the age of 18 years old — the age at which you cease to be a magician — what does it mean? What does it seem to be like? In the first season, we cover a lot of ground in terms of the comics, but there’s so much more mythology and new keys that we’ve invented for the show that we’re happy to share in the second season as well.”

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When it comes to the actors, Emilia Jones shared her thoughts with Collider (in a separate interview) on what she would want to see as part of the season 2 storey.

In Jones’ words, “Kinsey is going to have to find out that they’ve pushed Ellie through the Omega door and that she’s up against a demon.” “Tyler will be 18 when the series begins, and he will begin to forget the magic, which will make for an interesting plot since Tyler and Kinsey are so close. They discuss everything and participate in everything together. Season 2 will be devoted to the exploration of these particular narratives.”

Meanwhile, Griffin Gluck speculated that, as demons, Gabe and Eden may be at odds with one another, given that the latter has emerged as a new demonic danger to the Locke family.

According to Gluck, “When Hallea and I spoke about such material, it was always in a separate conversation from the authors.” “The only thing we had to rely on were our own assumptions about what we imagined would happen. Although I’d like to believe that there will be conflict between the two demons and that they will begin to compete with one other, this is simply a wishful thinking on my part. I’m at a loss for words.”

Locke & Key' Season 2

Is There Going to Be a Third Season of Locke and Key After Season 2?

In the second season of Locke & Key, Gabe and Eden got into an altercation.

Yes. According to Deadline, it was reported in December 2020 that a third season of the show was in the works.

According to the website of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, filming on Locke and Key season 3 started in May and is anticipated to be completed by mid-September at the earliest.

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Several cast members, notably Darby Stanchfield, have been bringing fans up to speed on the progress of season 3’s development. One of the actor’s most recent Instagram posts included a time lapse of shooting in Toronto, as well as some behind-the-scenes photos for fans to appreciate, including the following:


After Rendell Locke is assassinated by a former student, Sam Lesser, his wife Nina decides to go to Matheson, Massachusetts, and live in Rendell’s family mansion, Keyhouse, where they will raise their children. The youngsters rapidly discover a number of strange keys that have been buried throughout the house and that have the ability to magically unlock various doors. They are soon confronted by a demonic entity on the prowl for the keys to its own nefarious plans.