Everything About K-Drama Little Women Season 2


Little Women, as adapted for South Korean television. In September 2022, the first episode of the show's first season was broadcast to widespread acclaim. Due to the success of the first season, fans anticipate the release of The Little Women Season 2 soon.

This post is for you if you are also interested in Little Women season 2 and wish to learn more about it. The Korean drama series “Little Women” has gathered a large fan base and received good ratings. Little Women has an IMDb rating of 8.5/10, an Asian Wiki rating of 89%, and a rating of 8.5/10 on my drama list.


The Release date of Little Women Season 2

The debut date for Season 2 of Little Women has not yet been announced, although fans predict it will air in 2023. Due to this, we will have to wait until the production firm makes the appropriate announcements on Little Women's second season before proceeding.

Netflix is the official streaming platform for this series, so you can watch it there if you choose. Everyone is aware that this is a paid service.


Everything About K-Drama Little Women Season 2

What is the Little Women Plot and Cast?

About three sisters who developed a close bond while growing up in poverty. The sisters become engaged in a momentous event and are pitted against the country's wealthiest family. Oh In Joo, portrayed by Kim Go Eun, strives to financially protect her family.

As a child growing up in abject poverty, her primary goal was to acquire a quality of life equivalent to that of the ordinary person. Nonetheless, a major occurrence significantly transforms her life.

Nam Ji Hyun portrays the second sister Oh In Kyung, a news reporter who refuses to bow down to money and always strives to do what is right. When a mysterious case from her early days as a journalist resurfaces, she investigates its truthfulness.

Everything About K-Drama Little Women Season 2

Park Ji Hu transforms into Oh In Hye, the youngest sister who is overpowered by the adoration of her older sisters, who persistently pursue her. Due to her family's poverty, she enrolls in an art high school despite having never utilized basic art equipment.

The following recurrent characters debuted in previous seasons and were cast in season 2: Kim Go-Eun plays Oh In-Ju, Park So-Yi portrays young Oh In-Ju, Nam Ji-Hyun plays Oh In-Kyung, Park Ji-hu plays Oh In-Hye, Kang Hoon plays Ha Jong-ho, Cho Seung-Yeon plays Jo Wan-Gyu, Oh Gong Min-Jung plays Jang Mari and Kim Mi-sook plays Oh Hye-Seok.


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What is the genre of Little Women?

The Little Women Korean drama series is classified as a family mystery drama.

In which language does the show Little Women available?

Little Women k-drama is accessible in Korean with English subtitles.

How many seasons are there of Little Women?

Little Women has only had one season thus far.