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Line Of Duty is one of the most popular UK crime thrillers of the last decade for a justification: it not only concentrates on a segment we rarely see in shows and films — Anti-Corruption, recognized as Internal Affairs on this side of the pond — but its sumps them vs multi-layered police on the other side of the issue, played by one of the state’s leading performers.

The plot of each of the first five seasons of Line of Duty revolves on one primary figure whom the squad is investigating. DCI Joanne Davidson, played by Kelly Macdonald, is the central character this time, as fans will already know. She is in charge of the Hillside Lane station’s Murder Investigations Team (MIT), which is investigating Gail Vella’s murder.

AC-12 is also attempting to determine who is responsible for the murder and whether Jo is involved. MIT is presently attempting to put Gail’s death on Terry Boyle, a figure who has previously been employed by the OCG. This is the most action-packed season ever, but the last few episodes could deliver even more!

Line of Duty Season 6 Summary

The information comes from a “rent boy” who works as an informant for another Belfast police division. He stated that one of his clients claimed to have assassinated a rising journalist in 2019. DCI Joanne Davidson (Kelly Macdonald, who you may recognize from Trainspotting or No Country For Old Men), the case’s senior investigative officer, has been bothered by the case and is keen to follow up on this information. She wants to pick him up, but her supervisor won’t let her until she has more proof.

Line of Duty Season 6

PS Farida Jatri (Anneika Rose), a member of Davidson’s squad, reports Davidson’s tactics to the Anti-Corruption section AC-12 and DI Steve Arnott as a result of the delay (Martin Compston). He believes he has enough evidence to put DC Chloe Bishop (Shalom Brune-Franklin) into Davidson’s squad as an undercover informant, but his employer, Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), wants additional proof after an inquiry that resulted in his being censured by his superiors.

As Davidson investigates, she discovers that the guy in prison used a fake identity and did not live at the house where he was discovered. However, at both the apartment where he was detained and the flat where he actually lived, there was evidence linking him to the reporter. However, he resided in an apartment that had been meticulously cleaned.

Due to a botched order from Davidson’s supervisor, DI Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) discovers that surveillance was turned off on the building where the suspect was captured at the time they were foiling the armed robbery. Fleming, who has recently been moved from Anti-Corruption, promises to keep this knowledge between the two of them, but when Jatri becomes mute in front of Arnott, he turns to his old colleague for help.

Line of Duty Season 6 Ending Explain

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Under the floor of the OCG workshop, a strongbox is discovered. It also contains the missing evidence linking Carl Banks to Gail Vella’s murder, as well as the murder weapons used in the killings of Maneet Bindra, John Corbett, and Jackie Laverty.

Chloe discovers digital evidence that shows Marcus Thurwell was a ruse all along. The cybercrime squad then intercepts a text message instructing OCG officials to go to HMP Brentiss and fetch Jo. Ted arranges a swift interception of the jail transfer truck because it bears the famed typo of “definitely.”

Line of Duty Season 6

With Jo in their possession again, AC-12 pressures her to hand up the fourth guy. Patrick Fairbank is identified as the mysterious police officer she was told to dread, but he is useless in another interrogation. While AC-12 searches for answers, Chloe is assigned to cybercrime. They ultimately find the genuine fourth man, who had been lurking in plain sight all along, by examining prior police records for the term “definitively.”

Armed officers bring in Ian Buckells for a tense interrogation about his activities as the fourth man! After Steve and Kate confront Ted about the money he gave to Steph Corbett and leaking the existence of an informant to Lee Banks, armed officers bring in Ian Buckells for a tense interrogation about his activities as the fourth man! All these years, his cover had been his ineptitude!

Kate and Steve reconcile in the bar after Buckells’ arrest, and Ted informs DCS Carmichael that he has filed an appeal against his forced retirement. Ted makes a statement explaining his role in the information leak that led to John Corbett’s murder after Carmichael assures him that previous corruption cases will not be investigated as a priority.

Terry Boyle and Farida Jatri have been exonerated of all criminal charges, and Jo has been placed under protection of witnesses, according to the epilogue. Lawrence Christopher’s murder will be probed by Darren Hunter (Tommy Hunter’s son), and Ian Buckells has been sentenced to life in prison.

The anti-corruption restructuring is continuing on track, and we’ve been assured that AC-12’s abilities to combat misconduct in public service “have never been weaker”… Is this the final chapter of AC-12?!

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What Does the Future Hold for Ac-12?

While it’s apparent that the unit has been placed in a particularly vulnerable position, it was nice to see Ted, Kate, and Steve together and on friendly terms by the end of season six. Hastings revealed his financial agreement with Steph Corbett including both Kate and Steve, as well as emotionally admitting his disclosure to Lee Banks, which may have resulted in John Corbett’s murder.

His coworkers both thought he was sorry and that there was nothing more to it, strengthening their friendship and putting an end to whatever suspicions they had about their gaffer.

However, our favorite anti-corruption trio’s togetherness appears to be fleeting. Despite his announcement that he would be appealing his upcoming retirement and Kate’s suggestion that she would be trying to formally re-join her previous team, the merger has us wondering if they would be welcome in anti-corruption in the future.

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What happened to Davidson’s father?

We anticipated that this would be a recurring issue. Jo had been kept in the dark about the unsettling truth that Tommy Hunter was her biological father (as well as her uncle), and had instead been made to think that her mother had been raped by a dishonest police officer.

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All of this was part of a scheme to control and compel her. Jo acknowledged to AC-12 that she was afraid of the officer and that she had followed Hunter’s orders (after her mother’s death) to do what he ordered. Hastings suspected that this man was The Fourth Man, in command of everything.

Line of Duty Season 6

Jo revealed the man’s identify after being offered witness protection and safety: Patrick Fairbank. However, he has been imprisoned since 2015, after AC-12’s probe into abuse at Sands View Boys Home. Moreover, during a check of his cell, they discovered no indication that he had been conversing as H.

Later, forensics and linguistic research clearly placed Buckells in that context. The Fairbank narrative appears to have been nothing more than a cruel deception designed to keep Jo Davidson in check while also keeping her in the dark about who was really pulling the strings.


We learned in the concluding moments of season six that Jo is currently residing at a classified location under witness protection. She has a new girlfriend and appears to be content. This implies that, if a seventh season of Line of Duty is planned, Davidson will not return.

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