Line Of Duty Season 2: Everything You Need To Know Before Watching The Sequel

Line of duty season 2

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Line Of Duty Season 2

The Line of duty season 2 consists of a total of six episodes, the series is based on the story of Superintendent Ted Hastings, DS Steve Arnott, and DC Kate Fleming who investigate the corrupt and wrong actions of DI Lindsay Denton.

It also includes more characters like DI Matthew Cottan and DC Nigel Morton. The series was out for the second time on 12 February 2014 on BBC Two.

A police caravan accompanying nonmilitary personnel under an observer insurance plot is assaulted. The observer is hospitalized and all cops are killed – except for Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton, who coordinated the activity and just educated DCC Mike Dryden.

Director Ted Hastings asks DS Steve Arnott and DC Kate Fleming to examine Denton, yet Fleming asks not to partake and the film continues, we have covered that too, but before that let’s have a look at the characters of “Line of Duty Season 2.”

Who Are In The Cast Of Line Of Duty Season 2?

  • Keeley Hawes as DI Lindsay Denton
  • Martin Compston as DS Steve Arnott
  • Vicky McClure as DC Kate Fleming
  • Adrian Dunbar as Superintendent Ted Hastings
  • Craig Parkinson as DI Matthew “Dot” Cottan
  • Jessica Raine as DC Georgia Trotman
  • Neil Morrissey as DC Nigel Morton
  • Brian McCardie as Tommy Hunter
  • Charlotte Spencer as Carly Kirk
  • Allison McKenzie as DS Jayne Akers
  • Tony Pitts as DCS Lester Hargreaves
  • Christina Chong as DS Nicola RogersonLine of duty season 2

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Storyline Of Line Of Duty Season 2 Episode 1 & 6

There are six episodes of the Line Of Duty Season 2

  1. The Ambush
  2. Carly
  3. Behind Bars
  4. Blood Money
  5. Last Words
  6. The Caddy

How Does Story start?

In the First Episode, All the witnesses and police are attacked, and they were hospitalized and all the officers are murdered except Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton.

They arranged the operation, only DCC Mike knew about this. Superintendent Ted Hastings wants DS Steve Arnott and DC Kate Fleming to look over Denton, but Fleming denied that he will not take part in this investigation.

She explains that she was trained with DS Jayne Akers and one of the officers is no more, she won’t want to tell that she is having an affair with Akers’ husband, Richard.

She is supplanted to work on this issue by DC Georgia Trotman, an eager yet less-experienced official, who is upset that the group is regarding Denton as a suspect and digging into her funds.

She and Arnott are in love and built a physical relationship. Denton rejected her companion officers, now her department is changed into the missing person unit, Fleming becomes an undercover.

How Does It End?

Dryden said that Denton was at the car park because he was captured in the car with Carly Kirk. Arnott comes close to Denton and tells Fleming that he is undercover.

Denton goes after Dryden to the reception, where she sees Kirk Flirting with him. After having a conversation with her in the ladies’ cloakroom, Denton goes after Kirk and Dryden to the parking lot.

There she saw Kirk Dryden and saw Hunter assault her and left. Dryden uses his friend’s computer to complain about the assault. Akers and Hunter are murdered to protect the Cottan, now the Denton was blamed.

The bodies are thrown into a burning vehicle. Cottan is in AC-12, officers are trying to investigate the murder of Hunter, but they suspected Denton as the killer.Line of duty eason 2 more

Line Of Duty Season 2 Ratings & Reviews

Rotten Tomatoes rating of the second installment is 100% and the audience ratings are 98%.

The second season is more brutal and thrilling, and this part of the series is almost the same but better than the first.

The story includes a lot of twists and turns which make Season 2 more exciting and some performances are up to the mark, the viewer loved the story but the ending is not that much glamourous as the starting.

The second installment of Line Of Duty is more praised than its former season. The show was also ranked for the best television drama series by The Observer.

Trailer Of Line Of Duty Season 2

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