Limitless Season 2: Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

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Updated As On 26 January 2022

Don’t judge a book by its cover’, I think that you have heard this thought a lot of time and it is surely true. But I would like to add more into this though, don’t judge a show by its movie. Now, many of my readers are wondering that ‘what do I mean by it?'. Don’t worry I’ll explain it to you. These days there are a lot of movies that are turning into shows like Wandavision and people are loving them because of their awesome history. But sometimes, they are not even worthy and one of the example of it is Limitless. 


To begin with Limitless is an American TV show which is based on the movie of the same name, Limitless. Initially, the movie was decided to have a sequel, at least this is what we thought DUHHH! But it turned out us to be half wrong. The show makers was planning to extend the story by making a TV series on it and that’s how we got Limitless. The TV show was first released on 2015 and it has been 6 years since we last heard anything about it.

There is an online rumor going around that its second part is in development for the people. And we don’t know whether it is reliable or not? My readers are also curious about this and I have received a lot of messages. That’s why I am here with this article. If you're also a fan of Limitless TV series then be with me till the end of this article to have right information.

Limitless TV series – What do I need to know?


Limtless Season 2

The original work of Neil Burger, which later converted into a show. Limitless is am American movie which mainly focuses on comedy-drama. The movie was released on 2011 and instant became a hit and that’s when the developers think of making a show on it.

Nevertheless, they knew that it will no as good as the movie but still people loved it. Now, as the first part ends, everyone is hoping for the second part to release soon but will there be Limitless Season 2? Let’s find out in the next section.

Limitless Season 2 – What will happen in the storyline?

limitless 2

In the first season, we have seen that Finch was overpowered with the power of the drug NZT-48 and he started to have supernatural powers which attracts the eyes of a lot of people around him. As the story moved ahead, we find him getting uncontrolled by the drug and whenever he was unable to find it, he loses himself.

In Limitless Season 2, there is confirmation that the whole seen of drug will be lost. Now, the reason of this will definitely the ongoing controversies and also somewhere the story demands it too. The sudden disappearance of the drug will make a great impact on both Moora and Finch. It will be fun to watch these two characters to get rid of the drug. And how they will make their life back to normal. I personally think that if the second season will take this storyline, it will definitely rock on.

Moreover, we know that the drug is no more available and now Finch will not able to get into more cases. There will be the entry of Rebecca and Boyle in the story. So, if these two are your favorite character then be happy because they are going to get more screen time in the story.

Limitless season 2 – Who are going to cast?

limitless season 2

The story will be incomplete without the main character and we can accept Jake McDorman in the story. In the second season, he is going to cast of sure. In the first season we know how Bradley cooper’s character Edward appeared as a guest character but in the second part this will not happen. We can accept him to get more screen time unlike the first season.

Additionally, the storyline demands to get back both Rebecca and Boyle’s character into power. With these two characters we can accept to have more drama into the story of limitless.

Now, the characters who are surely going to be back are listed below.

  • The main protagonist Jack Dorman will comeback as Brian Finch.
  • Jennifer Carpenter going to cast as Rebecca
  • Hill harper will be back as Boyle.
  • The guest character of Bradley cooper will be back as Edward Moora.
Drama Name Limitless
Category Thriller/Action
Release Date Canceled
Director Neil Burger
No. of Seasons 1

Limitless Season 2 – Is it happening or we are just wasting our time?

the main character

The show was premiered from 22 September, 2015 to 26 April, 2016 for the people. The story follows popular actor from the shameless named Jake McDorman, who finds out a new drug NZT-48. Although the show gets a lot of criticism for it but fans loved the idea and storyline of the movie. The first season was started with an amazing hit because of its movie history

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But nothing remains same as the show started to release more episode. As I already stated that the storyline revolves around a Drug called NZT-48 but what I didn’t told you is the message behind it. In the storyline, the main character uses this drug and he became a supernatural human being. He transforms into an intelligent man and have some of the amazing capabilities which I think every human wants.

Now, the show became a topic of controversy all around the world with many people complaining about its message related to drug. Limitless basically tells you that the drug can change yourself, which isn’t right. When I watched the show, I too feel that the message which this show conveys is not appropriate. Tell me in the comment section about your feelings.

Now, the streaming platform, CBS, don’t wanna get into more controversies because of this show which makes us believe that there will be no more season 2. CBS Has Cancelled the Series.

But there is more in the story and the show makers can run into the different streaming platform like, NETFLIX and Amazon Prime. The last episode of Limitless was ended in a Cliffhanger and we know that there will be more things to watch. This will be hard because nothing is officially announced yet and we don’t wanna make any false or random assumption. If there will be any news related to this topic, we’ll update you.

There is no confirmation of addition of new cast but if there will we will update you. Wait, Wait, Wait, if you have any news for us to know then comment us.

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