Lil Keed Net Worth: His Career, Personal Life, Income and More!

Lil Keed, genuine name Raqhid Jevon Render, has died at 24 years old. On 14 May 2022, Lil Keed’s sibling affirmed the news that Keed had spent away the other day. At this point, no reason for death has been uncovered.

A rising star in the rap scene, Lil Keed was known as a protégé of Young Thug’s and an individual from the YSL bunch. We investigate Lil Keed’s profession to date, which shows he was on target to becoming one of YSL’s best specialists.

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lil keed net worth

A Think Back Over Lil Keed’s Profession

Lil Keed was brought into the world on 16 March 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia. At 16 years old, after the passing of a dear companion, Keed chose to seek after a profession as a rapper.

Addressing The Fader about the death of his companion, Keed said: “He ain’t even carried on with no kind of life and it moved removed. It opened my eyes up like, I have to accomplish something other than what’s expected. Can’t go out that way.”

Atlanta is delivering probably the best rappers in the game, and Keed was the same. His most noteworthy motivation was Young Thug, a pioneer on the Atlanta rap scene. In 2018, Young Thug marked Lil Keed to Young Stoner Life (YSL). By then, Keed just had two mixtapes to his name, yet showed extraordinary guarantee.

Under YSL, Lil Keed delivered two studio collections: Long Live Mexico in June 2019 and Trapped On Cleveland 3 in August 2020. Lil Keed has a follow-up mixtape yet to be delivered qualified Keed Talk For Them 2.

It Keed’s Net Worth in 2022 To Explore Lil

At 24 years old, Lil Keed made progress monetarily with his music profession. NG News assesses his net worth was $1.7 million at the hour of his passing.

Lil Keed’s YouTube channel has in excess of 489,000 supporters with an aggregate of 200 million perspectives on his recordings as of distribution date. Lil Keed’s true Instagram account has more than 1.3 million supporters.

Keed was set to feature various shows this mid year, remembering Daze For Blue celebration and a show in Cairo, Georgia, on Memorial Day weekend.

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lil keed net worth

Contrasting Lil Keed’s Net Worth and Other YSL Individuals

Just four years into his vocation working with YSL, Lil Keed made progress among his kindred rappers.

YSL organizer Young Thug is among the best, with Celebrity Net Worth assessing his abundance at $8 million. Well known rapper Gunna has a net worth of $4 million, according to the distribution. Lil Baby, who is not generally endorsed to the name, has a revealed net worth of $5 million. These are a portion of YSL’s most settled craftsmen, yet the mark additionally includes new kids in town like Yak Gotti, YTB Trench, and Unfoonk.

While Lil Keed’s net worth fails to measure up to that of Young Thug, it shows the youthful rapper was on a direction for huge achievement. Gunna, 28, made his most memorable YSL discharge two years before Lil Keed. He has delivered three collections under the YSL name since February 2019.

Early Life and Career

  • Lil Keed was brought into the world on March 16, 1998. He experienced childhood in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • He has 6 siblings and one sister despite the fact that his folks isolated when they were extremely youthful the two of them assumed an exceptionally crucial part in their childhood.
  • He began rapping from an extremely youthful age. Subsequent to losing his companion he began working vigorously. Living near a studio was one of the beneficial things that happened to him as he had the option to record consistently and the studio gave him a profit.
  • Lil Keed grew up paying attention to the music of Young Thug and Rich Kidz.
  • In 2017 his music began showing up on media stages. A portion of his earliest tunes incorporate his sibling Lil gotit
  • In July 2018 he effectively delivered a mixtape. It was a 16 track project and immediately turned out to be extremely well known among audience members.

In September he delivered a melody with Young Thug, yet before delivering a tune with him, he met him in a recreation area where he paid attention to a portion of his tracks and later contacted him and fostered a functioning relationship.

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lil keed net worth

Association With Fans

His collaboration with his fans is genuine. He bounces onto Instagram and goes live while conversing with his fans for over 60 minutes. Most rappers don’t do that. He shows them his genuine self and doesn’t have any desire to depict the whiz status consistently.

Not just that he goes out in broad daylight while wearing his most costly adornments all with no sort of safety. He’s glad to converse with them and posture with them for pictures. He realizes that this will change with time yet he’s cheerful he will encounter this right now.

He has a girl named Naychur. The lady he has a girl with blamed him for having a relationship with entertainer Skai Jackson when she was only a minor yet he denied every one of the charges.

At the point when he was asked where he sees himself 10-14 years from now he answered that he would have been acting in motion pictures. He further said that he doesn’t want to continue to rap for his entire life. He said he needed to go the Ice Cube way, take acting examples and afterward seek after it. He needs to make a section in a move film that includes heaps of battling and everything.

His music style is contrasted with Young Thug as the two experienced childhood in Cleveland road and Keed is endorsed to YSL records. Keed involves components of Young Thug’s flexible streams as an establishment to work off, particularly piercing conveyance.

lil keed net worth


Raqhid Jevon Rende, broadly known as Lil Keed, was a rapper and lyricist from the United States. Youthful Thug’s YSL Records and 300 Entertainment both marked him. On the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Songs Airplay diagram, his single “Anonymous” was at number 42.

On March 16, 1998, he was brought into the world to a group of nine in Atlanta, Georgia and kicked the bucket matured 24. He has six siblings and one sister, including rapper Lil Gotit. He experienced childhood in Forest Park prior to migrating to Cleveland Avenue in Atlanta. In 2016, Render started approaching rapping in a serious way after the deficiency of his nearby mate Rudy.

Render has a little girl called Naychur too. Quana Bandz is his better half, and she is anticipating a youngster.

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