What is Light the Night Season 4 Release Date? Everything You Need to Know About the Drama!


In the Taiwanese crime drama “Light the Night,” two women are in charge of a Taipei nightclub with a Japanese motif that serves the needs of affluent businessmen. Is there a fourth season of Light the Night? Let's investigate!

Brief Information About Light the Night Season 4


Name Light the Night Season 4
OTT Platform Netflix
Written By Ryan Tu 
Directed By Lien Yi-chi
Light the Night Season 4 Release Date Yet To Be Confirmed

About Light the Night

The series, which is set in the 1980s, shows how closely Rose and Sue are connected. Their history and love lives are entwined, which strains their relationship in some ways.


This mystery series, also known as “Blue Hour,” may appear more soapy than normal and slower paced in comparison to other programmes in the genre, but its intriguing murder mystery element more than makes up for it.

In addition to earning largely favorable reviews from reviewers, it has a sizable following that is still expanding. There have been three seasons of this criminal drama since its November 26, 2021, debut. So, if you're looking for information about a prospective season 4, allow us to share what we know!

Expected Release Date of Light the Night Season 4

Season 3 of “Light the Night” debuted on Netflix on March 18, 2022. The third season has eight episodes that last between 46 and 55 minutes each.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming fourth season. Netflix hasn't yet made any official statements about the continuation or cancellation of any shows. The streaming behemoth typically gives the show at least a few months to find its footing before evaluating its performance and making any choices regarding next episodes.

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It is clear from Light the Night prior ‘s episode ratings that the programme is adored and respected by a large audience. If a strong storyline could be developed that was even better than the ones from the previous three seasons, Ruby Lin (Rose) said in February 2022 that it was feasible for the show to return for a fourth act.

Fans have reason to be cheerful and excited as events progress toward a mystery series update. So, if Netflix decides to update its show in the coming months, we may anticipate the release of “Light the Night” season 4 in 2023.

Expected Cast: Light the Night Season 4

The film's protagonist is Ruby Lin. She portrays Rose, the nightclub Hikari's manager. She will most definitely return to the show if it is picked up for a fourth season. In the future, Cheryl Yang might play Sue again in flashback sequences. Hikari's proprietor Sue and Rose are great friends.

Light the Night Season 4

Yo Yang (Pan Wen-cheng), who plays such an important role in the drama, is likely to advance all the way to Round Four as well. Another cast member might return if “Light the Night” is allowed a fourth season, but that isn't a given.

Derek Chang (He Yu-en), Esther Liu (Li Shu-Hua AKA Hana), Puff Kuo (Wang Ai-lien AKO), Cherry Hsieh (Chi Man-ju AKO Ah-chi), and Nikki Hsin-Ying Hsieh are part of this group (Ah-chi). Esther Liu, who plays Hana a.k.a. Li Shu-hua, and Puff Kuo, who plays Wang Ai- (Huang Pai-he AKA Yuri). We might therefore expect to see some new faces in the fourth edition, possibly even some new characters.

The Plot: Expected Story Line of Light the Night Season 4

The investigation into Sue's murder is followed in Season 3 of “Light the Night,” as the investigating authorities probe more into the case and get nearer to the truth. Several truths are exposed throughout the season, and we watch the characters each approach the information in a different way.

Light the Night Season 4

Being a murder mystery, there are usually themes of confession and inquiry involved in the story, along with certain people going back in time. When the truth is ultimately revealed at the end of the season, practically everyone is scrambling to shield their loved ones.

After the events of the third season finale, the fourth episode might go a different direction if the light turns green. Ruby Lin added in February 2022 that the writing staff was eager to develop a stronger plot for a potential fourth season. They did not want to keep the plot moving by having other characters die repeatedly.

Trailer: Light the Night Season 4

Sadly, Netflix has not yet announced or disclosed any details about Light the Night season 4. Here is a trailer from the previous season for those who are unfamiliar with the plot of this television show. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the IMDB ratings for Light The Night Season 4?

Regarding reviews, Light the Night has an IMDb rating of 7.4 out of 10.

Where Can I Watch Season Four of Light The Night?

Netflix will begin streaming Light the Night Season 4 as soon as it is brought to the screen.

In Light the Night, who killed Sue?

One such example was when Sue handed over management to the other women just before she left for Japan. This changed the dynamics inside Light and gave Rose more than one reason to murder Sue.