Life In Pieces Season 5: Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

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Nobody can hide the truth of generation difference that prevailed in the society, but we often tend to forget it and become apathetic towards the other generation. To make this concept clear, the Life In Pieces series has done a great part in making this scenario clearer. If you have already watched it, then I am sure you are now waiting for Life In Pieces Season 5 to be released soon, am I right?

But if you are an individual who is yet to decide whether to watch this series or not, then let's start with a short gist about the series. Get going and enjoy.


Series/Movies NameLife In Pieces Season 5
Movie Genre Sitcom
Release DateNot Happening
CancelledWill Be Cancelled


A Gist About Life In Pieces Season 

It is an American TV series that was created by Justin Adler and premiered for the first time on September 212015. The production starts with the story of a family which has three generations in it.

The show features a number of stars, Colin Hanks is seen in playing his particular role of Gregory with Betsy Brandt as Heather (Short) Hughes, Thomas Sadoski as Matthew, and Zoe Lister-Jones as Jennifer.

Aforementioned the story revolves around three generations of the same family. The concept of telling the story to the audience by the authors is slightly different. Each episode covers about four stories. The first three tells about the individual generations' story, and the last, the fourth one collective, comprises them and expresses the things that happen to all the three generations in a single episode.

Will There be Life In Pieces Season 5

Very Sadly I have to tell you that there will be no fifth season of “Life In Pieces”. As the tweet given below, you can see that it is mentioned” “Stream the touching final episodes of Life in Pieces now”. So now you know its official right? But you don't have to get sad because to refresh your memories you can watch the series again and enjoy it.

Why Life In Pieces Season 5 Dropped By The CBS?

Now you must be thinking why season 5 was cancelled? To know the answer keep on reading…

CBS decided to mark this show with a redline. The main concern   CBS was thinking about the show is its rating, yes the ratings are poor from the show. At first, it secures about 8 out of 10, according to the IMDb but it goes on decreasing up to the fourth installment.

The fourth bit gets about 0.8 ratings and hardly 5.8 million total viewers (Live+Same Day) which is not enough because the preceding season has more than 8 million viewers. The difference in dropping of the audience is not in a minor ratio, it is about more than 3 million less viewership comparably to prior seasons. This is the only reason behind the abandonment of the show…

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Is There Any Chance of Renewal?

The chances are quite nil for the renewal because the broadcasting platforms have already signed the dissolution of the show from their own side. If some new platforms come ahead and revive the show then we could hope for the renewal of “Life In Pieces Season 5” but only in the upcoming years.

Moreover, at this time the producer of the show, Lister-Jones is busy with her new project Woman Up for ABC Network. Not only the originators starring in the show are also busy with their own schedules, Brandt is working in Pearson for the USA Network and Cabral is also busy giving his voice for the cartoons.

This simply means that it would take time to get all the main leads free together. In the future if there be more updates regarding renewal then we will surely update you with the most advanced knowledge about the show, so stay tuned!!

Life in pieces Season 5

Final Verdict-

The show is discontinued because of fewer ratings and even has very few chances of rehabilitation. As a substitute, I think you should start watching the seventy-nine old episodes one by one, so what about relishing this chief season’s teaser altogether, just to cherish our old Life In Pieces memories…

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