Life Below Zero Season 13 : Everything About The Show Is Here!

life below zero season 13

Life Below Zero Season 13 is a television series based on the daily activities of hunters as they live in distant areas of Alaska. The show premiered on May 19, 2013 and telecasts on the National Geographic channel for the first time.

Life Below Zero is one of the Award-winning shows and also listed as the favourite shows on Nat Geo’s channel.

The viewers love the show so much because it gives them chills plus they get to know about some of the hardest areas in the world where people live and survive like heroes.

One of the best things about this show is that the whole team had done a great job and showcase the life of these people who struggle most of the time but never give up.

Plot Of Life Below Zero Season 13

As you can understand by the name of this show, Life Below Zero means the life of the peoples belongs to the hardest and coldest places where people live.

The show is about the documentary of some people’s lives in Alaska, it tells their lifestyles how they live in this coldest place and how they managed to escape from animals like Polar bears, wolves, and other carnivores.

Alaska is one of the most crowded regions of animals. The show follows the story of seven different people from different areas of Alaska. They fight against the worst climate and dangerous animals of Alaska.

The crew members of the show also face so many problems as they had to move in ice from one form to another with their cameras and other heavy equipment just to capture the perfect shots.

The hunters in this show struggles alone the crew nobody helps them and the former hunters also teach them how to survive or get food by hunting animals.

Every season upgrades its level of difficulty, the makers want to make the show one step harder in each installment.

Due to this their cast member Susan Aikens claims that the makers put herself in danger she also filed the case against them.

She claims that they forced her to camp in an unknown spot and also use a snow machine. She did not agree with all these things. She said she suffered some injuries and was not allowed to take her pet dog to guide her rough paths.

Characters of Life Below Zero Season 13

There are only seven main characters in the Life Below Zero Season 13. Here is the list of the names and some details about the characters.

  • Sue Aikens – a 57-year-old Woman
  • Chip and Agnes Hailstone- This couple lives with their seven children  Kobuk River in Noorvik.
  • Glenn Villeneuve– He was from Burlington, Vermont then moved to Alaska in 1999. He lives in Chandalar 200 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. And after a few time later his wife and children joined him.
  • Jessie Holmes  He is a fisherman, hunter, and dogsled racer. He lives with his 40 dogs.
  • Andy Bassich – He moved to Alaska from Washington D.C. with his wife. And in 2016 they got divorced.
  • Erik and Martha May Salitan- A young couple.
  • Ricko DeWilde – An Alaskan Athabaskan.

life below zero season 13

Life Below Zero Season 13: Where we can watch?

There are so many platforms where you can watch Life Below Zero Season 13, it is available on Disney+, National Geographic, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Now coming to the ratings, the IMDb rating of this series is quite impressive which is 8.0 out of 10. This show is highly recommended to watch.

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Last words

The show won five times creative arts Emmy Awards. Also got so much praise from the audience and from the critics too.

In this show, you know about the lifestyle of Alaskan people how they live and manage themselves in a harsh climate.  It’s a must-watch show…

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