Lexi Rivera Net Worth: Check Out Her Career Highlights!

Lexi Rivera is a 21-year-old Instagram and YouTube sensation from the United States. On her YouTube channel, Alexa River, she is well-known for making humorous videos, primarily pranks and challenges. Lexi is also the younger sister of Brent Rivera, a renowned YouTube celebrity. Additionally, she has an Instagram account with her own name. Her popularity is due to the fact that she constantly posts intriguing videos and photos to her account. In addition, she uploads videos to YouTube under her own name.

Lexi's Early Life

Lexi was born and raised in a Huntington Beach, California, middle-class home. Her date of birth is June 7th, 2001 (making her 20 years old). Her parents, John and Laura Rivera, are devoted. Her three eldest brothers are Brent, Brice, and Blake. Additionally, Brent and Brice are social media personalities, and Blake is a hockey player.

In June of 2019, she graduated from Huntington High School in West Virginia for her education. She competed in gymnastics during her school years and won the school championship.

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Lexi enrolled in the University of California after high school. Alexa eventually quit school to pursue a job in social media and never looked back.


Early on, Lexi began posting on numerous social media networks. She was inspired to become a social media celebrity by observing her older brother, Brent River. Lexi uploaded her first Instagram photo on May 26, 2012. Being the sister of a social media star, Brent River, helped her gain the most Instagram and YouTube followers possible.

Lexi Rivera Net Worth

Rivera began using YouTube on August 21, 2010. Despite having started the account in 2010, her first YouTube video was uploaded on July 2, 2018. The title of her debut YouTube video is “Wait, Who's My Favorite Brother? (Q&A)”. As a result of the video's numerous views, she was inspired to create more videos. Her third video, titled “Little Kids Nowadays (Lexi Edition),” was released to YouTube on July 15, 2018, and has received over 13 million views.

The majority of Lexi's YouTube videos feature her family and friends. She has collaborated with her brother Brent on numerous videos that have received the most views. She has even filmed her mum for a DVD. The video was released on October 7, 2018, with the title “Teaching My Mom Slang Terms!! Rivera continues to amuse her followers with YouTube videos. She creates two to three videos per week on average.

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Recent Rivera YouTube videos include “I Went On A Date…get ready with me! “, “Testing The Hottest Things You Can Do As a Girl”, “I Spent 24 Hours Overnight in a Mall!!”, and “I Become A “Mom” For the Day!!”. On October 31, 2021, she published a video titled “I Trapped The Boys Inside An Unbreakable Box!!

Net Worth of Lexi

Lexi Rivera Net Worth

As of July 2022, Lexi Rivera‘s estimated net worth is approximately $2 million. According to sources, she received approximately 1.5 million YouTube views every day on her channel. Her projected daily earnings from YouTube are approximately $12,000, giving her an estimated annual income of over $4.4 million.

Her Dating Life

The current relationship status of Lexi Rivera is likely to be single. Ben Azelart, a professional skateboarder and YouTube celebrity, was her former boyfriend. She had been dating Ben since the beginning of 2018. In November 2018, Ben and Lexi publicly acknowledged their relationship. Lexie has included her ex-boyfriend Ben in YouTube videos and Instagram posts.

Lexi Rivera Net Worth

She has connected with the social media influencer a few months ago. Andrew Davila. On December 13, 2020, she released a video titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend,” which included her ex-boyfriend Ben and her reported current boyfriend Andrew. In the video, she played a trick on her ex-boyfriend Ben by making him believe she is dating Andrew. However, the video was merely a hoax. She acknowledged at the beginning of the video that she and Andrew are just extremely close friends.

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She has claimed to be an avid admirer of the television program titled “Happy Friday.” She has also stated that the 2007 film titled “Blades of Glory” is among her favorites. She has a YouTube account with over 8.13 million subscribers and around one billion views. In addition, she has around 8.3 Million Instagram followers.

She devotes a considerable chunk of her day to physical activity. She appreciates the challenge of maintaining her fitness but has great difficulty doing so. Due to her passion for food, she enjoys binge eating, but she never allows it to interfere with her fitness goals.

Frequently Ask Questions

Lexi Rivera allegedly has ties to the influential individual Andrew Davila. Although the allegations have never been proven, the two have collaborated frequently on films for social platforms and have known each other for a long time.

The YouTube celebrity earns approximately $12,000 each day from her platform. Lexi has over 7.30 million YouTube subscribers, and her net worth increases by the year. The annual compensation of Lexi Rivera exceeds $1 million, which is sufficient.

Lexi Rivera, also known as Alexa Brooke Rivera, is a social media celebrity and Instagrammer with a $2 million net worth. She is also a major social media and web video celebrity.

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