Letterkenny New Season: Michelle Mylett Affirmed That 14 New episodes Are On Their Way!


Are you guys waiting for the “Letterkenny New Season” but many believed that the show is disconitnued for more but no! the series is not canceled which is the reason we are going to talk about the “Letterkenny series” in our today’s post, so let’s get started 🙂

Letterkenny New Season

What About The Letterkenny Is?

Letterkenny is a Canadian Tv show which is highly popular among teens. The show is created by Jared Keeso and written by Jacob Tierney. The series follows the story of people of the compact rural Canadian section having the same name.

The community consists of more than five thousand people having their own circumstances and problems. The main lead of the story is Wayne and Katy who use to run a small farm and used to do sell the products in order to live their livelihood.

Two other main lead of the story is Reilly and Jonesy, they are two best friends. They are the two closest companions who are associated with an on-and-off polyamorous relationship with Katy.

The story also shows the center point, Wayne who is busy guarding his esteem, he is “the toughest guy in Letterkenny.”

letterkenny new season

He also seems in breaking up Katy’s relationship with the guys he does not like too much because he was aware of how it feels when someone cheated on you, he has a soft side also, the guy who is dumped by his sweet girlfriend.

The audience really enjoyed the show a lot which is the reason, today we have nine seasons but followers are now waiting for the Letterkenny New Season but are we getting Season 10 or not? Let’s examine out these questions.

Are We Getting Letterkenny New Season?

Tyler Johnston, who has played Stewart on the long-running parody through its run, was among the main who shared a cast photograph from the set. He additionally noticed the new periods of the series wrapped.


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A post shared by Tyler Johnston (@tylerjbjohnston)

Furthermore, Michelle Mylett, who plays chronic dater Katy, was likewise among individuals who affirmed the series was recording only a couple of days prior.

Bonnie McMurray entertainer Kamilla Kowal had a comparative post, however, it was Mylett who later noticed the series would film not one bunch of scenes but rather two. More on that in a piece, as this is her first look from the set.


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A post shared by Michelle Mylett (@michellemylett)

Not only this, in another post we find Michelle Mylett affirmed that 14 new episodes” of Letterkenny in “just over a month and a half” and will soon be available. He also said that we are looking not only for a single season but a combo versions for the fans, so we could obviously hope to get Letterkenny Season 10 and 11 soon.

Talking about the dates, we could hope to see the series in Letterkenny New Season. However many believed that if everything remains stable then there are chances that the show would out at the end of 2021, so let’s wait and check for more updates.

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Letterkenny New Season- Who Will Be In It? What About The Plotline This Time?

We could hope to see the beloved character again that is Dan Petronijevic who will be in the role of McMurray with Melanie Scrofano as Mrs and Jacob Tierney will portray the personality of Glen.

Lisa Codrington would also be displayed as the psyche of Gail, Kaniehtiio Horn will be as of Tanis and Evan Stern will perform his role of Roald.

Mark Forward is seen as a Coach, Jared Keeso will perform with his capacity as Wayne, and Nathan Dales will convey his job in Daryl with Michelle Mylett will be seen as Katy, K. Trevor Wilson will depict the personality of Squirrelly Dan and Dylan Playfair will show the character of Reilly.

Andrew Herr as Jonesy and Tyler Johnston as Stewart will be there too in the 10th portion.

Now talking about the plotline of the show, then a lot of occasions will happen in the town as another adversary eatery is known as” Breastaurant” opens. Individuals of the town show interest in the young lady’s visit, movies, and table games.

In this manner, Tanis makes a carbonated refreshment. On the other side, the relationship life of Katy creates. The exact plotline is not revealed yet but no worries it will be in front of us very soon.

Do We Have An Official Teaser of Letterkenny New Season 10?

No, at this time we don’t have an official teaser of Letterkenny New Season but you can enjoy the ninth teaser, here with us.

Final Words

Well, the dates aren’t estbalished yet but the statements of the cast that we have added above simply means that we are getting the show again, so let’s wait for some future updates.

As a substitue you can go for the “old as gold previous episodes of Letterkenny, now it’s time to end, do you have something to ask then please let me know in the comment section.

Desire to see the same beautiful faces again in our next post, so don’t forget to bookmark us❤️❤️❤️.

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