Let’s Scoop Inside Da Brat’s Net Worth as the Rapper is Set to Welcome a Child With Her Wife Jesseca Dupart!


Da Brat, whose real name is Shawntae Harris, is an American rapper. In the mid-1990s, she was one of many women to break into the hip-hop scene. The first album by Da Brat made her a huge star in the music world.

She became the first female solo rapper in the history of music when she put out her platinum-certified album “Fundafied.” There is no doubt that this made a big difference in her net worth. After her studio album “Funkdafied” came out, Brat became a huge star in the music world.


She is also well known for being the second rap artist after Salt N' Papa to have sold more than 1 million copies of her album. After this album came out, Da Brat was nominated for two Grammy Awards, and the song made it into the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100.

She has made a lot of progress in her music career and has had a lot of hits. After making a name for herself in the music business, she started working on TV shows and movies, which helped her become one of the most famous actresses in the business.

Aside from that, Da Brat had a lot of problems with the law during her career, which hurt her popularity. She also spent most of her time in jail because she was violent and broke the law. In 2018, Da Brat said she was filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 and said she owed more than $7 million


What is Da Brat's Net Worth?

According to Filmysiyappa, Da Brat has a net worth of about $100,000. From 1990 to 2000, she made a lot of money in the music business through things like selling albums, going on tours, and putting on live shows.

She became well-known after putting out hit songs like “Da B Side,” “Fa All Y'All,” “Sittin,” and many more. At the height of her career, Da Brat made $40,000 a month from live shows and working with other artists.

She is also an actress, and she has made money in the film industry by playing different roles in TV shows and movies. The amount of money Da Brat makes each year is more than $50,000.

Da Brat net worth

In 2000, Brat released the album Unrestricted, which made her $1 million. She then got to sing with Mariah Carey and Missy Elliot on the Rainbow World Tour, which made $5,200,000 from ticket sales.

Later, she made $500,000 from her second album, Anuthatantrum, and $1 million from her first album, Funkdafied. Da Brat was making more than $200,000 a year around this time.

As we've already said, Da Brat filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and said she owed more than $7 million during the process, according to The Blast's record.

One of her debts is the $6,4 million judgement given to a former cheerleader named Shayla Stevens. Brat is accused of hitting Stevens in the head with the rum bottle during the nightclub fight in 2007.

Sony Music also said that Brat Brat owes $1.25 million. She says that she has bought things worth $108,700. Her monthly income is shown as $9,319. However, her costs are $10,506, which means she loses $1,187 per month.

Da Brat and Jesseca Dupart are Going to Become Parents

The Funkdafied singer told People Magazine about her pregnancy in a recent article. The musician said this about getting pregnant at age 48:

“It's been quite a journey! We have learned a lot about women over the age of 40.”

Da Brat net worth

The couple's journey to becoming parents began at their wedding in February 2022. Brat said that the plan began as a joke when Dupart was working on a new line of Kaleidoscope Hair Products that were inspired by Brat's braids and hairstyles:

“At first, it was just a joke. We said, ‘We're growing our family!' But then a lot of people replied. It was like, “Oh my God, do we really want to have kids? Girl, if we do, we'd better hurry up!”

Brat told the magazine that she didn't plan to have her own children at first: “I never thought I'd have children.”

I just thought I wouldn't be able to do it. I've had a great job and an interesting life. I thought that since I hadn't gotten pregnant before, it wasn't going to happen to me. But after she met Dupart and they fell in love, she changed her mind.

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