Let’s Find out: Who is Dove Cameron Dating?


Dove Cameron, a Disney star, has become well-known in a variety of ways during the past few years (you can largely thank the incredible popularity of Descendants for that). In any case, we're all a little bit fixated on her right now. Fans are naturally curious about the 26-year-old actress's love life. Dove Cameron is dating? Find out by reading on.

Who is Dove Cameron Currently Dating?


Till Now, Dove seems to be single. The actress hasn't recently made any public comments about seeing anyone, and there are no indications of a companion of any kind on her Instagram. After a picture of Dove and fellow actress Veronica St. Clair appeared on the latter's page, some fans started to wonder if they were romantically engaged.

Who is Dove Cameron Dating

Dove and Veronica are seen kissing in the movie in what looks to be an airport terminal. The actress wrote in the image's caption: “my universe and my girl. From 8,000 miles away, happy birthday”.


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Some people naturally assumed that this indicated that Dove and Veronica were dating, but in reality, they are just very good friends who are expressing their feelings for one another.

Dove Cameron's Instagram Account

She is very active on her Instagram Account. As of now, she has 48.5 million followers on her Instagram Account. You can view her latest post below.


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Dating History of Dove Cameron

Continue reading to learn more about how Cameron's prior partnerships met on the Disney Channel!

Ryan McCartan Since 2013

Ryan McCartan and Cameron began dating by the time Liv and Maddie premiered in July 2013 after first meeting on the set of the programme in 2012. After dating for almost three years, Cameron and McCartan started their band, The Girl and the Dreamcatcher, and were engaged in April 2016.

Less than six months later, McCartan shocked his admirers by announcing that he and his fiancee were breaking up. Dove has realized that this relationship isn't what she wants, but we are still profoundly in love with one another, he tweeted. You must be compassionate since this is distressing.

Who is Dove Cameron Dating

She stated in an interview that it was her first “genuine” on- and off-screen romance. “I kept many of the highs and lows of my first relationship a secret. I had the misconception that everything had to be perfect all the time until my partner gently reminded me.

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The situation was made much more complicated by McCartan‘s claims that Cameron had cheated on him while they were engaged in January 2020. Cameron looked to be alluding to the allegations she had been accused of spreading when she retweeted an image with an inspiring quote that said, “It's a good day to be alive.” When they can no longer control you, they will try to affect how other people view you.

The unfairness of the false information may be tough for you to deal with, but know that others will eventually reach the same conclusion as you did. No one responded when McCartan‘s and Cameron‘s agents were asked for comment on the alleged cheating.

Thomas Doherty, 2017–2020

Cameron initiated speculations of a relationship with Doherty after splitting up with McCartan. Doherty and her Descendants, 2 co-star Cameron began sharing passionate pictures of one another on social media in December 2016, and the allegations only became worse when Cameron paid a visit to Doherty in London.

In February 2017,  They were dating. She said, “We're dating.” Because “when it's yours and it's private, everything is just so [much] more romantic and real,” We're keeping it to ourselves, so I'm sort of keeping it to myself.

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After almost three years of dating, Cameron and Doherty even discussed getting married for the first time. In an interview in November 2019, she stated, “I think, if I'm going to marry anyone, it's going to be him.”

However, Cameron revealed to her fans that she and Doherty had split up two months later, in December 2020.

We struggled with this choice, but we still value our friendship and intend to stick together. We sincerely appreciate your patience and thoughtfulness at this time. For his part, Doherty hasn't yet commented on the separation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dove Cameron changed his name for what reason?

She was 15 when her father passed away in 2011. Cameron took the name Dove legally after her father's passing in memory of him and the nickname he gave her.

How much money will Dove Cameron have in 2022?

A $5 million estimate for Dove Cameron's wealth has been made.

Does Dove Cameron have Billie Eilish's voice?

The ambiance is strikingly similar, as Dove speaks with the same direct, personal, low-register, strong vibrato voice that Billie has popularized since her comeback. Even the instrumentation has an eerie and intriguing atmosphere, but the biggest difference between the two is in this area.