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Lethal Weapon 5: Is it Happening or not?


“I'm Surprised You Haven't Heard Of Me, I Got A Bad Reputation, Like Sometimes I Just Go Nuts. Like Now, Ha-Ha!”

This quote hooks me, every time I hear or read this. Have you heard this quote before…..If yes.

Then you must know about Lethal Weapon. Lethal Weapon is one of the top crime and investigation movies with four successful releases. Now, dedicated viewers are waiting for Lethal Weapon 5.

So, this article will provide you deep insight into Lethal Weapon 5:

Lethal Weapon 5

The comedy-action drama Lethal is an American buddy cop television series that is developed by Matt Miler and created by Shane Black. It is one of the topmost action series that has successfully completed its 4 seasons.

After the death of his (Los Angels) wife, police investigator Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), becomes careless. But when he is reassigned, Riggs immediately collides with the older officer. Since then they reunite and unfold the immense drug-trafficking ring.

While solving high and mysterious situations with huge danger levels, they become concerned for each other and forms a bond. The storyline has plenty of twists and turns to bind the viewers.

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Lethal Weapon 5: Will it be back on screen?

What’s your predict?

I know….. the hardcore fans never think negatively, they always have positive mindset for their favorite shows- In this case also- You are also expecting it. Your expectation will be fulfilled soon as Lethal Season 5 will be back on screen soon.

Dan Lin gives a hint – He's been trying to get it made for “several years.” There is a script that is undergoing revisions by Jez Butterworth, who wrote the Tom Cruise vehicle Edge Of Tomorrow and Black Mass, which starred Johnny Depp. Once the script is finalized and production starts, we'll know more about when to expect Lethal Weapon 5 on screen.

Get set for all new experience of action, comedy and buddy cop.

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IMDb Rating:

I always check ratings and reviews before watching any series or movies. Do you follow this norm? Or Check something else? Let me know…

For Lethal Also, I have mentioned all the ratings and reviews. Check it:

Lethal was famous among the audience and receives 7.9 from the IMDb.

Consider audience feedback as well.

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Lethal Weapon Feedback:


Lethal Weapon… feels extremely familiar. In part that's because the original movies set a template that we've seen imitated countless times on TV without the movie's title attached to the program. Now they've gotten around to using the title, too.

Mark Darkwin:

Nothing here will make you forget the original film, but this series version is fun, fast-paced, and not without charm.


The worst remake ever. Crawford must have been a bum on the streets as his acting is just that bad! thankful he and his attitude have been replaced.


Didn't think I would enjoy it at first, being a fan of the old movies. But the casting actually turned out much better than I expected. Got into the show pretty fast and now it's one of my favorites. Great stuff.

Lethal Weapon 5: Release Date:

Sadly, the release date is not confirmed or you can say, it is not disclosed by the creators. Although, the seasons have been in glare for years the premiere date is not finalized yet.

According to the authentic sources, the series is in vigorous development but its premiere date is a long way off.

If you are desperate about Lethal Weapon then you can access Lethal Weapon movies and previous seasons on Amazon. You will really enjoy the buddy cop action with lot of comedy.

Lethal 5: Who will in Season 5?

No formal disclosure is done yet by Richard Donner and other creators members. Well, this is sure that Richard Donner will direct the Lethal Season 5. Moreover, Mel Gibson and Danny Glover will also be back in their role of Riggs and Murtaugh.

Lin said: “The original cast is coming back. Mel and Danny are ready to go, so it's about the script.” But whether any other familiar faces, like Rene Russo, Chris Rock, or Joe Pesci, will return remains to be seen.

The fact that Murtaugh is even still a cop is beyond hilarious, given his catchphrase from the first movie.

We are not sure whether the other members will be back on the screen or not. After the release of the Lethal Season 5, Joe Pesci has taken off from the industry. So, fans are curious to know whether he will be back in his role to pleasure his followers.

Expecting some news faces but not sure whether they will be or not? What do you think? Write to us in the reference section.

Lethal Season 5: First-Look:

First-look of the series is not yet shared. I know you will be saying this- there are numerous videos claiming Lethal 5 first-look but sadly, they are misleading.

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You will receive the trailer as it is shared by the makers.

Popular Quotes:

Do you remember the famous quotes of the series for which it is popular?

If no…then we have complied all of them for you.

You Have The Right To Remain Unconscious. Anything You Say Ain’t Gonna Be Much.”

“It’s Just Been Revoked.”

“We're Partners, We Are Partners. What Happens To You, Happens To Me.”

“Well, What Do You Wanna Hear Man? Do You Wanna Hear That Sometimes I Think About Eatin' A Bullet? Huh?”

“You’re Not Trying To Draw A Psycho Pension! You Really Are Crazy!”

“I’m Leo Getz, And Whatever You Want, Leo Gets. Get It?”

“I’m Not A Cop Tonight, Roger, It’s Personal.”

“I Was Driving Before You Were An Itch In Your Daddy’s Pants!”

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We have tried to cover each and every minute detail of Lethal 5 in this article. Still, you want to ask something about it then feel free to connect with us. If you want to know about any other series then share with us, we will definitely write on it.

Having any suggestions for us? Do write to us in the reference section. Your feedback is valuable to us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques. Is Lethal Season 5 coming out?

Ans. Lethal 5 is on its way. The makers confirmed the Lethal 5 but didn’t yet disclosed the release date.

Ques. Where to watch Lethal 5?

Ans. You can stream it on Amazon Prime.

Ques. Why was the Lethal canceled?

Ans. No, Lethal is confirmed and it is not canceled. Initially, there was a cancellation rumor but creators confirmed the happening of the Lethal 5.

Ques. Is Lethal is returning in 2020 with a new season?

Ans. Lethal is returning that is Lethal 5, but not in 2020. Producers shared the Lethal confirmation but didn’t disclose any premiere date. We can’t expect it in 2020 but chances are high for its launch in mid-2021 or fall 2021.

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