Legion Is Not Coming With Season 4

How it would feel when your favorite show is getting to an end? Probably no one will feel good. Even though you’ll feel miserable. That’s what happened with the fans of Legion. But despite the show has come to an end, we all are satisfied with the ending with everything making sense in their own places.

The show, Legion has been wrapped up in it’s season 3, making the people mad at FX, but the day have to come. The series is quite weirdly different from the other show and of course how can we forget the brilliant mind of Noah Hawley.

In this article, we’re going to unfold the pages of Legion and it’s season 4. Hope you’ll be with us throughout the journey.

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Legion – What is it?

Legion season 4

To begin with, Legion is American TV series which was basically created for FX. The show have three seasons respectively. The story follows David Haller who is the main protagonist of the story.

If you are a true Marvel Universe fan then you already know that Legion is a Marvel Comic Character. The show is made with the collaboration of both the company i.e. Marvel and FX.

Moreover, if you’re planning to watch this show, then Legion have 26 episodes in total and you have to invest your 44-68 minutes per episode.

Legion Season 4 – Is it going to happen?

As we have already the three seasons of Legion but what is the current status of Legion season 4? Legion is Cancelled? Or it is getting Renewed?

Sadly, the Producers of the show have already explained that season 3 is going to be last and finale season of the Legion. The comic Book story have already came to an end with the satisfied ending.

However, he also added that if the writers have anything in their mind regarding the show they can think about it. But after that announcement nothing is officially announced. Fans are still wondering about the Season 4 and we know it is not going to happen.

But on the other hand some people have different Opinion. Some people object that the Legion Season 3 is great and there is no need to stretching it for another season.

But if anything or any news related to Legion season 4 will occur, we’ll definitely going to update this page. So, bookmark it down for the future purpose.

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Legion – Where is the trailer?

Since there is no news about Legion season 4 and we are at a position in which we don’t know whether it is going to happen or not.

During this hard time we have Legion Seasons trailer for you. If you have not checked them out do it now. Also, if you’re planning to watch Legion this will be the best startup for the show.

Legion – What is the storyline of the show?

The Series was first aired in February 8, 2017 which is notably based on the Marvel comic character David Haller who is also known as Legion.

David was diagnosed with a disease named, Schizophrenia (person ability to think, feel and behave clearly is affected) since his childhood. He wants to make sure that he is completely fine and because of which he traveled across the every psychiatric hospital in the country.

During his journey of hospital, he met with a girl named Syd, who is also suffering from some sort of psychology problems. And our hero fall in love with her.

Legion then tell her how he used to see and hear things which are completely different. Syd made him believe that these things are actually true and they have to do something in order to find out the cure.

Later in the story, Syd take legion group of people who have a supernatural powers like him. The story gets more interesting as you go ahead of the episodes.

Legion Season 4 – Who will cast in the show?

If there will be ever a Season 4 of Legion what will be the cast? I think this isn’t a super tough questions which required scientific and mathematical calculation 😂

We all know how the previous cast is a great choice for it. I mean who doesn’t want to see the super handsome Dan Stevens in the show.

Moreover, the cast which will be same are –

  • Aubrey Plaza as Lenny Busker
  • Rachel Keller will seen as Sydney Barrett
  • Amber Midthunder as Kerry Loudermilk
  • Jean Smart will play the character of Melanie Bird
  • Bill Irwin will cast as Cary Loudermilk
  • Jeremie Harris will play the character of Ptonomy Wallace
  • Hamish Linklater will cast as Clark DeBussy
  • Katie Aselton will be as Amy Haller
  • Jemaine Clement as Oliver Bird
  • Navid Negahban will cast as Shadow King
  • Lauren Tsai will be seen as JiaYi/ Switch

Popular dialogue of the show

The legion have some of the amazing dialogue in their series which are worth listening. We have mentioned bunch of dialogue so that you can refresh your happy memories.

  • “I don’t care if you save me or the world if you don’t save yourself.”
  • “Ask yourself: what’s more terrifying? Fear, or the frightened.”
  • “Do what you want. Take what you want. Gods make rules. They don’t follow them.”
  • “David, your whole life people have told you you were sick. What if I told you that’s a lie? What if I told you every memory you have of mental illness… the voices, hallucination… was just your power? And what if I could do more than just tell you? What if I could show you? Help you rewrite the story of your life?”

Legion Season 4

  • “I tell them I’m sane, they think I’m crazy, and if I say, “You know what? You’re right, I am crazy,” then they up my dosage.”
  • “Do you know what love is? It’s a hot bath. What happens to things when you leave them in a bath for too long? They get soft, fall apart.”
  • “I’m a good person. I deserve love.”
  • “Everybody in here keeps saying that I’m sane. What if they’re wrong?”
  • “I’ll watch for you as best I can, but things get muddy out there in the vast subconscious. Remember, it’s not real unless you make it real.”

Ratings of the show

The show receives well praises by the audience. While looking at the ratings of the show, you’ll not find a great diversity. The ratings of Legion are pretty good. With the 91% of Rotten tomatoes and 8.2/10 of IMDb rating the show rocking the platform well.

Moreover, the TV.com rating of the show is 7.8/10 which is okay through my point of view. So, if you are planning to watch this series on the basis of the ratings then you should go for it.

Review of the show

Raveena Singh

“Noah Hawley’s story telling is spectacular. This show is a gem on accounts of all areas music, cinematography, direction. 

Every scene is very unique, every episode gives you a feeling that you have never experienced it before. Most of the time they don’t even include dialogues, and they left it to the viewers imagination to understand just by watching the show to understand what is happening.”

Sam Trammell

One of my favorite shows of all time. The style and direction of all three seasons is like a work of art, with many hidden details for the astute viewer. Dan Stevens is a joy to watch in his role of David. I admit that this show will not be for everyone but that is true of many shows that are considered materpieces. All I will say is it is a unique experience unlike any other!”

Josephine baker

“I have to mention that one of the main reasons this is in my top ten shows of all time, is that they nail the ending. Many great shows I would’ve rated 9 or 10/10 fell to a 6 or a 7 because they had disappointing or insulting endings but I am happy to say that Legion remains a 10/10 for me 

This show uses its cool premise and elevates it with beautiful cinematography and set designs. I swear this is the best artsy show I have seen in my life. Even the second season was able to impress me with its beautiful writing, though they are setting up something which might look like a huge problem, I have faith that it will be able to overcome it and entertain us even more. It gets very emotional so get ready to cry a lot.”


The Legion have already released it’s three seasons with 26 episodes in total. The show runner said that the season 3 was last and Final season for the story. The story of this series was completely based on the Marvel comic character Legion. The sow Developers tried to make the show Graphic during the tome of late 90s-80s however they don’t forget to add the technology of today’s world. The season 3 was last and satisfied many people.

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