Lee Zeldin Says 2 Were Shot Outside His House

Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate for governor of New York and congressman from New York, says his family is safe after two teenagers were shot outside his Long Island house on Sunday afternoon.

The two 17-year-old boys were strolling with a third youngster in Shirley, New York, where Zeldin resides, when they were struck by gunshots from a moving vehicle, according to Suffolk County Police. The injured adolescents then attempted to conceal themselves in Zeldin’s yard by ducking under his porch and into the bushes, while their companion departed.

Zeldin stated that while the congressman and his wife were not at home during the shooting, their teenage girls were in the kitchen doing homework when they heard gunshots and screams. “One of the gunshots was located 30 feet (9.14 meters) away from where they were sitting,” Zeldin stated during a press conference on Sunday night.

Lee Zeldin Says 2 Were Shot Outside His House

The Suffolk County Police Department issued a brief statement indicating that the shooting was being investigated. A police spokeswoman stated that no information was available regarding who fired the rounds or who discovered the two victims first.

“Most people believed he was trying to adjust the speaker or the flag, but then someone yelled to stop him, he’s not with them,'” Ian Winner said. “Then the entire wrestling match ensued.”

Hochul stated that she was briefed on the shooting and that she is “relieved to hear that the Zeldin family is unharmed.

Zeldin, who is running against Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kathy Hochul, has made growing crime rates and violent crime a centerpiece of his campaign. Among other measures, he has advocated for the state’s bail regulations to be strengthened.

Lee Zeldin Says 2 Were Shot Outside His House

Zeldin told Harris Faulkner, “She has been pandering to pro-criminal supporters and has been on the wrong side of issue after issue.” Kathy Hochul cannot meet this head-on since she has not been actively addressing the issue.

She wrote, “I’ve been briefed about the shooting outside Congressman Zeldin’s home.” As we await additional information, I am pleased to hear that the Zeldin family is safe and appreciative of law enforcement’s prompt response.

It is his second fright in the past several months. In July, while campaigning in upstate New York, he was assaulted by a man who approached him onstage and put a sharp instrument near his head and neck. The man was arrested and the victim was not wounded.