Latest Updates and Plot of Upcoming Game: Witchbrook

A Chucklefish Creation… 

Chucklefish Ltd. is a British game publisher as well as developer of Witchbrook and the director of the game is an Indie developer

The Uk firm recently announced the launch of Witchbrook. Fans are excited to know about this interesting game for the months. 

So, Are you one of them? 

Then, you have come to the right platform. 

Who is developing Witchbrook?

The developing company being the upcoming game, Witchbrook is Chucklefish. The developing company of Wargroove and Starbound.

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Release Date: Witchbrook

As the game is still under production, there is no release date for the game currently. But it won’t be too long for the game to reach us to enjoy the world of wizards in Witchbrook. Rumors say that it might get released in late 2021 or 2022.

‘Witchbrook’ has been confirmed to work on laptop or computer systems. Not only this it’s also possible for them to be available for console versions but most probably they will only be available for PlayStation 5 (latest version)and Xbox Series X (latest version). They won’t be developing it for older versions of them.Witchbrook

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All about: Witchbrook

Witchbrook comes under the life simulation game category. Do you know about the life simulation game category? 

It means that the player is going to control the life of the character in the game. 

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The story of the game is based on wizardry Or magical background.  The main player is shown to go to a wizard school where he/she will study witchcraft and magical spells, to eventually graduate from the school. 

The production and creators of the game gave every character in the show a different background story, their own personality, and connection with the main character the gamers will play as. The main character will be able to make relationships with students in school, or people of the city.

Also, in school, the character will be able to learn magic spells by learning from the classes in school and completing assignments. The character will also be able to participate in other activities such as fishing, growing crops, etc. the game allows the player to have love interests and relationships, fight against enemies and make friends with other characters. Witchbrook

Who is Chucklefish?

Chucklefish is a game developing company founded on 10 June 2011. The company was born in London, the United Kingdom by Finn Brice. The company calls itself to create retro-styled games. 

This company is well known for games like Starbound, Wargroove, Risk of Rain, and Stardew Valley. The company is currently developing a new game of theirs called Witchbrook. 

The story of this company begins with Brice the founder and a few more developers trying to make a game to publish with no money or experience, just an idea of the game Starbound. Having all the support after they were able to get enough money to get a working office and team of 18 developers in 2014.

Now, the team of 18 developers is able to make a second game called Wargroove and support other developers’ games with few elements. Finally, now they are giving another game of their own, Witchbrook which is under development and soon to come out for everyone to play.  

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When is it coming out?

There is time for the game to come out as the game is still in “work in progress”. The game creators, chucklefish, are working hard to bring the game to the world for all the gamers to play. 

On what platform will the game be released?

There is no platform decided yet as the game is still under production. It will soon be updated once decided.

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