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Season four was poised to be a make-or-break moment for The Last Kingdom but fortunately, the show sticks the landing - with one small wobble. Critics said!

the last kingdom season 4

The Last Kingdom is a British Historical fiction series which is a complete adaptation of a novel by Bernard Cornwell named The Saxon StoriesThe first time the show aired in 2015 for BBC America and BBC Two but after a couple of week later it got shifted on Netflix.

The second season came out on March 16, 2017, by Netflix in different regions like the US, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Japan, Australia, and Portugal and the same happen with the third installment on 19 November 2018. The Last Kingdom Season 4 aired in April 2020 with a good new that there be a fifth installmet too.

the last kingdom season 4

Who came in Last Kingdom Season 4? Many of the former faces are reunited again in the show. Starting from the main actors…

Alexander Dreymon is in the show playing the role of Uhtred of Bebbanburg with Emily Cox who is Brida with these two Ian Hart is in his respective role of Berocca’s father along with Magnus Bruun plays Cnut, Jeppe Beck Laursen plays Haesten, Arnas Fedaravičius plays Sihtric and Mark Rowley plays Finan.

Not only these many characters are established in the show. The list of actors who are introduced in Last Kingdom Season 4 is listed below-

  • Caspar Griffiths as Æthelstan
  • Máté Haumann as Cenr
  • Marcell Zsolt Halmy as Ælfweard
  • Gabriel Harland as Young Cnut
  • Tristan Harland as Esga
  • Debbie Chazen as Sable
  • Helena Albright as Ælfwynn
  • Anthony Cozens as Aidan
  • Kirill Bánfalvi as Burgred’s Son
  • Richard Heap as Brother Oswi
  • Nicholas Asbury as Brother Iestyn
  • Ossian Perret as Wihtgar
  • Oscar Skagerberg as Bjorgulf
  • Julia Brown as Ecgwyn
  • Antal Leisen as Creoda
  • Kimberley Wintle as Tartan

How Many Episodes Last Kingdom Season 4 Have?

The fourth season comes out with only ten episodes which are later tagged as the final story of the show, at first. All of the ten episodes are directed by Ed Bazalgette and written by Martha Hillier. If you are willing to watch then you can watch the fourth installment on Netflix.

The Last Kingdom Season 4- Official Teaser

Here is the official teaser of the fourth installment, if you haven’t watched the show yet then starting with the teaser will be a good option for you.

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Where We Can Watch The Last Kingdom Series?

The Last Kingdom series is available to stream on its original platforms that is Netflix rather than this it is also accessible on the Amazon Prime Videos .

You can also go with some new series like Wrecked, Netflix Orignal Show- Control Z or simply visit us for more tv shows and series at

The Last Kingdom Season 4- Ratings!

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the show crossed with 96% of audience ratings( 904 user ratings), and talking about the Tomato Meter’s percentage, it is not calculated by the census at this time because they have no enough rating to measure out the grades.

Rolling on the other side, IMDb hasn’t calculated the rating of the whole show whereas each episode has its own ratings that start from seven to around nine scores out of ten and calculating the average out of this then it will be 8 out of 10, approximately which isn’t bad.

You can also check the review here-

Final Words-

At first the show Executive Producer, Nigel Marchant said at Carnival Films that: We are really proud of The Last Kingdom, which continues to entertain audiences all over the world.

Here in this, he is talking about the Last Kingdom Season 5 but then pandemic happens and we haven’t heard more from the originators but after a couple of weeks later a statement from Dreymon came out in October 2020 (via

He said- “We’re going to start shooting towards the end of this year under very strict COVID-19 guidelines, of course,”. “We’re very lucky to be able to work at the moment.”

Now the Last Kingdom has five seasons from which the most recent season aired in July 2020 which continues the further part of the historical drama. The fifth installment is also loved by the followers whereas the ratings aren’t calculated at this time.

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