Lanny Poffo Death: What Happened With Former WWE Star?

Lanny Poffo, who used to be a big name in WWE, died at the age of 68. The famous wrestler was the younger brother of “Macho Man” Randy Savage, who was also famous. His ring names, “Leaping” and “The Genius,” were very well known.

The official reason for his death has not yet been said. In the 1970s, Poffo started wrestling. Before joining WWF in 1985, he wrestled for International Championship Wrestling, Mid-South Wrestling, and National Wrestling Alliance, among others. Learn more about his life and work by reading on.

How Did Lanny Poffo Die?

Pro wrestler Hacksaw is in the Hall of Fame. Jim Duggan sent out a tweet to say that Poffo had died. He wrote, “With a heavy heart, I’ve been asked to tell everyone that our friend and coworker Lanny Poffo, The Genius, has died. RIP Lanny.”

lanny poffo death

In 1974, All-South Wrestling Alliance was where Lanny’s first wrestling match was. In his first match, he lost to Wayne Cowan. After a few months with the promotion, he moved first to National Wrestling Alliance and then to International Championship Wrestling, which was owned by his father, Angelo Poffo. He also wrestled in a few matches for the Continental Wrestling Association.

How Did Lanny Poffo Rise to Fame?

The wrestler’s first match in the WWF was in July 1985. He worked for the promotion for seven years and became well-known for bringing frisbees to the ring with poems about the heel written on them. After reading the poem, he would throw the frisbees into the crowd.

Poffo left the WWF in 1992 and joined World Championship Wrestling, which was the WWF’s rival, in 1995. In January 2020, he had his last match for Survival Championship Wrestling. In the same year, he paid tribute to the legends of Memphis Wrestling by appearing on AEW Dynamite.

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In 2015, Randy Savage, the wrestler’s brother, was added to the WWE Hall of Fame. He was also a published author. His book Limericks from the Heart and Lungs! was about why people shouldn’t smoke. And The Genius of Lanny Poffo, a comic book about his life.

People Are Paying Tribute to the Wrestler

The death of Poffo has shocked everyone in the wrestling business, and many veterans and fans are now sharing their sadness on social media. The Iron Sheik, an Iranian pro wrestler, wrote on Twitter, “LANNY POFFO MY BROTHER. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. GIVE NIKOLAI RANDY AND ELIZABETH HUG FOR ME.”

lanny poffo death

“I’m sorry to hear about Lanny Poffo’s death. In 2019, it was a pleasure to have Lanny in the ROH locker room and at the broadcast table. He was amazed by how athletic and charismatic today’s athletes were, and he said good things about the products of today. Over the years, we kept in touch by texting. May he rest in peace,” wrote Ian Riccaboni, a sports commentator.

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Steve Shives, a YouTuber, also posted on Twitter, “Sad to hear that Lanny Poffo, who was known as “The Genius” to WWF fans in the 1980s and 1990s, has died. He was usually talked about in the same sentence as his brother, but he deserves to be remembered on his own as one of the most unique workers and speakers of his time.

We’re sorry for Lanny Poffo’s family and friends’ loss. His soul may rest in peace!