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Laid-Back Camp Season 2: Next Adventurous Camping of Rim and Nadeshiko!

Welcome All, I hope all is fine and enjoying the popular and latest anime series. So, I came back with the new anime series Laid- Back Camp with its season 2 which already came out in 2021.

So here, I tell you all about this Anime series which is also known as Yuru Camp in Japan and adapted from the Manga which is based on the same name and illustrated by Afro.

Yoshiaki Kyogoku is the director of the series and Jin Tanaka wrote the series in which Rin is seen in the next Camping after completing her last Christmas Outdoor Camp.

In Season 2 they are heading to the next camp with Nadeshiko and many other friends they meet on their way. In the season you see that it seems difficult for Rin to return back to her home so she boarded to Nadeshiko Grandmother’s home and met many new friends.

Laid-Back Camp Season 2: Release Date

laid-back camp season 2

I know this is the audience’s favourite place and they are waiting and look curious to know when the new season comes. Then, it’s the good news to all that season already came on January 7, 2021 and concluded on April 1, 2021 with 13 episodes in it.

It is also heard that a sequel film is also coming in 2022 which is confirmed in 2018. So, let’s wait for the film which is set to come and before the official announcement we can’t give you the exact month that when it is coming but enjoy watching its Laid-Back Camp 2 as it has already come and streaming.

As I told you above that it has 13 episodes and these episodes titles are-

  • “Curry Noodles Are the Best Travel Companion”
  • “New Year’s Solo Camper Girl”
  • “Surprise Camping and Some Deep Thoughts”
  • “What Are You Buying With Your Temp Job Money?”
  • “Caribou-kun and Lake Yamanaka”
  • “Cape Ohmama in Winter”
  • “Nadeshiko’s Solo Camp Planning”
  • “Camping Alone”
  • “Winter’s End and the Day of Departure”
  • “The Izu Camp Trip Begins!”
  • “Izu Camping!! On the Way”
  • “Izu Camping!!! Birthdays!”
  • “I’m Home”

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Laid-Back Camp Season 2: Cast

laid-back camp season 2

These are the cast members who returned for the new season of Yuru Camp or you can also call it Laid- Back Camp in English.

  • Yumiri Hanamori
  • Nao Toyama
  • Sayuri Hara
  • Aki Toyosaki
  • Rie Takahashi
  • Marina Inoue
  • Shizuka Ito
  • Risae Matsuda
  • Tomoyo Kurosawa
  • And Akio Otsuka who came back again as the narrator for the second season.

Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Storyline

laid-back camp season 2

Rin Shima, who is the main anime character in the Yuru Camp series, started her solo camp after spending Christmas camping with her new friends. She is dedicated and happy to see the New Year sunrise by the sea.

But things didn’t go well and due to change in weather unfortunately, and roads to her house were blocked which made her return impossible at that time. So from here, her new trip started with Nadeshiko to their grandma’s house and on the way they met a lot of new friends.

Where to Watch Laid-Back Camp Both Seasons?

You can stream this Laid-Back Camp or Yuru Camp on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and on VRV.

Before watching Episodes do you want to know what’s in the season 2, then watch out its trailer which is given below-

Ratings and Reviews of Laid-Camp Anime Series

If you check out IMDB ratings then, this Japanese Anime Series got 8.0 ratings out of 10. If you look at which episode is top rated and best to view then you see Season 1- Episode no. 12 and Season 2 Episode no. 8 got the highest ratings respectively.

At the time of writing there are 8 user reviews on it and according to some users it was the cutest anime to see with soul soothing.

Crunchyroll: On Crunchyroll also this series is given positive response from the side of the audience and average ratings of the user on it is also 5 out of 5.

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Is Season 3 of Laid-Back Camp or Yuru Camp Coming?

There is no announcement for the laid-back Camp season 3 because its season 2 ended in April, 2021.

Will there be a Laid-Back Camp Movie?

There is an expectation that the sequel of the movie is coming in 2022 but officially it is not announced when it will come.

What is the Height of Rin Shima?

She is shorter than Nadeshiko but you can call her 144cm tall.


Laid-Back Camp is a good and cute anime series whose season 2 is already released and you have to do one thing: sit calmly and enjoy its season 2. If you want to read other articles then suggest which article you wanted to read by writing that article name in the comment box. And also keep enjoying your day and stick to to read the latest articles of your favourite niche.