Labyrinth 2 Release Date: Everything You Need To Know!

Labyrith 2 is coming after four decades and is being directed by the most reputable directors in the country.

Last Updated : January 27, 2022

Labyrinth 2‘ is a new action adventure love family fantasy film in the works. Scott Derrickson is expected to direct the film.

The first part was directed by Jim Henson, who is no longer with us, but his family has continued to carry on his legacy.

 TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), and The Jim Henson Company are producing the picture.

It’s a follow-up to Labyrinth (1986). After four decades, the new part of the movie is going to come up which is a very exciting news for the fans of the first part. The project has been called a spin off. It is definitely going to be a sequel and not a reboot, said Nicole Perlman. She is the screenwriter.

Labyrinth 2 Cast

Jennifer Connelly, who appeared in the first Labyrinth, is set to play the same role in the sequel,  However, there has been no official word on Jennifer Connelly and if she would come back in the movie and play the role of Sarah again.

Labyrinth 2

This sequel has great expectations specially because of the presence of  Scott Derrickson and his amazing direction as seen previously in Doctor Strange which was a big hit.The sequel is expected to be better than the first part and let’s just hope that it’s true as we all are very excited. However, if the film is a spin-off, we might not see any of the original characters return which can cause a little problem as many people might be expecting the old cast.

If you enjoy Jennifer Connelly’s acting and are interested in learning more about her forthcoming picture, Top Gun: Maverick is a must-see.

Labyrinth 2 Release Date

While we’re already excited about the prospect of a Labyrinth sequel or spin-off being created after almost four decades, there’s more good news for fans.

The second series of Labyrinth will be directed by Scott Derrickson (who previously directed the masterpiece Doctor Strange). This was mentioned by Digital Spy.

Because the film is so unique, even a minor wrong would have destroyed the whole thing, as well as disappointed the viewers. We’re confident that no other filmmaker than Scott Derrickson would have been a greater fit for the project.

Jennifer Connelly is scheduled to return, which assures us that the film will live up to our expectations. She gave an amazing performance in the first part  40 years ago, and her presence in the sequel is ahuge relief.

Name of the Movie Labyrinth 2
Genre Musical Fantasy
Part 1 1986
Part 2 Not announced yet
Director of Part 1 Jim Henson
Director of Part 2 Scott Derrickson
Box Office Collection of Part 1 $ 12.9 Million
Budget $ 25 Million

Is Labyrinth 2 Trailer available?

We may expect a trailer when the film is in post-production, but because the project is now in the announced stage, there isn’t one.

Labyrinth 2 Plot

Sarah Williams, 16, is reciting a novel called Labyrinth while accompanied by her dog Merlin. When she spots a barn owl looking at her, she feels strange while losing concentration and forgetting which line was she reading.

She remembers babysitting her infant and half-brother Toby, and as she is leaving with Sarah’s father, Robert, she goes towards her house and wants to have a straightforward conversation with her step-mother Irene. When Sarah tries to find Toby, she discovers that he is in love with Lancelot, her childhood teddy.

Labyrinth 2

The sight makes Sarah frustrated and she wishes for the goblins to take Toby away and Toby does vanish. The Goblin King arrives, much to her astonishment. Sarah refuses the Goblin King’s offer of her dream kid in return for Toby because she is hesitant to accept his offer, despite her want to say yes to the proposition. Jareth is irritated by her denial, and he gives Sarah 13 hours to solve the Labyrinth; else, Toby would be trapped as a goblin for the rest of his life.

Sarah meets Hoggle, a dwarfish guy, in the same way that every regular person meets a friend who ends up acting the protagonist reach their goals. It is the perfect supporrting character.subsequently helps the primary character achieve their goals. Sarah is pthen allowed to enter the Labyrinth but is shown the wrong way by a worm.

I’m confident that the narrative thus far has evoked all of your memories and has made you even more eager about the  Labyrinth sequel!

If you haven’t seen the classic yet, the narrative will undoubtedly have piqued your interest in finding out what happens next. Let’s look at the trailer of the first part.

Returning of Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth 2

Jennifer Connelly, who appeared in the first Labyrinth, will reprise her role in the sequel, according to We Got This Covered. This is fantastic news for those who want the story to be connected with the first part.

Labyrinth 2

Due to David Bowie’s demise in 2016, he will not be able to reprise his role as Jareth the Goblin King. At this point, there is no news on whether someone else will portray the Goblin King or whether we will be dealing with a whole other enemy, but if the studio decides to cast someone else in the role, that actor will have some big shoes to fill.

While the first film did not perform well at the box office, it became a cult favorite that has endured for decades, thus parts in this picture will be sought for.

Final Thoughts

Scott Derrickson has a reputation for doing outstanding work on the big screen. Looking at his work on the MCU‘s Doctor Strange, there’s reason to believe he’ll be able to provide a fantastic sequel to the Labyrinth.

The first film was a failure upon its initial release. It was released on June 27, 1986, and was a box office flop. In the United States, it grossed $12.5 million, little over half of its $25 million budget.

Labyrinth was critically panned in 1986, with Gene Siskel calling movie “terrible” with a “pathetic plot” and Roger Ebert stating it “never really comes alive.”

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