La Chica Invisible Season 2 Release Date: Where to Stream at OTT Platform?

La Chica Invisible also known as The Invisible Girl, is a Spanish mystery thriller television series based on La chica invisible, the first installment of young adult book trilogy by Blue Jeans. It stars Zoe Stein and Daniel Grao.

Stay updated on the latest news about La Chica Invisible Season 2, including when it comes out, what happens in the story, and other important information.


Is La Chica Invisible Season 2 Release Date Coming?

Currently, there is no official announcement regarding the release date of La Chica Invisible Season 2. It is recommended to remain attentive to forthcoming announcements for the latest updates as they emerge.

We can hope for its arrival in the near future, albeit the exact timing remains uncertain until official confirmation is provided. Also read The Food That Built America Season 6 Release Date, Somebody Feed Phil Season 8 Release Date, and MasterChef Junior Season 10 Release Date.

What Has Happened in La Chica Invisible Season 1?

In the beautiful countryside of ‘Cárdena’, which is made up for a story, a young woman and her father are trying to solve the mystery of a teenage girl’s death.

What May Happen in La Chica Invisible Season 2?

In Season 2 of La Chica Invisible, the main character might deal with new problems while she figures out how to use her invisible powers. She could face new bad guys or tough situations, and we might learn more about her life and relationships. Also, she might discover new things she can do or learn secrets from her past.

La Chica Invisible Season 2 Release Date

Who Can Be Expected to Return For La Chica Invisible Season 2?

  • Daniel Grao
  • Zoe Stein
  • Rebeca Matellán
  • Pablo Gómez-Pando
  • Javier Córdoba
  • Marta Vallés
  • Hugo Welzel

Is There Trailer For La Chica Invisible Season 2?

Not yet, the trailer for La Chica Invisible is not out yet as it hasn’t been renewed for a second season. You can check out the trailer of La Chica Invisible Season 1. Also read My Happy Ending Season 2 Release Date, and Label Season 2 Release Date.

How Did La Chica Invisible Start?

The TV show is adapted from Blue Jeans’ novel and has a writing team consisting of Carmen López-Areal, Marina Efron, Antonio Hernández Centeno, Ramón Tarrés, and Ian de la Rosa. Directing duties were handled by Tito López Amado and Aritz Moreno. Produced by Morena Films, the series was mainly filmed in Carmona, with additional scenes shot in El Viso del Alcor and Gerena.

Where was La Chica Invisible filmed?

The series, which was produced by Morena Films, underwent its principal filming in the quaint locale of Carmona, albeit interspersed with select scenes captured in El Viso del Alcor and Gerena.

How are the Reviews and Ratings For La Chica Invisible?

La Chica Invisible tells a classic crime story with lots of surprises. Sometimes, the story might feel a bit forced. It makes you doubt every character until the mystery is solved. Overall, it’s full of suspense and great for binge-watching.

On IMDb, La Chica Invisible has received rating of 5.6/10.

Where to Watch La Chica Invisible?

La Chica Invisible can be enjoyed by viewers through the streaming service Disney+. While it’s possible to come across the series on various other online platforms, it’s advisable to access it through the official website for the most reliable and authentic viewing experience.

Is La Chica Invisible Worth Watching?

If you enjoy suspenseful crime dramas with engaging plot twists and character development, then it might be worth giving it a try. Ultimately, whether it’s worth watching or not is subjective and varies from person to person.


In conclusion, La Chica Invisible is a Spanish mystery TV show based on a book trilogy by Blue Jeans. It stars Zoe Stein and Daniel Grao and is about solving a girl’s death in a made-up town called ‘Cárdena’. Fans are waiting for Season 2, so it’s good to keep up with updates.

Even though we don’t know when it will be out, we can expect more surprises and character stories. The show is interesting and has a great cast, so if you like mysteries and suspense, it’s worth watching. You can find it on Disney+ or other streaming sites. It’s up to you if you want to watch, but it’s a thrilling and enjoyable show for mystery fans.

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