Kung Fu Hustle 2: Confirmed Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know in 2022!

Updated On 1 February 2022

Are you one of those who are waiting to watch the next part of Kung Fu Hustle? As the Original Film premiered in 2004 and till now the fans are waiting when it will be renewed for the 2nd part?

Do you Remember the fighting scenes when the lady kicked all men up and down when she was disturbed from the noise coming from the outside of her house and came out to fight with those men.

The original Kung Fu Hustle was released on December 23, 2004 and written and directed by Stephen Chow. After 16 years they have planned to make a sequel after such a long time.

Kung Fu Hustle is the Highest grossing Film of all time in Hong Kong and in the US in 2005 it is the highest grossing foreign-language film which runs for 95 minutes.

The story follows a young man who pretends to be a gang member and aims to loom over the residents of a Chinese slum area.

let us read more to know the Release Date, Cast, and more Details about the Season 2 of Kung Fu Hustle.

Release Date

Kung Fu Hustle 2

When Will Kung Fu Hustle 2 Release Date?

As there is no official release date is announced for the Kung Fu Hustle 2 but Actor-Director Stephen Chow has confirmed that they are making the sequel after such a long time but they didn’t tell when they will be releasing the movie.

After waiting for 16 years, confirmation of the film 2 will make the viewers excited.

Chow also said that there will be a foreign background in the 2nd film, while the original film was set in China and a sequel to 2004 Kung Fu Hustle is on the cards.

Will Chow remain the main leading star in the new sequel or New Cast members will be added in it?

When he was promoting his new film The New King Of Comedy in an interview, he said that he will make Kung Fu Hustle 2 after completing the sequel of his hit 2016 film The Mermaid.

He also shared that Kung Fu Hustle will be set in modern times, and he also asked a question from the fans: “Can I? What do you think?”, when one of the fans asked him whether he is in the movie?

Kung Fu Hustle 2

Who Will Be in the Cast of Kung Fu Hustle 2?

Most of the cast members are more special than the main characters. Most of the members added charm to the Kung Fu Hustle original movie while the Kung Fu Hustle 2 movie expects to have new members also remaining the previous movie actors active with a female lead in it.

However, this time Stephen Chow will not be seen as the main lead, but he will be seen in the movie.

The original cast members of Kung Fu Hustle are Stephen Chow, Yuen Wah, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Kwok Kuen Chan and Bruce Leung and many more.

What Kung Fu Hustle 2 Is About?

The original Kung Fu Hustle consists of comedy plots, some serious situations with a salted overplaying and also the martial art seen in the movie is awesome. The 2nd part of this Chinese Martial Art film is worth watching and its sequel has more fun and drama in it.

The second part is just not a sequel but also it is going to reboot the main movie.

Kung Fu Hustle Most Outrageous Fights

People Also Asked Questions-

Will there be Kung Fu Hustle 2?

In an interview, Chow said that he will direct Kung Fu Hustle 2 after he completes its sequel to his hit film The Mermaid. He talked all this while he was promoting The New King of Comedy.

Who died in Kung Fu Hustle?

Brother sum dies in Kung Fu Hustle.

Why is Kung Fu Hustle so popular?

It’s a spiritual comedy, also having some serious situations in it and a lot of amazing stunts performed by the artists and actors made it so popular.

Kung Fu Hustle 2

How long is Kung Fu hustle?

1 hour 39 min

Is Kung Fu Hustle on Netflix?

Yes, on American Netflix Kung Fu Hustle is available now.

Is Kung Fu Hustle a funny movie?

It is an entertaining comedy movie with good stunts performed by actors.

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User Reviews and Rating of Kung Fu Hustle on IMDb

The rating of this movie is 7.7 out of 10 and most of the users said that this movie is the best movie, Potential Cult film, Fantastic and many more reviews are there on IMDb.(1)

Last Lines

Till then watch the original Kung Fu Hustle complete movie which gives you excitement, to watch it again and again.

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